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WHO: Only 7 Flu Deaths – All In Mexico

From the Australian Associated Press:

WHO says only seven confirmed swine flu deaths

April 29, 2009

A member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has dismissed claims that more than 150 people have died from swine flu, saying it has officially recorded only seven deaths around the world.

Reports have put the likely death toll from the virus at 152, with Mexican officials confirming 20 deaths.

Fears grow over the economic impact of the swine flu outbreak with renewed concerns in the banking sector.

The number of cases under observation in Mexico alone has reportedly reached 1,614.

But Vivienne Allan, from WHO’s patient safety program, said the body had confirmed that worldwide there had been just seven deaths – all in Mexico – and 79 confirmed cases of the disease.

"Unfortunately that (150-plus deaths) is incorrect information and it does happen, but that’s not information that’s come from the World Health Organisation," Ms Allan told ABC [Australian Broadcast Company] Radio on Wednesday morning.

"That figure is not a figure that’s come from the World Health Organisation and, I repeat, the death toll is seven and they are all from Mexico."

Ms Allan said WHO had confirmed 40 cases of swine flu in the Americas, 26 in Mexico, six in Canada, two in Spain, two in the UK and three in New Zealand.

Ms Allan said it was difficult to measure how fast the virus was spreading.

She said a real concern would be if the flu virus manifested in a country where a person had had no contact with Mexico, and authorities were watching all countries for signs of that.

"There is no pattern that has emerged at this stage to be able to say that it is spreading in a particular way or it is spreading into a particular country … the situation is continuing to evolve," she said.

She said the WHO was not recommending against overseas travel, but urged those who felt sick to stay home and others to ensure they kept their hands clean.

No decision had yet been made about vaccinations.

"This virus is not airborne, it’s caused by droplets … so it’s not a time for worry. It’s a time to be prepared," Ms Allan said.

Why do we have to go half way around the world to get this news?

It’s almost as if our stateside media masters want us to panic. To believe that we have another healthcare crisis.

Why would they want that?

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12 Responses to “WHO: Only 7 Flu Deaths – All In Mexico”

  1. MinnesotaRush says:

    The news here will read ..

    “150 Plus Deaths from Swine Flu – o-blah-blah Raises 143 from the Dead”

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    It is simple Steve……..can you say Marshall Law?
    Why lock down the border with Mexico when you can implement the lock down of the American populace and see if we will stand for this. What better way to foist the communist manifesto upon us willing sheeple?

  3. proreason says:

    This superlative article in American Thinker describes what is happening with the Swine Flu charade:


    It’s really a profound essay, and is an insight we instinctively know, but don’t really pay enough attention to. Sample:

    “The Left rules by constant fear, but none of its predicted catastrophes come true. Ever notice that? Instead, we do have real things to worry about, all right — but half of them are the results of the Media Pandemonium Machine itself. Like one third of the little kids in our world who are now convinced — by cynical or deluded adults — that they won’t live long enough to enjoy a healthy adulthood. That is a terrible burden imposed on little children by the Left, in its never-ending grab for power. “

    • Gila Monster says:

      Great link Pro.

      Lewis is right, nothing serious ever materializes from the Liberals constant barrage of pseudoscience based impending catastrophes or from their histrionic “politics of fear”. Well, something serious does happen that takes years to undo. Completely ridiculous legislation is enacted that does little to mitigate the perceived problem or impedes the actual progress of our Nation.

      Remember the 70’s? Global cooling would doom us to life in an icebox or we’re running out of oil in thirty years or massive famines / pestilence are imminent or blah, blah, blah, the list is endless. Yet here we are, thirty-something years later and poof, all those thing failed to happen so now we have another gaggle of impending doom prophecies from the Left to deal with. It’s just so tiring carrying the burden of these ass-clowns.

      IMHO, this so-called “H1N1 flu pandemic” is just another manufactured crisis from the doomsayers that dominate the media and our current crop of pols. Put in perspective, more people have been killed or injured by Islamic fanatics in the last two weeks than will ever die during the course of this flu strain. Where are the media headlines for this current and far more dangerous “Islamic Fanatic Pandemic”? Oh, that’s right, it’s not PC to speak of such things, sorry, lost my senses for a moment there.

  4. canary says:

    The World Bank yesterday gave $25.6 million to Mexico for antiviral drugs, medical supplies and equipment to test for swine flu. The payment is the first of $205 million the World Bank pledged on April 26 to help Mexico cope with the outbreak, according to the bank’s news release.


    WASHINGTON – The World Bank said Sunday that it is providing Mexico with more than $200 million in loans to help it deal with an outbreak of a new strain of swine flu.

    Mexican health officials say swine flu has killed up to 86 people and probably sickened about 1,400 in the country since April 13.

    Mexican Finance Minister Agustin Carstens, in Washington to attend the World Bank’s spring meeting, said the money includes an immediate loan of $25 million


  5. BatK says:

    Maybe it’s symbolic… like Americans being sick over all of the PORK spending going on Washington… or an illustration that if you associate with the swine in Congress, you’ll wind up getting contaminated… just sayin :)

  6. proreason says:

    This just in. From the Proreason Press:

    (pp): Rosie O’Donnell, shrugging off reports that she is contemplating suicide after learning that “the Rosie Flu” finished a close second to the Swine Flu in the contest to name the Obamy administration’s latest distraction from real information, is changing her legal name to Rosie O’Swinell.

    Ms. O’Swinell, in a shocking confession, told this reporter that she is, in fact, the offspring of a human woman and a porcine father. Said Ms. O’Swinell, “Miss California’s shocking opposition to gay marriage forces me to speak out. My father was a pig and a bore. Just look at my face. I’m proud to finally tell the world I’m a Sow and I say Wow. Speak out and through your Snout. I intend to be a bacon always for the millions among us who are the proud piglets of inter-species mating. And I practice what I preach.”.

    Ms O’Swinell left on the arms of Barney Franks and Henry Waxman, the only openly inhuman members the U.S. Congress.

  7. proreason says:

    Thanks Squito. But Artboy is in a league of his.

    He should share his gift with the world.

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