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WikiLeaks Taunts Feds With Mirror Sites

From the geek tech site, The Register:

WikiLeaks re-taunts feds with US Amazon mirrors

‘Hey Pentagon, we’re using your own software’

By Cade Metz in San Francisco
29th November 2010

WikiLeaks is hosting its cache of confidential US Statement Department cables on US-based Amazon servers, just as it did with with the classified Iraq War documents it released last month.

According to NetCraft’s records, the whistle-blowing website is mirroring the diplomatic cables on Amazon’s US-based EC2 service and France-based servers operated by French ISP Octopuce. The main WikiLeaks site is mirrored on Ireland-based Amazon servers.

WikiLeaks also uses a US-based domain name registrar (Dynadot) and a US-based DNS service (EveryDNS).

In theory, if the US government decides that WikiLeaks has broken the law in publishing federal intelligence data, it could move to have WikiLeaks booted from such US-based servers.

But WikiLeaks could simply fall back on its core servers — presumably still hosted by "bulletproof" Swedish hosting outfit PRQ — and the feds would take a PR hit.

Speaking of piracy, this so-called "bulletproof" PRQ site is owned by the people behind the popular ‘torrent’ (piracy) site, ‘The Pirate Bay.’

The Swedish courts have just upheld stiff fines and jail time against the Pirate Bay founders and owners for music and movie piracy. So why hasn’t their PRQ hosting operation been shut down by the Swedish government, along with WikiLeaks?

By the way, PRQ also proudly hosts pedophilia, including the North American Man/Boy Love Association’s (NAMBLA) website.

Clearly, this is how WikiLeaks reads the situation, as it continues to use Amazon’s US-based "cloud" service to accomodate [sic] extra demand for its data.

In an added twist, the whistle-blower is also using software from Seattle-based outfit Tableau to visually map its trove of leaked diplomatic cables. Tableau grew out of a project run by the US Department of Defense

As, of course, did the internet itself.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

7 Responses to “WikiLeaks Taunts Feds With Mirror Sites”

  1. proreason says:

    Why hasn’t anything been revealed yet that is deeply damaging to Obama?

    • untrainable says:

      Can you imagine what would happen if Ass-ange and his crew found copies of Obama’s college transcripts and we were allowed to find out that scholastically GWB is smarter than the messiah-in-chief?

      Wikileaks would meet the Chicago way, and Ass-ange and all of his minions would be swimmin’ with fishes.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I agree with you and Savage somewhat here, but my mind keeps flipping around. They obviously obliterated Hillary for the Clinton’s muted side-lining that played not a small part in the Shellacking. I think this really embarasses and immasculates the interests and effectiveness of the Obama regime, as much as it hurts American and world diplomacy. I’ll be better able to make that judgment though depending on what Holder comes up with in terms of prosecuting the wikileaks waif.

      A long, drawn out show-trial in which Assboy gets to come preach his leftist lunacy for years on end might turn out to be a pretty persuasive proposition – especially with China and Russia getting more and more annoyed by this gnat.

      But I keep grappling with the bigger picture here which is that Assboy is the ideological gapfiller of Bam’s failed mission. Now we’re at that act in the play where it’s “For the cause, by all means necessary.”

      Obama didn’t have the manparts to coax America into the slow boil of Marxism, so the Transnational Left that funded his Presidency is moving forward to utopia. Maybe that fat lip was a message from Hungary that a common Chicago thug would understand. The release of these diplomatic cables is the follow through or text of that message. Nevertheless, a stirring of the pot of all world politics. A provocation from an existential threat.

    • proreason says:

      it’a a wheel within a wheel within a wheel. We’ll (cute, huh) never know for sure.

      But I don’t see how the US being embarrassed affects Obamy. He probably sees it as a good thing, if he has any interest at all.

      The Hildabeast will be stabbing things blindly on all side as she takes her last breath. She can’t be discounted. Neither can Soros.

      This thing is darker than we can even imagine.

      And the creepy albino makes movie villains look like Disney characters. Who came up with him? At some point, I can see him and Obamy getting married. The man who is half of everything marries the man who isn’t half of anything. It’s a match made in valhalla.

  2. Chinnubie says:

    Similar to most comments on this whole fiasco there isn’t anything in these documents we didn’t already know they are only proving to submit these things to fact. Obama and this admistration for the most part aren’t upset at the release of these documents and why should we be surprised by the reaction. I truly think the leaks are serving their agenda by knocking the U.S. down another notch on the world stage.

    What I find surprising, the ability of Julian Asange still walking around and breathing. Why hasn’t China or some other government eliminated this weasel? They can’t be happy with what he’s doing. Not to mention the embarassment he continues to inflict on these other nations.

    • NoNeoCommies says:

      If some hackers reveal enough of other countries’ secrets in his name, they may decide that ASSange is no longer possessed of the right to exist.

  3. canary says:

    Now the wiki wienie is saying a big bank supplied the 5G computer thingy and he told Forbes he will come out with the exposure in 2011. He has given a hint. BOA.

    I think the wiki leaker is making Obama happy.

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