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Can Burkinis Save Muslims In Rapacious West?

We’ve had occasion to discuss the burkini before.

But here is a video update from those champions of modesty at Reuters:

Introducing the ‘Burkini’


Jan. 12 – The ‘Burkini’ is a newly designed swimming costume for Muslim women covering the entire body except hands, feet and face.

With temperatures often reaching 40 degrees Celsius, the beach is an integral part of Australian life.

Due to religious beliefs, Muslim women have often been excluded from this aspect of life Down Under, that is, until the invention of a bikini which allows women to cover most of their body.

The "Burkini" as it has been named in the media, is manufactured from UV and water protected polyester.

It covers most of the woman’s body except her feet, hands and face, and therefore allows them to swim publicly.

The price ranges from 160 AUSD to 200AUSD (125 USD to 160 USD). To date, more than nine-thousand ‘burkinis’ have been sold mainly to Muslim women.

The design came under the spotlight when Mecca Laalaa, an Australian born Muslim joined Surf Life Savers Australia’s recruitment programme.

The programme aims to ease racial tensions which sparked riots in December 2005.

"Racial tensions"?

Anyway, with any luck this will cut down on the numbers of rapes committed by those infidels in Australia.

Still, no matter how they dress, the poor Muslim women are still surrounded by the barbarous descendents of convicts — at least according to Australia’s top Muslim cleric and rape expert.

(Thanks to Chandra for the heads up.)

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