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Wind Farm Co To Lay Off 1/3rd Workers

From the ‘windmills of the mind’ of the Associated Press:

Transformator station and wind energy plants at the offshore wind energy park Alpha Ventus are pictured in the North Sea, about 45 kilometres (27 miles) north of the island of Borkum April 26, 2010.

Wind energy company to lay off workers at SD plant


April 28, 2010

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — A company that makes and repairs wind turbine blades said Wednesday it is laying off about one-third of the work force at its plant in the eastern South Dakota town of Howard.

Knight & Carver Wind Group Inc. is laying off 16 of the Howard plant’s 55 workers this week, and the firm might temporarily close the plant in about a month, said Gary Kanaby, a company vice president in San Diego.

The company, which has operated in Howard for about three years, is having to slow down production to deal with a lull in the wind energy industry. More layoffs could be possible if the situation doesn’t improve, Kanaby said

Wind industry employment remained steady in 2009 with about 85,000 U.S. workers, according to the American Wind Energy Association. Due to the many turbines on the market in 2008 and the credit crisis, 1,500 manufacturing jobs were lost during the year, the association said

The AP is blaming the recession?

If ‘wind energy’ companies have to lay off employees and possibly shut down after all of the billions of dollars Mr. Obama has poured into green energy alternatives in the past year and a half, how can they ever expect to exist without massive taxpayer subsidies?

And, lest we forget, these are the very same ‘green jobs’ that Mr. Obama promised would pull us out of the recession and grow our economy tremendously in the future.

These are the ‘green jobs’ that were supposed to save our nation – and they can’t even save themselves.

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5 Responses to “Wind Farm Co To Lay Off 1/3rd Workers”

  1. proreason says:

    No issue here.

    Once Dear Leader gets around to fixing the weather, the wind will blow all the time, and in the right spots and the right speed.

    And the birds will change their migration routes so that they are not driven to extinction because they get sliced up by the windmill blades.

    And he will invent a pill that will stop the persistent migraine headaches anybody within 10 miles of a windmill farm is plagued with today.

    And it will all be free.

    He just needs some more time in his busy schedule to do it.

    Any more problems??

  2. Well…

    “Due to the many turbines on the market in 2008 and the credit crisis, 1,500 manufacturing jobs were lost during the year, the association said… ”

    Actually.. T Boone is having a sale. All those wonderful GE turbines (Made overseas) were cluttering up Pickens garage.. It seems madame Pelosi didn’t own up to her end of the bargain and keep the economy strong enough to support the $4/gallon gas needed to pass the prop 10 boonedoggle in California that would have paid for them, and paved the way towards LNG to be used in autos.

    Stupid ol credit crisis..

  3. BillK says:

    The obvious solution here is the Government simply must provide more “stimulus” funds to the wind industry!

    The entire industry would be financially inviable without Federal funds anyway, what’s a few hundred billion dollars more if they create “green” jobs?


  4. U NO HOO says:

    How on earth can an electric device work sanely in water?

    Oh yeah, mmm mmm mmm says so.

    I guess he doesn’t read the corrosion and electrocution email digests.

  5. U NO HOO says:

    “South Dakota town of Howard”

    Hey, aint Howard the surname of The Three Stooges?

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