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Wives: Young Wife Ratted Out Bin Laden

From the UK’s Daily Mail:

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‘Bin Laden called in his location to the CIA because he was being driven mad… with so many wives and children’

By Daily Mail Reporter

22nd May 2011

The joke doing the rounds in Pakistan at the moment is that Osama bin Laden was so stir crazy in his Abbottabad compound that he actually called in the SEAL team raid himself.

Who knew that Muslims could be such sexists? (Just kidding, of course.)

As Pakistani officials find out more about day-to-day life inside the compound, they are beginning to paint a picture that looks more like a bad American sit-com than the life of a terror mastermind.

Bin Laden’s final five years on Earth appear to be a dreary Groundhog Day of three bickering wives, a brood of children – including infant twins – 18ft claustrophobic walls and a life of such austerity that there was hardly enough power to run lighting.

The three wives with the al Qaeda leader at the time of the raid are now turning on each other in custody, with the two older wives viciously accusing the youngest of  betraying their husband.

And they say reports of the younger wife valiantly trying to protect bin Laden, earning a bullet in the leg for her trouble, are [l]ies.

Which reminds us that some define a misogynist as a man who hates women almost as much as women hate women.

Despite the relatively large compound, the adults and children were cooped up on top of each other – and there was little hope of the situation changing.

Rehman Malik, Pakinstan’s interior minister, said: ‘The joke in Pakistan is that bin Laden called in his location to the CIA because he was being driven mad cooped up for five years with so many wives and children.’

Mind you, this is Pakistan’s interior minister making such jokes. Where is the outrage from NOW? (Again, we are just kidding.)

The three women in bin Laden’s life were Khairiah Husain Sabir, 62, Siham Abdula bin Husain, 54, and 28-year-old Amal Ahmed al-Sadah.

Mr. Bin Laden must have been imitating the prophet. His first wife was older than himself, too. Of course he married for money, whereas Bin Laden did not have to.

(And we won’t go into the Prophets taste for young girls.)

Khaira and Siham deeply resented the arrival of Amal and have been highly critical of her role in their husband’s life, according to Pakistan officials.

The Sunday Times quotes one official as saying: ‘ It’s a well-known fact that when you have two older wives and then this young one comes along half their age, they don’t like it.’

The tension between the three wives would have been palpable in Abbottabad. CIA agents referred to bin Laden as ‘The Pacer’ – so named because of the figure seen walking backwards and forwards in the compound in footage from spy satellites and drone cameras

The two older women lived on the second floor of the compound, while Amal lived on the top floor. Bin Laden would split his time between them

So she was the top dog, so to speak.

Khairiah and Siham have accused Amal of leading the CIA to the Abbottabad compound. They also claim she was not the one to shield bin Laden on the night of the raid, and that it was in fact a joint effort between the both of them.

Their version of events appears to be supported by the SEAL team’s account, which sasy [sic] two women were in front of bin Laden when the team reached the top floor

One of the nice things about there being so many versions of the raid, everybody can be the hero.

But if his youngest wife did ‘finger Bin Laden,’ that would tend to undercut the claims about his whereabouts being so certain and how Mr. Obama made such a ‘gutsy call.’

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, May 23rd, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

23 Responses to “Wives: Young Wife Ratted Out Bin Laden”

  1. Chase says:

    Just to pre-empt the casual lines or jokes Canary incorrectly draws at times with these kinds of stories, I would remind Steve’s readers that the folks with multiple wives in the infamous Texas compound, or on the Utah-Arizona borders, or in the HBO show are NOT Mormons, nor to they have any relationship to the LDS church or its members, officially or in any sympathetic way.

    So, back to the news….

  2. proreason says:

    I like this account better than many of the dozens of others.

    They ought to make this into a soap opera. It could run longer than Days of Our Lives. They could call it Daze of my Wives.

  3. tranquil.night says:

    “Mr. Bin Laden must have been imitating the prophet. His first wife was older than himself, too. Of course he married for money, whereas Bin Laden did not have to. (And we won’t go into the Prophets taste for young girls.)”

    Very prescient as usual Steve and thanks for putting it so well. Oh, I was so going to go there too.

    Being one of the many concubines and clone manufacturers of Allah’s finest warriors isn’t slavery or subordination but a true honor and liberating opportunity. Anyone who would say or believe otherwise is a transgressor and their chastisement shall be great on the plane of fire. For Allah is certainly merciful.

    • TerryAnne says:

      If I’m correct, one of Mohammed’s wives was a cousin. I think she was only like 13 or 14 when he “wed” her, too.

    • tranquil.night says:

      You’re thinking of Zaynab, who is said to be his father’s sister’s daughter ‘of aristocratic lineage’ but actually a mentioned as a widow at least two times over, losing one husband for sure during Mohammed’s constant warmongering. Mo tried to hook her up with his adopted son, who was a slave, but she wasn’t down for his slave blood – she wanted the big dawg. Nevertheless, Mo pressured her into the marriage with the good ol’ ‘Allah just revealed the Truth’ trick, but the marriage was said to have worn greatly on her spirit and beauty. It’s unclear whether they even divorced but Mohammed eventually got her too, and when he was called incestuous by ‘the hypocrites’ he tried to make the issue to be about whether an adopted son really becomes part of the Islamic bloodline. Everything he did he saw justified as a statement of his form of Social Justice, which was to break with the old tradition. And everything he did was always said to be backed up by the perceived highest moral authority. And everyone else was always a hypocrite or transgressor or greedy. Mohammed was truly a Liberal-Marxist pioneer. It’s quite amazing to learn. He was huge on the obligatory tax for the poor and Alinskyism 1200 years before their time.

