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WI Accepts Fake Names On Recall Petitions

From the Wisconsin ABC affiliate, WISN:

Mickey Mouse, Adolf Hitler Allowed On Wis. Recall Petitions

GAB Rules Address, Date More Important Than Names

December 14, 2011

MADISON, Wis. — The signatures of Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler will be counted on recall petitions targeting Gov. Scott Walker as long as they are properly dated and include a Wisconsin address, the board charged with reviewing the petitions was told Tuesday.

Suspicious signatures will be noted when the Government Accountability Board reviews the petitions, but reviewers will look to see that signatures are accompanied by a Wisconsin address and are dated as having been signed during the circulation period, board elections specialist David Buerger said.

"We will flag them, but we will not strike them without challenge," Buerger said after being asked whether Mickey Mouse’s signature would be counted. He noted that in previous recall petitions, Adolf Hitler’s name was struck because the address given was in Germany, not because of the name itself.

The board unanimously approved the board’s plan for reviewing the petitions.

Because, after all, the real danger to our political system is asking people for a photo ID.

But notice how this works. The signatures will stand unless challenged. So all you have to do is flood the system with so many phony signatures, that there is neither the time nor manpower to challenge them.

It’s easy. Especially when you have union money to burn.

By the way, notice that this is what passes for ‘Government Accountability.’

Circulators need to gather 540,208 valid signatures by Jan. 17 to force a recall election for Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. Organizers said they had 300,000 as of Nov. 28 and then declined to give an update Tuesday

Apparently, it is only the paucity of their imaginations that is stopping them, since they can just make up names.

The [Government Accountability Board] plans to hire about 50 temporary workers to conduct the review of what it expects could be up to 1.5 million signatures.

Judge Thomas Barland, a GAB board member, asked what was being done to prevent the temporary workers being hired to review the petitions from attempting to sabotage one side or the other. All people hired will be subject to the same background check that GAB staff are to ensure they don’t have a partisan background, Buerger said.

"Our overarching priority for the staff we are hiring is that they are coming at this from a nonpartisan basis," he said.

In fact, they will be the most non-partisan workers the union hall can provide.

[Gov. Scott] Walker and those targeted are at a disadvantage since they can’t see the signatures collected until after they are submitted, while circulators can weed out problems before they are submitted…

How handy.

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5 Responses to “WI Accepts Fake Names On Recall Petitions”

  1. davidph says:

    I didn’t know Barry and Eric were Wisconsin residents…?

  2. tranquil.night says:

    “We sleep. They don’t.”

  3. BigOil says:

    See what happens when you elect a conservative…they pass laws that upset the other side. Next thing you know, liberals are forced into fabricating names on recall petitions. If only WI had elected a moderate Republican that does not make waves and could reach across the aisle, all of this turmoil could have been avoided.

  4. Mithrandir says:

    MESSAGE TO CHEATERS: bring a phone book with you, so that the addresses will be correct.

    But what can you expect?
    ~Protesters call in “sick” to work on the same day.
    ~Doctors hand out fake medical documents to cover them.
    ~Fake signatures are gotten for a ballot vote.
    ~Dead people vote for the ballot initiative.
    ~Fake, illegal citizens line up to vote.
    ~Overseas votes are not counted or “forgotten.”
    ~Fake protesters are bussed in to organize.
    ~The fake media reports they way the want.
    ~If that doesn’t work, they just go to a bought-and-paid-for judge that will overturn everything.

    Scott Walker jammed through the collective bargaining stuff, he should have jammed through these voting fixes when he had the chance. –Opportunity lost once again.

  5. wirenut says:

    I have never seen things get so ugly, in such a wonderful State. Union propaganda as “news”. State, County, now townships are mixing it up. Non-union, anti-union employees getting cut lose from public sector jobs. Local papers running libtard cartoons on editorial pages. Now neighbor against neighbor, in an unending quest for Union power.
    Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!
    It’s called, outside influences on what “We The People” did last fall. We can not afford to fail on this one. If they break the will of the people here, It’s coming to a State near you!

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