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Woman Brandishes Knives After Failed 3-Some

Oh, l’amour, l’amour. First, we have this from the Orlando, Florida, CBS affiliate, WKMG:

Deputies: Man tried to force fiancee to swallow engagement ring

January 22, 2013

ORLANDO, Fla. – A 29-year-old man was arrested in Orlando on suspicion of trying to force his fiancee to swallow her diamond engagement ring because she no longer wanted to live with him.

Faron Thompson was arrested Sunday on charges of battery via strangulation and child neglect.

Clearly, we need more stringent engagement ring control laws.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Thompson’s girlfriend of four years contacted authorities about the incident after she left home and drove to the Walmart on West Colonial Drive…

During the alleged attack, the woman said Thompson pushed her against a wall while she was holding a one-year-old child, said deputies, adding that Thompson covered the woman’s mouth and preventing her from breathing.

The woman told deputies she feared for her life and left the home, but he shoved her out the door while she was holding the child, who was only wearing a diaper and shoes…

Hence the "child neglect" charge.

Thompson was later located and arrested but denied the allegations, saying "women always claim assault, but never accept responsibility for provoking someone," according to deputies.

Thompson was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail.

Speaking of provocation, we have this crime news via the Smoking Gun:

Knives Came Out After Threesome Failed To Occur

Woman from Friendship, Maine jailed after late night trailer row

January 24, 2013

A Maine woman who was expecting to engage in a “threesome” with neighbors is facing criminal charges for allegedly brandishing several knives after the tryst failed to occur, police report.

Well, a spurned lover is a dangerous thing. Apparently, though, it would seem that we also need more stringent threesome control laws.

Valerie Nile, 44, was arrested late Tuesday evening inside the home of Edward Sabatino, who called 911 to report that Nile was “intoxicated and was threatening him with a knife.”

When Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at the 56-year-old Sabatino’s residence, he told them that “they were all drinking and hanging out” when Nile went into the kitchen and retrieved three knives. Sabatino, who shares his home with roommate Shawna Chickering, 30, said that Nile “lives two trailers over.”

After being handcuffed by a deputy, Nile explained that she, Sabatino, and Chickering “were going to have a threesome.” That encounter did not materialize (though the trio of knives did).

A deputy noted that Chickering, who was observed “sleeping” on a couch, claimed she did not observe anything. Chickering’s two children were asleep in a bedroom during the incident.

What, no child neglect charges?

Charged with criminal threatening and terrorizing, Nile was booked into the Knox County jail, where she is being held in lieu of $250 cash bail. Nile, who lives in the southern Maine town of Friendship, is pictured in the above mug shot.

Probably the most shocking thing about all of this is that it didn’t take place in Florida.

Though, Friendship, Maine is pretty poetic.

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