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White Supremacists Still Not On The Rise

In the run up to the most historic coronation we almost missed this latest press release from the professional race-baiter, Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Intelligence Project,” as carefully typed by CNN:

[CNN’s caption:] U.S. Capitol Police check observation positions in advance of Tuesday’s presidential inauguration.

White supremacists watched in lead up to Obama administration

By Mark Preston

Fri January 16, 2009

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Hate crimes experts and law enforcement officials are closely watching white supremacists across the country as Barack Obama prepares next week to be sworn in as the first black president of the United States.

So far, there is no known organized effort to express opposition to Obama’s rise to the presidency other than a call by the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan for its members to wear black armbands as well as fly the U.S. flag upside down on Inauguration Day and Obama’s first full day in office.

As Tuesday approaches, when Obama stands outside the Capitol to take the oath of office, experts expect anger about the new president to spike. But they don’t expect it to go away.

"The level of vitriol, I expect, will go up a bit more around inauguration time," said Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University-San Bernardino

Anger, violence and interest in racist ideology did increase in the hours and days after Obama was elected president in November, hate groups experts said

[I]nterest in racist ideology was so high right after the election that computer servers for two White supremacist Web sites crashed, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups.

But the violence and interest soon subsided. Leaders within the white supremacist movement are now seeking to capitalize on Obama’s presidency by using his election to help grow their organizations…

Mark Potok, director of the SPLC’s Intelligence Project, said the leaders of these groups are frustrated by Obama’s win.

"I think the hate groups are desperately looking for a silver lining in a very dark cloud for them," Potok said.

While experts said it is difficult to determine how many people belong to hate groups, they do agree with an SPLC estimate that claims there are about 900 operating now, a 40 percent increase from 2000. The vast majority of these groups promote white supremacist beliefs, and range from skinheads living in urban areas to the KKK ,which is based largely in rural settings.

It is difficult to pinpoint how many people subscribe to white supremacist views, because the Internet allows people to follow the movement under the cloak of anonymity. Leaders of the white supremacist movement are able to use their Web sites to reach a new subset of potential followers and push their racist rhetoric to the limit without outright calling for violence.

Levin said one challenge in protecting Obama is that the identity of a potential attacker would likely be unknown — a person who believes in white supremacist ideology, but decides to act as a lone wolf.

Threats of violence are more likely to be found on Web sites that allow posters to remain anonymous.

Most white supremacist leaders have been careful in what is posted on their Web sites, "hyper-aware that they are being watched," Potok said…

Racism in the U.S. "remains a real problem" even though Obama won the White House, Potok said, and he predicted that hate groups will continue to grow during Obama’s presidency.

"I think we are in a very worrisome moment historically," Potok said. "I say that because there are several things converging that could foster the continued growth of these groups: continuing high levels of nonwhite immigration, the prediction by the Census Bureau that whites will lose their majority in 2042, the tanking economy, and what is seen as the final insult, the election of a black man to the White House."

Levin noted that it is common knowledge the U.S. Secret Service is taking great measures to protect Obama (who began receiving coverage in May 2007, the earliest point ever for a candidate in a presidential campaign), and emphasized it is a great challenge.

"President-elect Obama is so used to a public presence, and being among people poses some real difficulties for his protection," Levin said.

One wonders how many times Mr. Potok will get to use our watchdog media as his amanuensis before someone begins to notice.

And interest in racist ideology was so high right after the election that computer servers for two White supremacist Web sites crashed, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups.

As we have noted several times previously, such as here, there is simply no evidence of any substantial uptick in visits to (white) racist websites such as Stormfront.org.

And that is still true today, according to the internet traffic tracking site, Alexa:

(Click to enlarge)

Indeed, Stormfront.org was doing better back in the summer of 2007, before the Obama candidacy took off.

These endless claims of “explosions” in internet hate sites are simply make-work fantasies promoted by Mr. Potok and other “hate crime” experts.

You can read Mr. Potok’s previous unfounded claims of the rise of “white supremacists” here and here and here.

You can also see the Washington Post’s (possibly independent) efforts along these same lines here and here.

By the way, we can’t help but recall that Mr. Potok and the entire Southern Poverty Law Center – even their “Intelligence Project” were amazingly silent about the Reverend Wright’s outrageous racism.

They were similarly quiet about the Black Panthers intimidating voters at that polling station in Philadelphia.

Why was that?

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14 Responses to “White Supremacists Still Not On The Rise”

  1. Helena says:

    “[I]nterest in racist ideology was so high right after the election that computer servers for two White supremacist Web sites crashed, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups.”

    As you note, SG, the Alexa graph shows no such thing – maybe a small spike in early November, but nothing dramatic. But has it occurred to Messrs Levin and Potok that the spike might have been due to people like themselves, and reporters, etc. going to the sites in question to see the tone of the discussions and look for radioactivity in general? They probably created the “spikes” that alarm them so.

  2. Confucius says:

    Here’s a thought:

    Maybe these people are pissed their analyses are consistently wrong, and they’re writing this junk to provoke a fight. You know, to prove themselves “right.”

    Maybe this is also why the media has rolled out endless, candy-coated, nauseous-making stories about Obama in the last 24 hours.

  3. Mad-Cabbie says:

    “Racism in the U.S. “remains a real problem” even though Obama won the White House, Potok said, and he predicted that hate groups will continue to grow during Obama’s presidency.”

    The amount of time and energy that people like Potok and the rest of the SPLC spend decrying and fearing these white “hate groups” never fails to amaze me.

    I ask, just how many black Americans do these despicable groups murder every year? A handful at most? Even if it’s just one, that’s one too many as most people would agree.

