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Why Didn’t Obama Fix Border When Dems Had Congress?

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Ed Henry to W.H.: Why Didn’t Obama Do Anything About Immigration when Dems Controlled Congress?

August 4, 2014

Fox News reporter Ed Henry asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest why President Obama failed to produce immigration reform during the first two years of his administration, when Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate…

“Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, they were running the House and Senate,” Henry reminded Earnest. “They failed to act for two years. Why didn’t he do anything then?”

Did Nancy Pelosi suddenly appear in the briefing room and chase Ed Henry across the floor, calling him an insignificant nobody? (As she did the Republican Congressman Tom Marino, who had the temerity to bring up this very point.)

“At the time, you recall back in 2009, there were many things on the president’s plate,” Earnest replied. “As there are now — Israel, Gaza, Syria, the economy — he has a lot going on now, right?” Henry countered.

While Earnest evaded his question, Henry pressed, “You had the House, Senate and White House 2009, 2010. Why didn’t you focus on solving immigration problems then?”

Of course, this answer from the White House spokesflack, Josh Earnest, is laughable. He claims there was too much was going on in the first two years of his term. Even though the White House also constantly tells us that Obama can focus on more than one subject at a time. And, in fact, we have even been told Obama he has been bored by the lack of challenges he has faced.

Besides, the country and the world are now in a far worse shape than they were six years ago. Even counting the so-called Great Recession, which wasn’t nearly as bad as the recession President Reagan faced. And yet ‘stupid’ Ronald Reagan somehow managed to destroy the Soviet Union at the same time as he was fixing the US economy.

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One Response to “Why Didn’t Obama Fix Border When Dems Had Congress?”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    nancy Pelosi shows all the signs of Possession ..

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