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Witch-Hunt Got Christian Brothers Kicked Off HGTV

From Right Wing Watch (People For The American Way):

HGTV Picks Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Extremist For New Reality TV Show

Submitted by Brian Tashman on Tuesday, 5/6/2014

(UPDATE: HGTV has "decided not to move forward" with the show.)

Last month, the HGTV network announced that it will launch a new reality TV show, “Flip it Forward,” starring David and Jason Benham. The twin brothers will “leverage their good-natured sibling rivalry to help families find a fixer-upper and transform it into the dream home they never thought they could afford.”

What the announcement didn’t mention is that at least one of the Benhams is not just a real estate dealer but also a dedicated right-wing activist in the mold of his father, Flip Benham, who has headed the abortion-clinic protest group Operation Save America ever since it split from the militant anti-choice group Operation Rescue.

As leader of OSA, Benham has condemned the interfaith Sandy Hook memorial, protested in front of mosques while shouting “Jesus Hates Muslims” and blamed the Aurora shooting on the Democratic Party, which he said promotes a “culture of death.”

He has also protested LGBT pride events, interrupted church services during a sermon by “sodomite Episcopalian bishop” Gene Robinson and was found “guilty of stalking a Charlotte abortion doctor after passing out hundreds of ‘wanted’ posters with the physician’s name and photo on it.” …

Flip’s son, David Benham, led a prayer rally — Charlotte 7:14 — outside of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2012, which he told conservative radio host Janet Mefferd was needed to stop “homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation” and “demonic ideologies tak[ing] our universities and our public school systems”

He told Mefferd that his brother Jason joined him in organizing the DNC prayer protest." …

Stone him!

Anyway, this is the article that got the Benham brothers’ reality show cancelled by HGTV. Or rather, the article that summoned the usual online trolls to bully the network into dropping them.

The article is from the website, Right Wing Watch, which is run by the laughably named People For The American Way, which is funded by Norman Lear, of ‘All In The Family’ fame.

The People For The American Way are best known in the NYC area for their ads on the Robin Byrd Show. Which is a pathetic late night straight and gay porn show on a public access channel. So that is the kind of programming the PFTAW prefer.

Anyway, it’s clear we are now going to be seeing more and more of this kind of online lynch mobs. Hopefully, Monica Lewinsky will speak out against them.

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One Response to “Witch-Hunt Got Christian Brothers Kicked Off HGTV”

  1. canary says:

    David Benham, led a prayer rally …”and “demonic ideologies tak[ing] our universities and our public school systems”

    As in IVY league Harvard students planned Black Mass worhsipping Satan.

    Will Obama or Hillary Clinton give a shout out of outrage when they burn Bibles?

    As in public schools forcing students to read books with witchcraft, voo doo rituals, porno, and magic.

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