    Now I ask, just how many black Americans do black street gangs murder every year? Thousands! So where is the outrage, the real outrage? Well, it’s no where to be found.

    For some odd reason, it’s a far greater crime in their minds when some white hatemonger talks about killing a black American than it is when a black thug actually does the deed.

    While I do appreciate that someone is keeping tabs on these loser Nazi-wannabes, shouldn’t the SPLC be far more concerned with the group that is the true threat to black America? The group that rapes, robs, shoots, stabs, murders and addicts more innocent black men, women and children every single day in these United States of America than the Klan could have ever dreamed of doing: Black street gangs.

  4. xdannyh says:

    the sky is falling the sky is falling: just follow the money… the guvment $$$ flows to the racial bias correctional outfits, but they are controlled by the “diverse” element in the “grand melting pot”. But Whitey can make $$$ and have access to power with the hate factor, now the more hate, the more money, so wadda think their charts will show.

  5. Confucius says:

    How funny is it that these people are wiretapping the Clintons?

  6. My07Altima says:

    here is how I see it. People are more ANGRY with our Government, or its failure, than they are about Race!

    Americans! the majority, are setting aside there petty differences, because they pale in comparison to those in Washington who are robbing us blind!
    who are selling us down the river to the highest bidder!

    People are sick and tired of false promises, lies, and false hope!

    The people will rise up against these blatant acts of Treason, in the end what they do not see, is the end result of what they are doing by adding their pork, padding their pockets at the cost of not only this economy, but our lives, and our children’s lives.

    What they do not see, is that their judge is the people, and personally I have to say the Judgment is often far worse than the crime, what they do not see, is that their Judge is coming, and they will have to answer for their crimes, and the result will most surely be their deaths, this is not a threat, I guarantee, that if they rape this Country, those who are responsible will pay, within the means of the law! If I have my way, but if the people rise up before they the Governing body does something about it, than I can guarantee their only out come, History has shown this time and again, if you fail to clean house the house will still get cleaned, but mom is going to dole out punishment in the process!

    I pray that the people have mercy because history has also shown that those who were not raping the countries, but worked in its government were also targeted out of this built up blind hearted anger, and fear.

    I hope the Governing body wakes up and clears house before the people cant handle it any more, for their sake!

    can you all not sense it, I am only speaking clearly what I have the right to, this is my freedom of speech, and I am speaking as so should you all, stand up tell your friends how sick and tired you are! spread the message that its time for them to clean up or get out!!!!

  7. Consilience says:

    Mr. Altima, You’re on to something. Our Constitution isn’t a suicide pact—what our national legislatures are doing is “killing” the Republic. A logical person would wonder how long until several of the several states opt out; I fear we’re approaching the point of no return. I don’t believe there will be a revolution, so-called, but a coming apart. If one observes the demographic, the ideological divide could not be more pronounced. I pray I’m wrong, but don’t believe there are many choices…the national government has effectively made dissent illegal, so what’s a state to do?

    • My07Altima says:

      if they take away our right to dissent and make it illegal it violates the Constitution, so if that is the case then the only answer is to break the LAW that violates our legal rights put fourth by our founding fathers, I hope that if I lead the way people will not be afraid to stand with me and exercise their rights to protest this Treason!

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Altima…there are those who totally agree with you, and are not afraid to stand with you in the certain to be upcoming struggle. Take heart in knowing that what is in store for those who seek to destroy this country have literally no idea what is coming. You are NOT alone.

  8. Consilience says:

    BTW, the talk of succession may seem unseemly under such a post, and I have no axe to grind with President Obama’s race—his policies will weaken/destroy/fragment the Republic…

  9. Consilience says:

    Its getting late, but I’m not sure we’re looking at societal disintegration, however I believe the day is fast approaching when folks in certain regions are going to conclude it is no longer in their interest to remain with the Republic. I fully expect Texas to leave if things continue status-quo, and SC won’t be far behind, as there is a nascent movement in-place. I have acquaintances in a couple of other states who are also of the same mind. Liberty trumps union, and the national government is seizing/outlawing/mortgaging our Liberty, and the time has come to do what Bill Buckley did all those years ago—stand athwart history and yell “Stop”. Separation may not be the answer, but the “red state” “blue state” proposition may be hitting critical mass with this crisis. Our Constitution has not failed us, but those entrusted with “preserving, protecting, and defending” have—the day of reckoning is fast approaching…

  10. My07Altima says:

    just want to say we must fight for the Union it is important, I will do what I can to lead because I have finished my speeches I am going to post them one at a time, on youtube as far as I know they will go from their based on some inside sources that they will be taken and spread so I cant say much beyond that I just hope it is the right time.

    I almost died two days ago from some nasty virus, so as it was said if a virus can kill me, or I could die walking out my front door let them know who I am. For if I die by their hands or Natures hand, those who follow me, and those who do not, shall see me a martyr. I have a family and I do not wish my death but if it calls for it, to fight for My Constitution then so be it.

    I use statements in full context by our founding fathers to back up every work of my speeches, and even though I am a flawed man, and have my perverse failures, the idea the one that can not die will live on, long after I am gone!

    Quote: for if we choose to believe a lie then that lie becomes our truth…. Aaron-Layes

  11. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    The red state blue state situation becomes even more aggravating as many who prefer blue state living decide they’ve had enough and migrate down to a red state. Usually it’s because the high taxes and over regulation become more than they can even bear. The problem is that after living in a red state for a short while, they long for what they left in their blue state and invite more friends to come down and join them. I see this happening more and more where I live. It’s all these liberal out of staters coming in with their wealth, building expensive homes and subdivisions, driving up the taxes on property and forcing those of moderate means out of their homes and neighborhoods. The seeds of resentment against elitism is strongly rising.

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