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WikiLeaks: CIA Used For ‘Climate Change’

From the Daily Caller:

Inhofe: WikiLeaks climate revelations show Obama’s ‘desperation’

By John Rossomando – The Daily Caller   12/15/2010

The revelation that the Obama administration used a covert CIA program to dig up dirt on countries opposed to the Copenhagen climate treaty shows a White House desperate to enforce its orthodoxy on global warming, Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe told The Daily Caller.

Earlier this month, The Guardian newspaper reported that State Department administration officials, acting at the request of the CIA, sent a secret cable on July 31, 2009, asking U.S. diplomats to gather intelligence on other countries’ preparations for the then-pending Copenhagen climate conference. The request also asked diplomats to be on the lookout for indications that countries were not fostering environmental cooperation and for evidence of countries circumventing U.N.-sponsored environmental treaties.

And, as we noted at the time, the Guardian actually tried to spin this story to make it seem like the Obama administration was strong-arming other countries to give the US a break with the Copenhagen deal.

Which we knew was not possible, since Mr. Obama would never place our country’s interests above the man-made global warming hoax.

The cables do not make clear whether CIA Director Leon Panetta was directly involved in the request. Panetta has a long, documented history of environmental activism, particularly on climate change, going back several decades

Which is just the kind of background the CIA leadership was crying out for. 

The leaked cables show the Obama administration has had particular trouble influencing the so-called BASIC-bloc countries of Brazil, South Africa, India, and China. Administration officials have sought to work with the EU to plot strategy to overcome opposition and find ways to neutralize their opposition to the Copenhagen Climate Accord.

So far, 116 countries have associated themselves with the accord and another 26 have indicated their intention to associate. The treaty would continue the 1997 Kyoto Protocol and established a mechanism for developing nations to establish emissions targets, which they have vehemently opposed.

According to a leaked Feb. 17, 2010 cable, Michael Froman, Obama’s deputy national security adviser for international affairs, held a meeting with the EU’s climate commissioner-designate, Conne Hedegaard, looking for ways to work around “unhelpful countries such as Venezuela or Bolivia” and get the treaty into force.

The cable quotes Froman as saying the U.S. and E.U. “need to neutralize, co-opt or marginalize, co-opt or marginalize these and others such as Nicaragua, Cuba and Ecuador.”

Which is quite hilarious. Given that we will never oppose Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua or Cuba for our own national interest. But we are willing to take them on in the name of ‘climate change.’

Froman also advocated using divide and conquer tactics to confront the BASIC bloc and other Copenhagen treaty opponents, saying the U.S. and E.U. needed “to better handle third country obstructionism and avoid future trainwrecks on climate …”

The Obama administration subsequently cutoff aid to Ecuador and Bolivia last April that would have helped them reach the Copenhagen treaty’s carbon emissions targets, citing their opposition to the agreement.

“I think this goes to show that to the left-wing of the Democratic Party, national security means anything you want it to,” former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said. “I don’t mind using any instruments of persuasion…but I think it is certainly a misallocation of priorities to be using intelligence capabilities on something like climate change.”

Inhofe expressed similar sentiments, suggesting Obama’s use of the CIA and diplomatic threats to push his climate agenda around the world are part of what Inhofe considers Obama’s larger “liberal agenda.”

But don’t worry. There will be no outrage about this. In fact, as far as our guardians in the news media are concerned, this is what the CIA and State Department should be doing.

There is nothing to extreme when it comes to propagating the faith of global warming. Or, rather, when it comes to redistributing US taxpayers’ money to the rest of the world — in the name of global warming.

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8 Responses to “WikiLeaks: CIA Used For ‘Climate Change’”

  1. oiftanker says:

    This is just another example of this administrations desire to subvert the national defense, and exploit our resources for the benefit of the far left loony base. While our operatives should be non stop busy defeating the enemies of our country, they are instead digging up dirt on nations that should be following our lead in everything. Of course, it doesn’t hurt the president’s feelings that this enviro-fanatiscm will lower our standard of living and destroy the economy further….. Hey, remember, prices of energy will sky rocket to help insure the health of the planet. That statement alone would have cost a republican candidate the election.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    We have a bunch of freakshow nutjobs running the nation. It’s grown beyond tiresome.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Now, youse guys who’ve been hating on Wikileaks surely find some good in their revelations with this nugget.

    • dscam says:

      There’s some good in just about everything, really. Having a loved one diagnosed with lupus might draw you closer together as you try to spend as much of their remaining time together as possible, and it might result in some touchy-feely emotional discoveries; but I think we can all agree that we’d just as soon not have to bury a loved one. Wikileaks is the same. Sure, there are some benefits to it, but overall, we’re all a lot worse off because of it.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Nope. Just more of what we always knew based on what they’ve done with NASA and right down to the regime’s own rhetoric in charachterizing every political cause from Global Warming to child-fat as a national security threat.

      So this lifts another small public veil on the radically flawed priorities of the regime and the radical processes by which they’ll try and move those priorities forward. So what? We’ve seen that exact behavior the past two years and more as they’ve bucked the rule of law and reason, mocked tradition, and spat upon the will of the people; they’re doing it straight out in the open now and daring us to stop them, all consequences be damned. ClimateGate happened before Dopenhagen, so while the media was blacking out information with 24/7 TigerGate, we were blackmailing the third world. Awesome job repairing our image abroad, Moron, but even that’s irrelevant because it’s not like our media is going to work the world into a frenzy over it. Quite the opposite in fact as $teve noted with the Guardian. This type of aggression apparently fits the mold of righteousness for our normally peace-loving hyper-Left. Hmmmm!

