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WikiLeaks Keeps Its Funding Highly Secret

From the Wall Street Journal:

How WikiLeaks Keeps Its Funding Secret

AUGUST 23, 2010

The controversial website WikiLeaks, which argues the cause of openness in leaking classified or confidential documents, has set up an elaborate global financial network to protect a big secret of its own—its funding.

Some governments and corporations angered by the site’s publications have already sued WikiLeaks or blocked access to it, and the group fears that its money and infrastructure could be targeted further, founder Julian Assange said in an interview in London shortly after publishing 76,000 classified U.S. documents about the war in Afghanistan in July. The move sparked international controversy and put WikiLeaks in the spotlight.

In response, the site has established a complex system for collecting and disbursing its donations to obscure their origin and use, Mr. Assange said.

Anchoring the system is a foundation in Germany established in memory of a computer hacker who died in 2001.

Which all sounds suspiciously like the fundraising operations used by the Mr. Soros and the rest of the Democrat Party.

WikiLeaks’s financial stability has waxed and waned during its short history. The site shut down briefly late last year, citing a lack of funds, but Mr. Assange said the group has raised about $1 million since the start of 2010.

WikiLeaks’s lack of financial transparency stands in contrast to the total transparency it seeks from governments and corporations.

"It’s very hard work to run an organization, let alone one that’s constantly being spied upon and sued," Mr. Assange said in the interview. "Judicial decisions can have an effect on an organization’s operation. … We can’t have our cash flow constrained entirely," he said.

Among the cases WikiLeaks has faced, the Swiss bank Julius Baer & Co. in 2008 sued for damages in federal court in California, alleging that the site had published stolen bank documents. The court ordered the disabling of the wikileaks.org domain name, but the bank withdrew its lawsuit after civil-rights advocates protested

You didn’t know that stealing bank documents was a civil right? The same goes for stealing the credit card numbers of GOP donors.

The linchpin of WikiLeaks’s financial network is Germany’s Wau Holland Foundation. WikiLeaks encourages donors to contribute to its account at the foundation, which under German law can’t publicly disclose the names of donors. Because the foundation "is not an operational concern, it can’t be sued for doing anything. So the donors’ money is protected, in other words, from lawsuits," Mr. Assange said.

The German foundation is only one piece of the WikiLeaks network.

"We’re registered as a library in Australia, we’re registered as a foundation in France, we’re registered as a newspaper in Sweden," Mr. Assange said. WikiLeaks has two tax-exempt charitable organizations in the U.S., known as 501C3s, that "act as a front" for the website, he said. He declined to give their names, saying they could "lose some of their grant money because of political sensitivities."

But you can bet that Mr. Holder and his Department Of (Social) Justice will hop right on investigating this. Any minute now.

Mr. Assange said WikiLeaks gets about half its money from modest donations processed by its website, and the other half from "personal contacts," including "people with some millions who approach us and say ‘I’ll give you 60,000 or 10,000,’ " he said, without specifying a currency

Again, the similarities with the Democrat Party are remarkable.

The average donation to WikiLeaks via the Wau Holland Foundation is about €20 [$25], Mr. Fulda said. The largest donation through the foundation—€10,000 [$12,700]—arrived from a German donor after the publication of the Afghan war documents, he said, declining to reveal further details.

We don’t doubt that Mr. Assange is paid for leaking things that will hurt the US. But we doubt that he is paid such paltry sums.

Mr. Schmitt said WikiLeaks needs about $200,000 a year to cover its operating expenses—mainly network fees, rent and storage costs for the sites where the servers are, and some hardware and travel expenses. Should it decide to pay salaries to its five staff members, as it is now considering, it would need about €600,000 [$762,197] a year, he said.

Obviously the real purpose of these revelations by WikiLeaks is to tell the world what a bargain they can get by donating to WikiLeaks. Just imagine – untold damage to the US for less than a million dollars a year.

