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WI GOP Holds On Against Dem/Union Goons

From a deeply shaken Associated Press:

Wisconsin GOP’s stand could reverberate elsewhere

By SCOTT BAUER – Associated Press
August 10, 2011

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A stand by Wisconsin Republicans against a massive effort to oust them from power could reverberate across the country as the battle over union rights and the conservative revolution heads toward the 2012 presidential race.

Democrats succeeded in taking two Wisconsin state Senate seats away from Republican incumbents on Tuesday but fell one short of what they needed to seize majority control of the chamber.

The AP tries its best to mislead the casual reader by claiming the "Democrats succeeded." But you can just see the tear stains behind their hollow words.

Republicans saw it as a big win for Gov. Scott Walker and a confirmation of his conservative agenda, the hallmark of which was a polarizing proposal taking away most collective bargaining rights from public workers

Isn’t it just like the Republicans to see such an historic victory as a "big win"? But they are "polarizing" like that.

Walker attempted to strike a bipartisan tone in victory, saying that he reached out to leaders in both parties.

"In the days ahead I look forward to working with legislators of all parties to grow jobs for Wisconsin and move our state forward," Walker said in a prepared statement.

How sad. The media is now left with trying to force Governor Walker to be more bipartisan after this stunning (to them anyway) win.

Democrats and union leaders tried to make the best of the historic GOP wins. There had been only 13 other successful recalls of state-level office holders nationwide since 1913.

Actually, 13 sounds like quite a lot to us.

"The fact of the matter remains that, fighting on Republican turf, we have begun the work of stopping the Scott Walker agenda," said Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate.

Phil Neuenfeldt, president of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, said voters sent a message that there is a growing movement to reclaim the middle class.

"Let’s be clear, anyway you slice it, this is an unprecedented victory," he said

What a laugh. "The fact of the matter" is the Democrat Party and the unions failed. Big time. Anyway you slice it.

The taxpayers of Wisconsin have spoken loud and clear. Again.

Collectively, more than $31 million has been spent on the recalls, largely from outside conservative groups, unions and others

Note how those nefarious "outside conservative groups" get top billing from the AP. The unions of course are barely mentioned in this piece.

Still, ‘On Wisconsin!’

And to think they Republicans pulled all of this off despite the Reverend Al Sharpton’s eloquent call for ‘resistance.’ (See video at top.)

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6 Responses to “WI GOP Holds On Against Dem/Union Goons”

  1. BigOil says:

    Even in a historically blue state, conservatives held the line on principle and won – despite the marxist machine throwing everything imaginable at them. Boner…are you paying attention?

    Keep in mind, there are two fleebagger Dems up for recall next week. We could end up back at square one after all the dust settles. A perfect ending, which will be ignored by the media.

  2. JohnMG says:

    Expect to see more of the same from this point forward. Even in instances where the conservative agenda wins the day, the liberal/progressive/democrat forces will atempt to either reverse the results or bankrupt the opposition through frivolus litigation. This is no different than what is playing out in England.

    I am tired of the tantrums that are being thrown by these anarchists, but expect to see this replayed in Novembefr of 2012, with the Criminal-in-Chief leading the charge.

    Lock and load, boys and girls. These fools only know one type of win.

  3. tranquil.night says:

    Oh they are crushed and already rewriting what happened yesterday big-time. From yesterday’s thread by the beta-blogger:

    In fact, the recalls have essentially been special elections on steroids, with spending reaching nearly $30 million.

    As of a couple weeks ago, about two-thirds of that has gone to benefit Democrats, and Republicans acknowledge that they were essentially caught flat-footed by the whole thing. And because of that, they’ve been fighting from behind in recent weeks.

    The Wisconsin grassroots have proven their awesomeness again.

    Not only did they defend their mandate, they also continue to make Allahpundit look like a chump for his perpetual eeyorism in his predictions on the political viability of Conservatism outside the South.


  4. Right of the People says:

    Take that you union rat bastards!

  5. wirenut says:

    Now I want the union thugs to pay for the damage they did to our State Capitol. Pick up the tab for the extra security, and pay reparations to the civil “TAXPAYERS”. Which did their homework and lead to a conservative uprising. Most of the state is normal. Rural, hard working and Ag. based. The east part of the state is unionindustrial, and highly populated. If this can happen here, there’s still much hope for the rest of the Nation.
    Fighting big unions,big education and mob mental illness, ‘On Wisconsin’!!!!!!!!!!!! So stop “Badgering” us with lefty.

  6. AmericanIPA says:

    All hail the power of the unions! When responsible politicians attempt to get the fiscal house in order, the unions organize to carry on with irresponsibility. Everyone who has been disgusted with the recall in Wisconsin and the riots in England need to brace themselves for the inevitable riots which will occur once America finally puts some Republicans in charge again.

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