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’83 Obama Hated Reagan, Wanted Change

Future generations will piously memorize lines like these from Mr. Obama’s first autobiography, Dreams From My Father, p. 54:


IN 1983, I DECIDED to become a community organizer.

There wasn’t much detail to the idea; I didn’t know anyone making a living that way. When classmates in college asked me just what it was that a community organizer did, I couldn’t answer them directly. Instead, I’d pronounce on the need for change. Change in the White House, where Reagan and his minions were carrying on their dirty deeds. Change in the Congress, compliant and corrupt. Change in the mood of the country, manic and self-absorbed. Change won’t come from the top, I would say. Change will come from a mobilized grass roots.

That’s what I’ll do, I’ll organize black folks. At the grass roots. For change.

Yes, we need to be more like Mr. Obama — and less self-absorbed.

And we certainly need to put a stop to Reagan and his minions and their dirty deeds. And that too compliant Congress.

But think about it. Who in our lifetimes has brought more change to Washington than Ronald Reagan?

Mr. Obama has never wanted change. He wants the same old Democrat liberalism.

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