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Whitman Booed – For Running Issue Ads

From a cheering Los Angeles Times:

Meg Whitman booed for declining to end negative ads

By Seema Mehta and Michael J. Mishak, Los Angeles Times
October 27, 2010

As an audience of 14,000 women roared their approval, gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown were asked pointedly on Tuesday to take down the negative advertisements that are saturating California’s airwaves in the final days before the Nov. 2 election.

Brown agreed to the proposal — made by NBC journalist Matt Lauer, who was moderating the appearance of the two and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger at the annual Women’s Conference in Long Beach — if Whitman would also assent.

Whitman declined, and the audience booed…

Ms. Whitman didn’t decline. She said she would remove any personal attacks, if there were any. But that she would continue to run ads about Mr. Brown’s record.

But apparently the audience does not want to hear about Mr. Brown’s record on the issues. Which could be why California is in the sad state it is in.

The session had the makings of discomfort from the beginning, because Whitman and Brown were appearing with Schwarzenegger, whom they both have criticized in various ways during the campaign. But it was Lauer who instead put them on the spot.

"It’s been a brutal year. I mean this campaign has been a bloodbath," Lauer said. "With one week left, would either of you or both of you be willing to make a pledge that you would end the negativity?"

As the audience applauded raucously, Schwarzenegger smiled broadly and clapped, and the two candidates looked stunned.

"Sometimes negativity is in the eye of the beholder," Brown said, before agreeing to take down his negative ads if Whitman did as well. "If Meg wants to do that, I’ll be glad to do that."

Whitman at first tried to draw a line between personal attacks and record attacks, which Lauer dismissed as a "question of semantics" and pressed her again.

Remember when moderators were supposed to just moderate? Of course that has become as outdated a concept as the quaint idea of an objective news media.

"I will take down any ads that could be even remotely be construed as a personal attack, but I don’t think we can take down ads that talk about where Gov. Brown stands on the issues," Whitman said, to boos

Again, Ms. Whitman didn’t decline. But the audience was obviously incapable of making such subtle distinct – or rational thought in general. (Perhaps Mr. Soros had been promised them free marijuana if they attended.)

Both candidates carefully avoided attacking each other until Whitman, who appeared flustered by the exchange about ads, launched a critique of Brown’s tenure as governor from 1975 to 1983.

"Jerry Brown in many ways left this state in worse shape than when he inherited it," she said, her words becoming inaudible because of boos from the crowd

This is an ‘attack’? How is it even controversial?

Are they trying to turn politics into the NFL? (In earlier times we would have said ‘tea party.’)

Schwarzenegger, who has declined to endorse a successor, said voters are sick of politicians bickering.

"People are sick and tired of politicians accusing each other of things and attacking each other and calling each other names. It’s a waste," he said. "It’s much more attractive if candidates go out and talk about what is the vision of the future of California."

Absolutely. Who wants to hear the inconvenient details of what candidates have actually done over their political careers. It’s far more informative to hear them spout platitudes about their "vision of the future."

"I happen to disagree a little bit here with Meg about California is going to be a golden state again," he said. "California is a golden state."

The audience went wild…

It doesn’t sound like it was a very far trip. Mind you, this is what passes for serious political discourse in the 21st century.

Alas, California sounds lost for another generation. Still, you’ll be able to buy pot, man!

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5 Responses to “Whitman Booed – For Running Issue Ads”

  1. oldpuppydixie says:

    Remember—telling the truth about a democrat, or worse, playing their OWN WORDS in an ad are BOTH considered forms of attack by the left.

  2. BigOil says:

    There is literally no discernable bottom once the liberals get a death-grip on a state (or a country). Old Moonbeam was a major player in pushing California into its downward spiral – now he should make short work of finishing the job.

    Expect California to come begging for a massive bailout from the federal government so they can continue to guarantee ridiculous union pensions, take care of illegals, pay for 25% unemployment, save minnows…

  3. tranquil.night says:

    “Perhaps Mr. Soros promised them free marijuana for their attendance.”

    You’re a step ahead of the rest agin Steve!

    Everyone should be noting how much of an interest California has become to spooky dude. There was no way in hell they were going to risk their stronghold here.

    I didn’t even realize that in the past couple of years we became a D + 13 demographic. We were flooded with waste. Business and industry, central valley agriculture, was all killed leaving us as a housing and service economy. When subprimes went bust we just sank into a wasteland.

    But there is hope still. When the Libertarian independents and Tea Party Conservatives are united we are still more powerful than the astroturf. The problem until late is that like in New York the media was successful in culturally demonizing the Tea Party and there’s alot of visceral repulsion by the brainless pot-smoking moderates and party-hating Libertarians to it and “unsophisticated” Palin.

    That attitide towards the Tea Party is changing now as the election approaches and people are realizing the reality of what they’re sentencing the state and country. There’s a huge lesson to be learned by this, one which Conservatives have been trying to articulate for a while now.

    “Moderate” is a mythical poltical platform which will never win the popular vote. Meg Whitman is the classic moderate, yet its the Conservatives who are sticking with her and the so-called centrists who’re gonna cast a rebel vote for the 3rd party Libertarian.

    So when the state liberal newspapers, the liberal moderator and candidate all start directing the narrative towards moderation and civility its because they got all the cheap shots in they needed on Meg and now they’re trying to fool the great unwashed and unengaged with no long term memory due to all the cannabis intake.

    Carly meanwhile just put out an add framing her as a pro-life champion against ObamaCare and Boxer the biggest baby-killer in the Senate. Thats an extraordinary move to make for an admitted moderate in a rabid blue state. But polling shows she ain’t getting the feminazi nags anyway, not in the least, so why not try the Palinista brand and test the theory that? social conservatism is just too toxic for this state.

    I think it’s a brilliant move for her that’ll get here over the line to the Senate. Comparing her success to Whitman’s likely failire is going to be another painful “I told you’re so” moment for the Tea Party.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Jerry Brown in many ways left this state in worse shape than when he inherited it,” she said, her words becoming inaudible because of boos from the crowd…

    This is an ‘attack’? How is it even controversial

    And yet we have heard and continue to hear barry flame the “previous administration” for “running the economy into a ditch.”

    When you have a good double standard, you stick with it.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    “As an audience of 14,000 women roared their approval ……”

    How many in this crowd does Jerry consider a whore?

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