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White House ‘Not Familiar’ With Chris Lane Case

From the Daily Caller:

White House spokesman ‘not familiar with’ Chris Lane murder

By Caroline May | August 21, 2013  

Josh Earnest, principal deputy White House press secretary, said he was not familiar with the murder of Australian jogger Chris Lane during Wednesday’s White House briefing.

When asked by Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry about the Chris Lane case, Earnest responded, “I’m not familiar with it, actually.” …

How peculiar. We were under the impression that the White House kept very close tabs on inter-racial murders.

But maybe the White House needs to buy a TV or start reading the news online. Actually, come to think of it, that wouldn’t help. Since the story has been practically ignored on the channels and media outlets Obama would frequent.

“This sounds like a pretty tragic case. I wouldn’t want to get ahead of the legal process here and it’s clear that law enforcement officials are involved and are investigating,” Earnest said…

When has that ever stopped them before?

Henry pressed Earnest, noting that the President spoke about slain teen Trayvon Martin in the Rose Garden and in the briefing room.

“Why hasn’t [the president] spoken out about this? In this case, you said there was a judicial proceeding. There was one in the Trayvon Martin case. He spoke out extensively on that one,” Henry said.

“There are some people in this room I don’t thing who would agree with you that the president spoke out extensively on it,” Earnest responded.

Notice how these Obama flacks always try to hide behind semantics. Of course, the difference between this case and the Trayvon Martin case is that Obama doesn’t think he can use it to advance his agenda. So why talk about it?

Henry reiterated his point explaining that the President did speak about the Martin case in response to a question prior to the trial and then spoke about it after the trial in the briefing room.

“He expressed his concerns about the impact of violence on communities across the country and he talked about a number of things that the government can do, but also a number of things that we can do in our communities, whether it’s parents, churches, and communities can do to try to address the impact of violence and whether there is more we can do to try to protect our children,” Earnest said.

What if , for a change. Mr. Obama showed some real leadership and actualy did something to try to end the ‘thug culture’ and the problem with gangs? Instead, he glorifies rappers and he is importing more potential gang bangers with his various amnesties.

And, probably even worse, Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder, are pushing to decriminalize drug dealing. And they are pushing for letting tens of thousands of drug dealers out of prison. When illegal drugs are the main reason for the gangs in the first place.

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4 Responses to “White House ‘Not Familiar’ With Chris Lane Case”

  1. BillK says:

    I think the White House needs one of those computer things connected to this thing called the Internet.

  2. untrainable says:

    I wonder if either of the alleged murdering scum in this case look like Obama’s imaginary son. I wonder if anyone in this case acted stupidly. I wonder if there’s going to be a beer summit to discuss race relations. We clearly need to have a conversation. We clearly need to raise awareness. We need to write a harsh letter to someone!

    I heard a comment this morning on FOX News and someone suggested that because one of the thug’s websites had comments like “90% of white people are nasty, # HATE THEM” that this crime might be racially motivated. Gee… ya think? But there will be no special guidelines for charging or sentencing these pieces of human garbage because we all know that black people can’t commit hate crimes… unless they kill a homosexual. There is no protected class status for whites, so nobody can be racially motivated to kill them. It’s just a plain ole’ ordinary murder. Sorry… plain ole’ ordinary “alleged” murder.

    Get ready folks, we are about to be treated to drama of the highest order. We’ll hear about the plight of these poor “children” and their unfortunate circumstances. Their inability to escape the violence in their lives. Their inability to escape poverty and gang influence. We’ll be called on to pity them and their circumstances and to take their oppressed lives and their warped morality into account because, as a (white) people, it’s ultimately our fault that they are the animals that they are. If we had only found something for them to do so that they never would have been bored… this unfortunate man-made tragedy might not have happened. Talk about shovel ready.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      “If we had only found something for them to do so that they never would have been bored…

      No doubt the lack of midnight basketball is resposible.

      I also read in the Herald Sun that the 15 year old wanna be rapper that danced his way into the police station has a pregnant girlfriend. Probably a nasty white girl.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Did anyone think to check Josh’s wiring this morning? Maybe the SSD chip has burnt out …

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