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Why Russia No Longer Fears Us (Not Due To BHO)

A truly bizarre bit of analysis from the Politico:

Why Russia No Longer Fears the West

By BEN JUDAH | March 02, 2014

The West is blinking in disbelief – Vladimir Putin just invaded Ukraine. German diplomats, French Eurocrats and American pundits are all stunned. Why has Russia chosen to gamble its trillion-dollar ties with the West?

Western leaders are stunned because they haven’t realized Russia’s owners no longer respect Europeans the way they once did after the Cold War. Russia thinks the West is no longer a crusading alliance. Russia thinks the West is now all about the money.

Which is what the Russians have been saying since even before Lenin.

Putin’s henchmen know this personally. Russia’s rulers have been buying up Europe for years. They have mansions and luxury flats from London’s West End to France’s Cote d’Azure. Their children are safe at British boarding and Swiss finishing schools. And their money is squirrelled away in Austrian banks and British tax havens.

Putin’s inner circle no longer fear the European establishment. They once imagined them all in MI6. Now they know better. They have seen firsthand how obsequious Western aristocrats and corporate tycoons suddenly turn when their billions come into play. They now view them as hypocrites—the same European elites who help them hide their fortunes…

As even the author notes, none of this is new. It’s been going on for decades.

Behind European corruption, Russia sees American weakness. The Kremlin does not believe European countries – with the exception of Germany – are truly independent of the United States. They see them as client states that Washington could force now, as it once did in the Cold War, not to do such business with the Kremlin.

Total ignorance. As we just noted, many European countries, such as France, regularly dealt with the USSR at the height of the Cold War.

When Russia sees Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal outbidding each other to be Russia’s best business partner inside the EU (in return for no mention of human rights), they see America’s control over Europe slowly dissolving…

Even if this is true, isn’t this what the left has been demanding for forever? They have wanted to put an end to US hegemony over Europe since the end of WWII.

Back in Moscow, Russia’s hears American weakness out of Embassy Moscow. Once upon a time the Kremlin feared a foreign adventure might trigger Cold War economic sanctions where it hurts: export bans on key parts for its oil industry, even being cut out of its access to the Western banking sector. No more.

Russia sees an America distracted…

More BS. Obama and Hillary and Kerry were never distracted. Giving away the store to Russia was job one from day one.

All this has made Putin confident, very confident – confident that European elites are more concerned about making money than standing up to him…

Russia is confident there will be no Western economic counterattack. They believe the Europeans will not sanction the Russian oligarch money. They believe Americans will not punish the Russian oligarchs by blocking their access to banks. Russia is certain a military counterattack is out of the question. They expect America to only posture. Cancel the G-8? Who cares? …

The real substance of Russian politics is the extraction of billions of dollars from the nation and shuttling them into tropical Western tax havens, which is why Russian politics needs perpetual PR and perpetual Putinist drama to keep all this hidden from the Russian people. Outraged Putin has built up a Kremlin fleet of luxury aircraft worth $1 billion? Angry that a third of the $51 billion budget of the Sochi games vanished into kickbacks? Forget about it. Russia is on the march again…

Again, none of this is new. Leonid Brezhnev had the world’s most expensive car collection and untold fabulous dachas.

This is why Crimea is perfect Putin… Crimea is the only lost land that Russians really mourn. The reason is tourism…

(Spit take.) This is the most laughable thing yet. The Crimea is Russia’s only warm water port. (And they have never lost it. So what are they ‘mourning’?)

Vladimir Putin knows this. He knows that millions of Russians will cheer him as a hero if he returns them Crimea. He knows that European bureaucrats will issue shrill statements and then get back to business helping Russian elites buy London town houses and French chateaux. He knows full well that the United States can no longer force Europe to trade in a different way. He knows full well that the United States can do nothing beyond theatrical military maneuvers at most.

This is why Vladimir Putin just invaded Crimea. He thinks he has nothing to lose.

Ben Judah is author of Fragile Empire: How Russia Fell In And Out Of Love With Vladimir Putin.

