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Who Gave Huma Weiner ‘Special Status’ At State?

From Fox News:

Huma Abedin faces questions about dual jobs

By Doug McKelway | July 26, 2013

… On June 13, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote her and Secretary of State John Kerry asking why Abedin, the deputy chief of staff at the State Department under former Secretary Hillary Clinton, was granted status as a "special government employee" after the birth of her son.

That title allowed her to work from home [sic] as a part-time consultant to State, earning $135,000 as a government employee — while also earning  $355,000 as a consultant for Teneo, where former President Bill Clinton is a board member.

Mrs. Weiner went on maternity leave after giving birth in early December 2011. When she returned to work in June 2012, the State Department granted her an arrangement that allowed her to do outside consulting work as a “special government employee,” even as she remained a top advisor in the Department.

Mrs. Weiner’s outside clients included the State Department, Hillary Clinton, the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation, and Teneo. Teneo is an ‘advisory firm’ that offers strategic communications, investment banking, business intelligence and restructuring services. Teneo is a firm co-founded and run by Doug Band, a former counselor for Bill Clinton.

Mrs. Weiner did not disclose on her financial report either the arrangement or the income she earned from this work, in violation of the law mandating public officials disclose significant sources of income.

Grassley wants to know who authorized Abedin’s change in status, what effect that change had on her security clearances, and whether the department interacted with the companies with which Abedin consulted.

Craig Holman of Public Citizen, a government ethics watchdog group, says Abedin’s dual status raises serious questions.

"If this story pans out that Huma actually had access to inside information while serving as a government official but at the same time serving as a strategic consultant to a firm that actively trades in the stock market, this could be quite a problem," he said.

Grassley’s office late Thursday gave Fox News the written responses sent to him by the State Department and Abedin.

Abedin wrote that her consultancy was approved by State Department lawyers. She added that once approved, she "was not asked, nor did I provide, insights about the Department, my work with the Secretary, or any government information to which I may have had access."

The State Department said it uses special government employees routinely "to provide services and expertise that executive agencies require…"

But Grassley found the letters unresponsive.  In a statement late Thursday, he said that neither "provided a single document that I requested."

What a surprise, given that this is the most transparent administration in the nation’s history.

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3 Responses to “Who Gave Huma Weiner ‘Special Status’ At State?”

  1. Astravogel says:

    It is often amusing when the machinations of our
    ‘betters’ becomes public knowledge. Even funnier
    when they have to pay their accounts due. Some
    news reporters still investigate these people, for
    a while, anyway.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Who gave her …? I’ll tell you who gave her ‘Special Status’. The Whore of Babylon

  3. Enthalpy says:

    No worries,Teneo and the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation will no doubt be reimbursed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

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