      They’re still loonier about this than ever, it’s their religion and they’re desperate to convert us, by force if necessary. The Carbon Exchanges collapse amidst reports of huge fraud and the EPA is still on target to control everything they can. Algor himself admits how destructive and unproductive ethanol research has been yet it gets a pork subsidy for a REPUBLICAN in the Tax compromise.

      Wikileaks has meant no harm to the regime whatsoever, and yet they’ve done more to damage the integrity of diplomacy than any national intelligence agency or other act of espionage in the past 50 years.

      Secrecy begets tyranny is an enticingly false mantra for this particular battle of the digital age. The results of the wikileaks invariably are leading to the need for MORE secrecy and less engagement between governments, a predictable result for someone as calculating as Julian.

      To quote Pro, when Soros and Assboy release Bam’s birth certificate, then I’ll believe the Transnational Envirofascist utopians will have turned on Barry’s regime for their stated goals. Until then, they’re all at least philosophically in tune to the fact that success in their beliefs is predicated first on undermining the power and influence of the American Western network: economically, socially, politically, diplomatically and militarily.

      These are destroyers, not Truthseekers, not heroes.

  4. canary says:

    Stop UN Agenda 21 ICLEI You’ve got it.

    Wait til your property taxes go up 30% on top of the Government seizing property storm. No wonder Justice Souter resigned. His old family barn home should be taken from him. It’s not fair the police patrol his old road either.

    Meanwhile Obama administration EPA, Agriculture, with Czars has come far in implementing “” ICLEI “”

    Here’s a piece to help you see whats going on right under your noses as the stimulus money with expensive strings attached (can end up costing more than the handout) is growing and managing to be very quiet.
    So many liberal giant threats issues, red herrings, and lack of media reporting; quiet towns and cities
    don’t exactly want everyone else knowing, as the idea is to grab all they can first.

    Remember those speeches Obama said the country that leads in environmental technology will be the
    country with the most power in the world. He didn’t say this about health care or taxes.

    Start noticing things around you. Your media isn’t going to report it, after all they want it in their state before the other states. It’s a contest. It’s communism. And I do not understand the hesitancy to use the world socialism. I’ve been pointing out to people certain things happening, happen in communist countries. And how the fear works. Look at poor Mc Donalds allowing California to tell them what to serve and not challenging it. One of poorer families greatest times is an outing at Mc Donalds. Ask some really poor kids.

    Link to law. Stop

    Link to law:

    Page 51 excerpt reads:
    Of the amounts made available under this heading,

    $150,000,000 shall be made available for a Sustainable Communities

    Initiative to improve regional planning efforts that integrate

    housing and transportation decisions, and increase the capacity

    to improve land use and zoning: Provided, That $100,000,000 shall

    be for Regional Integrated Planning Grants to support the linking

    of transportation and land use planning: Provided further, That

    not less than $25,000,000 of the funding made available for Regional

    Integrated Planning Grants shall be awarded to metropolitan areas

    of less than 500,000: Provided further, That $40,000,000 shall be

    for Community Challenge Planning Grants to foster reform and

    reduce barriers to achieve affordable, economically vital, and

    sustainable communities: Provided further, That before funding is

    made available for Regional Integrated Planning Grants or Community

    Challenge Planning Grants, the Secretary, in coordination with

    the Secretary of Transportation, shall submit a plan to the House

    and Senate Committees on Appropriations, the Senate Committee

    on Banking and Urban Affairs, and the House Committee on Financial

    Services establishing grant criteria as well as performance

    measures by which the success of grantees will be measured: Provided

    further, That the Secretary will consult with the Secretary

    of Transportation in evaluating grant proposals: Provided further,

    That up to $10,000,000 shall be for a joint Department of Housing

    and Urban Development and Department of Transportation

    research effort that shall include a rigorous evaluation of the

    Regional Integrated Planning Grants and Community Challenge

    Planning Grants programs: Provided further, That of the amounts

    made available under this heading, $25,000,000 shall be made

    available for the Rural Innovation Fund for grants to Indian tribes,

    State housing finance agencies, State community and/or economic

    Page 52:

    development agencies, local rural nonprofits and community

    development corporations to address the problems of concentrated

    rural housing distress and community poverty: Provided further,

    That of the funding made available under the previous proviso,

    at least $5,000,000 shall be made available to promote economic

    development and entrepreneurship for federally recognized Indian

    Tribes, through activities including the capitalization of revolving

    loan programs and business planning and development, funding

    is also made available for technical assistance to increase capacity

    through training and outreach activities: Provided further, That

    of the amounts made available under this heading, $25,000,000

    is for grants pursuant to section 107 of the Housing and Community

    Development Act of 1974 (42 U.S.C. 5307).

    • Liberals Demise says:

      A page right out of Mien Kampht.

      From the failed communities will rise the Obama Youth Program.
      Little dingleBarrys …………. one and all.

      Scary stuff but that can never happen here in America. (sarc)

  5. canary says:

    Mc Donalds even gives profits to the Mc Donald house for children with cancer. I guess Obama can’t stand a man who didn’t graduate from HS becoming rich and making a fun safe place for children.
    Just imagine these poor kids who can’t go outside getting to go with their families to Mc Donalds indoor playground and little toy.
    Shame on California. They want the children getting every meal & snack free from schools according to the bill Obama just signed Monday.

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