This article is 1,575 words long. Obama’s name is not mentioned once. Which is simply ludicrous. The reason Russia no longer fears the West is due to one person alone: Barack Hussein Obama.

And that is because after decades of Russia nearly being frozen out of the Middle East, Obama invited the Russians back in to help with Syria. It is because Obama is gutting our military, while Russia and China are building up theirs. It is because Obama gave away our missile defenses in Europe and those at home. And he even gave the Russians our missile secrets for good measure.

It is because Obama has cut our nuclear arsenal to the bone, and he now he wants to cut the bone. It is because Obama has ignored Russia’s brazen help of all our enemies, such as Syria and Iran and North Korea. But also the ‘insurgents’ in Iraq and Afghanistan. And because of a hundred other things Obama has done and not done, vis a vis Russia. — Whereas, the only thing Obama has ever seemed to be upset about is Russia’s treatment of homosexuals.

That is why Russia no longer fears the West.

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5 Responses to “Why Russia No Longer Fears Us (Not Due To BHO)”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    (stuttering) … what the ..

  2. captstubby says:

    “Tax the hell out of the rich and cut the military budget by ending the wars to pay for it all which will create full employment.”

    Look who just endorsed Obama for 4 more years
    Communist Party of the USA
    Published: 08/03/2011 at 9:37 PM
    by Aaron Klein

    It may be early in the campaign season, but the Communist Party USA already has seen fit to endorse Barack Obama for the 2012 election.
    While noting he is disappointed with “some aspects” of the Obama administration’s domestic and foreign policy, Sam Webb, chairman of the Communist Party USA, threw his support behind Obama’s re-election bid.
    In an article last week at People’s Weekly World, the official newspaper of the Communist Party USA, Webb discussed the need for a third party consisting of the so-called working class and labor as well as “racially and nationally oppressed people, women, youth, immigrants, seniors, gay and straight.”
    Webb, however, recognized that such a party is not likely to emerge by next year.
    “Millions who have to be at the core of this party still operate under the umbrella of the Democratic Party, albeit increasingly in an independent fashion,” he noted.
    Webb said that for communists there are major differences between Democrats and Republicans. He urged his supporters to continue to back the Democrats.

    “How is Barack Obama’s Wall Street war economy working for you?”
    After asking this question, we need to offer up some real alternatives like this:
    A program for real change…
    * Peace— end the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and shutdown the 800 U.S. military bases on foreign soil.
    * A National Public Health Care System – ten million new jobs.
    * A National Public Child Care System – three to five million new jobs.
    * WPA – three million new jobs.
    * CCC – two million new jobs.
    * Tax the hell out of the rich and cut the military budget by ending the wars to pay for it all which will create full employment.
    * Enforce Affirmative Action; end discrimination.
    * Raise the minimum wage to a real living wage
    * What tax-payers subsidize in the way of businesses, tax-payers should own and reap the profits from.
    * Moratorium on home foreclosures and evictions.
    * Defend democracy by defending workers’ rights including the right to collective bargaining for improving the lives and livelihoods of working people.
    * Roll-back and freeze the price of food, electricity, gas and heating fuels; not wages, benefits or pensions.
    * Wall Street is our enemy

    Communists to Obama: We’ve got your back
    Party chief says Americans more willing now to accept socialism
    Published: 02/13/2014 at 9:55 AM

    “the U.S. military has been gutted with massive budget cuts due to the congressionally mandated sequestration to trim $1 trillion in government spending over 10 years, fully half of which would come from the defense budget.
    Webb said despite these cuts the American government is still spending too much on the military and called for further military budget cuts and that the party has no qualms about working with those in other countries to fight against U.S. “imperialism.”
    “We spend too much on military weapons and hardware, especially the United States. By building a transformative movement we can begin to change that,” Webb said. “We find many ways to express solidarity with people around the world who are fighting imperialism, either U.S. imperialism or any other imperialism.”

  3. Right of the People says:

    I find it fascinating that every regime of system the lefties love, the Mooselimbs, the commies and whack jobs like Chavez and Castro. If they had to live under them or even worse if they took over America those same lefties would be some of the first arrested and most likely executed. Don’t these ass clowns read history?

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

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