Surely, Mr. Soros will take notice – that is, if he isn’t already funding their noble work.

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12 Responses to “WikiLeaks Keeps Its Funding Highly Secret”

  1. canary says:

    He declined to give their names, saying they could “lose some of their grant money because of political sensitivities.”

    grant money? Hope nomad Aassange likes hiding like Osama bin Laden in an enclosed cave the rest of his life.

  2. OxyCon says:

    It should be considered a crime against America for any American citizen to contribute money or anything of worth to wikileaks since you would be knowingly harming the country if you did.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    …We can’t have our cash flow constrained entirely,” he said.

    Gosh, let’s hope so.

  4. tranquil.night says:

    Spot on commentary as usual SG.

    I’m leaning towards funded Soros cabalist over useful idiot.

    All the hallmarks are there. If he incites a First Ammendment battle, then he’s hit a homerun for the team.

    • heykev says:

      I’m leaning that way too. Seems Soros cabal is doing all it can to harm the US.

      Would like to see how he is using US taxpayers monies to fund this organization and what front organizations these are.

      With all the USA’s superiority in computer tracking, seems implausible that our government does not know (or easily find out) where all this info is hidden and have it destroyed. Since everyone knows these further leaks will cause the deaths of servicemen, we should be doing all we can to stop this from happening.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Unfortunately the US is not superior in computer tracking and cyber-combat. H-LS is actually in desperate need of competent operatives.

      Assange is co-creator of an encryption & coding format called Rubberhose Deniable Encryption which encodes multiple messages on top of what the real message is. It’s incredibly hard to crack and when does so provides the messenger many outs for deniability or deceit.

      You are right though – if they really wanted Julian and wikileaks silenced, they could get it done. I’m curious to learn what the Pentagon’s legal angle is. There’s always an opportunity to overreach when faced with a threat. This is the Obama regime after all.

  5. Right of the People says:


    I still contend since this leak constitutes a national security issue Delta or SEAL Team 6 would be within their rights to eliminate this leak and Assboy with it.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Agreed RotP, that course would be completely within out right and under better leadership we’d be demanding better compliance under that very threat, I think.

      However as Rusty elaborates below, this is the Obama DoD we’re talking about which means:

      – Take whatever the right course of action is.
      – Go in the complete opposite direction: “How can I further destroy America with this.”
      – Triple the magnitude by having your media gust the political firestorms.

      The Obama regime is weak to overthrow in two areas: the 1st Ammendment & the 2nd Ammendment, which were both thank God just held up in court.

      But that also means that they’re the two safeguards that are going to be targeted by the executive branch as it grows desperate to maintain power.

  6. Chinnubie says:

    Don’t we have an organization already set up to “take care” of traitors of western democracies like Assange and his website?? Why is this man still walking around?? If they are too squeamish, I’ll be happy to help convince this sun-starved, freak of nature, what the right course of action should be.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yes, there are such organizations but with pretty much everyone hating the US, including those that know the US was the foundation of a functioning working world economy and yet deciding to destroy it anyway, the wheels have pretty much come off and we are in for very uncertain times, if not completely unstable (pronounced “dangerous”) times.

      It’s slowly becoming apparent that many are out to get theirs while the getting is good and with the framework of US law being ignored, there is nothing to provide stability and a basis for factual, law-backed argument.

      (I know that ASS-ange isn’t a US citizen and is pretty much untouchable in the legal sense, I am referring to how that applies to world stability here, instead)

      Therefore, a free-for-all will ensue. People will die for many reasons, all of them bad.

      Revolution? Unlikely since the desire to live a shitty life preempts no life at all.

    • Right of the People says:


      It has nothing to do with Assboy being a US or foreign citizen. His treachery is endangering OUR national security and the security of our brave men and women in the armed forces. We are within our rights to remove this threat. We have groups that do such removals but the present administration will not use them for various reasons that all of us here on this sight recognize.

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