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Wisconsin Stops Collecting Union Dues

From an outraged Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

State stops collecting union dues, starts charging more for health care

Dispute still swirls around whether law is in force

By Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel
March 28, 2011

Madison — Gov. Scott Walker’s administration no longer is collecting dues on behalf of state unions and, as of Sunday, is charging employees more for their pensions and health care, even though nonpartisan legislative attorneys say the changes are not yet law.

What do these "nonpartisan legislative attorneys" say about Mr. Obama’s moratorium on oil drilling or on his implementation of ‘healthcare reform’?

Backing up the administration, the state Department of Justice argued that the new law – which eliminates most collective bargaining for public workers – is in effect and asked a judge to vacate a restraining order against the law. Meanwhile, a Dane County prosecutor asked a judge to declare that the law is not now in place.

Highlighting the different legal interpretations, some local governments are not implementing the new law for their employees. Officials with the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County said they are waiting for answers from courts before making any changes on benefits and union dues

And when Judge Sumi’s preposterous stay has been vacated, these same Democrat officials will find another excuse to keep the union dues flowing. After all, re-election votes don’t buy themselves.

State workers began paying more for benefits starting Sunday, Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch said Monday in a conference call with reporters. They also no longer are being billed for union dues, and those changes will show up on checks issued April 21, he said

Since we are not told whether this means a net increase or decrease in the state employees’ salaries, we will assume it means they are probably making a profit.

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7 Responses to “Wisconsin Stops Collecting Union Dues”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    “Since we are not told whether this means a net increase or decrease in the state employees’ salaries, we will assume it means they are probably making a profit.”

    Never Believe Anything Until Its Officially Denied

  2. swee says:

    So even if this vacated…the unions are still going to do their darnedest to collect this month’s dues. Teachers just might get their feathers ruffled when the unions come calling for those back dues. I’d say Wisconsin just put some ideas into those teachers’ heads. They just basically gave them, however minuscule, more disposable income.

  3. proreason says:

    I’m pretty sure this is unconstitutional, but we’ll have to ask a supreme court justice to know for sure.

    The commerece clause clearly dictates union dues collection by the government. It’s an economic activity.

  4. oldpuppydixie says:

    So this means the unions will have to wait for all of their stellar members to actually PAY UP??!! I assume the unionites will be claiming poverty and inability to pay, right? That is, until they have their legs broken.

  5. canary says:

    Considering the FBI and local law enforcement are guarding mosques across the country over petty things that are minute and harmless compared to gang neighborhoods, I don’t think Walker will get the security he needs.
    Obama is telling the protestors to protest, and Obama should loan some security to Walker.
    I mean compare the danger Walker is in with that of Gifford.

  6. BillK says:

    I can’t wait until the union rank and file has to actually write a check for this month’s dues…

  7. Mithrandir says:


    ~Get rid of public unions, these are not coal miners, they are paper pushers.
    ~Cut off union dues.
    ~Cut salaries, and staff.

    ~Cut funding for Democrat propaganda machines: NEA, NPR.
    ~Use prison labor to do simple work, or road repair, lowering the tax burden.
    ~Cut off “pay-off” funds for Democrat communities for midnight basketball, summer programs, worthless local newspapers that no one reads.

    ~Imprison every lawmaker to erodes your permanent rights away. Coffers are filled when someone produces or enacts a bill to do such things. ~Then win, you always lose.

    ~Term Limits MOST of the longest serving members of Congress are DEMOCRAT LAWYERS.

    ~Secure the border, these are Democrats flooding into the nation.
    ~Felony, for anyone harboring an illegal alien, whether it’s a school, business, hospital, church.

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