      The young wife you were thinking of was Aisha, who was betrothed to him I believe when she was 6 and then it was consummated at 9-10. I’m pretty sure she was the daughter of the man who’d become the first Islamic Caliph (emporer).

      Then there’s Khadijah, to whom Steve alluded, whom he married for family riches and off of whom he leeched like they’re your wealthy grandparents in Hawaii.


      As always, wikipedia isn’t the best source, but it is a start for the curious. And my apologies for going there, SG!

    • Right of the People says:

      Well like they say in West Virginny;

      “If she ain’t good enough for her own kin, she ain’t good enough for you.”

  4. wirenut says:

    The Edge of Nauseate?
    Allah in the Family?
    Urine, Mine and Ours?
    Dirty Hairy?
    101 Abominations?
    My Mullah the Cur?
    Bob & Carol, Dead & Osama?
    The Deadpool?

  5. proreason says:

    One Man, Three Wives, and a Goat

  6. wirenut says:

    Damn, Pro. See what you started? I just can’t stop.
    Goatsback Mount’n?
    High-plane’s Adrifter?
    Your a Bad bad man.Haw! Thanks for the fun.

    • JohnMG says:

      Dirty Hairy gets my…..ummm….goat.

      You owe me a clean monitor for that one. ;-}

  7. TerryAnne says:

    Join us tonight for “Two and a Half Mullah”, a compelling comedy about two mullah and their friend Abdullah, who survived his noble quest of blowing himself up for Allah and was left with only his upper half.

  8. wirenut says:

    My bad John. One you won’t see on Animal Channel is, Genital Bin takes a Bath. Or.
    I Dream of Weenie?

  9. untrainable says:

    It would make a good Twilight Zone episode.
    Picture if you will… A man, a leader, the ultimate terrorist… relegated to a small compound with only the screaming fruit of his loins and the 3 witches he married for company. Centrally located in the town of Abbottabad only walking distance from a real life and the joys of killing infidels, he is too hamstrung by fear and self-loathing to leave his small messy room. We see a madman going even madder eating Fritos, drinking Coca-Cola, and watching vhs recordings of himself on a small black and white television. Tonight’s episode… “Preview of Hell”

    Starring George Cloony as Osama
    Cloris Leachman as Wife #1
    Shirley McClaine as Wife # 2
    and introducing Jennifer Love Hewitt as Wife #3 (a.k.a. “Bitch”)
    Special Guest appearance by Brad Pitt as “Courier”

    Stay tuned after tonight’s episode for yet another episode in our George Clooney Marathon

    George Cloony as Osama Bin Laden in “Men Who Screw Goats” followed by your local news.

    • proreason says:

      I dunno untrainable, i see John Kerry making his screen debut as OBL in your opus.

      And surely, there is a role for the Hildabeast, perhaps as a servant who partakes in the occassional nasty with OBL, or his wives. Or if you can tie in the character from Russia with Love who has the knife in her shoe, the beast would be a natural for that role.

    • untrainable says:

      Awesome Pro, but I always saw John Kerry more as the new Herman Munster. Harry Reid as Grampa, Pelosi as Spot, the dragon under the stairs, with Debbie Wasserman Schultz as Lilly, Patrick Kennedy as Eddie and Meghan McCain as Marilyn. (we have no make-up budget)

      I see the Hildabeast as more of a Jabba the Hutt in a Star Wars reboot.

    • Chase says:

      Nothing left in the casting barrel for Jan Schakowsky or Barbara Mikulski?

      Christopher Dodd is looking for work, so could be cast as a conniving money manager in John Astin’s role on the Addams Family.

      Understanding makeup budgets, Milulski could be an easy shue-in for Cousin It?

      Arlen Spector perhaps as Uncle Fester, with a face painted on either side of his head?

      If PBS is looking for laughs and donations, I would suggest they could remake Three’s Company with Bwarney Fwank between Mikulski and Schakowksy. A bit of PC casting would allow for either Rep Waters or Charlie “Good Times” Wrangel to play the Don Knotts role as the landlord? I would bet Bwarney would love to be in anything with soap in the picture…

      Heh, Bwarney would love to get in the purple dinosaur suit, for that matter….

      Not much of a TV watcher, so these feeble offerings are just fodder for more creative, imaginative minds…

  10. canary says:

    “renal failure”

    One of main media first accounts was OBL was dying of renal failure. This a symptom of someone dying from kidney failure. Youngest wife said in 2002 interview said he was angry, in bed a lot and said he always had kidney problems.

    Perhaps that explains the female nurse in compound, and not for the twins as reported. If for the twins probably so OBL could watch the twins mutilation ceremony before he died.

    Obama may have waited more than 8-9 months after knowledge of where Osama Bin Laden was, and when he heard he was dying, Obama decided to act, as it would be better for Obama’s image to capture OBL than have him die from illness.
    Plus, If they’d have captured OBL alive then he’d have been taken to a hospital.

    the 3rd wife was Khayriya age 62 and son Hamza 21 were released from Iranian custody in July 2010
    according to media?

    She and other old wife saying they were the ones to guard him, 3rd youngest wife was shot in leg.
    These women don’t want OBL supporters in Pakistan to chop their heads off.

    The 2 old hags, who Amal the younger wife in a 2002 interview said bin Laden lived with her more of the time, angry, sick in bed a lot, and that he spent less time with the older 2 wives who even had separate modest homes.

    Amal, also wrote OBL was concerned the “Taliban” might turn on him and him killed. She said they lived prior 9/11 in a cave together for 2 months. One can picture not wanting OBL in their land, as the grief and death he did so cause.

    Maybe a reality show of the life of OBL’s family after his death. Let us watch how monster’s children
    are raised. Pakistan could make a fortune.

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