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Woman In DC Chase Had Head Injury 2 Years Ago

Here are some more details, via the UK’s Daily Mail:

Dental hygienist who was shot dead after ramming her car into the White House with her BABY in the back seat ‘was suffering from postpartum depression’

By Louise Boyle, Rachel Quigley, James Nye and Michael Zennie | 3 October 2013

The Connecticut woman who rammed a White House barrier with her young daughter in the car before being gunned down by police was suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth last year, her mother has revealed…

Idella Carey told ABC News that her daughter Miriam ‘had postpartum depression after having the baby’ in August 2012. ‘A few months later, she got sick. She was depressed. … She was hospitalized,’ Mrs Carey added.

Again, just how long does postpartum depression last?

A former employer said Miriam sustained a head injury when she fell down stair last year. When she returned to work after recovering, she was pregnant. She was not married to the father but ‘seemed happy’ about the pregnancy, the former boss said.

Authorities said the single-mother had a ‘history of mental illness’ but did not elaborate.

So she was a single mother. (Only the British press would have the nerve to report such a thing.)

Carey’s former boss of eight years, Dr Steven Oken, said in the eight years he knew Miriam she was ‘always happy’ – and not interested in politics…

Rats! Are they sure she didn’t listen to rightwing talk radio?

Neighbors told the New York Daily News she was ‘a nice young lady, stable.’ …

Her former boss, Connecticut Periodontist Dr Brian Evans, told the New York Daily News that she fell down a flight of stairs two years ago and sustained a significant head injury, but never showed signs of mental illness while she was working at the practice.

She must have had a concussion. So the news media might still be able to use this story to advance one of their agendas, after all.

‘There was never insubordination per se or anything like that, but she tended to go against the grain a bit,’ he said.

And never mind that Dr. Oken fired her in August of 2012, around the time she gave birth.

Dr Evans also said that Carey ‘seemed happy’ when she learned she was pregnant with her child.

A website for the dental practice said that Carey brought ‘a delightful bedside manner,’ as well as a degree in nutrition to help patients.

A degree in nutrition.


When Congress reconvened after the lock-down Thursday afternoon, the Capitol Police officers who stopped Miriam Carey got a standing ovation – but not much else.

The 1,800 officers who protect the nation’s capital are currently working for free thanks to the government shutdown.

The officers are considered essential staff – so they are turning up for work, but won’t get paid for their service until the impasse ends and Congress agrees to fund the government…

Once again we get to hear about how the DC police are not being paid. And once again we are not told that the House has passed a bill to fund the DC government. Nor are we told that they will be given their back pay as soon as the shutdown is over.

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4 Responses to “Woman In DC Chase Had Head Injury 2 Years Ago”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Accurate Headline — DC Authorities Murder Mentally Ill Woman

    (this act of wanton bloodlust aggression should really freak us out)


    • Noyzmakr says:

      As a teenager, I used to act rather impertinent towards cops with never more of a response than a stern look and advice to “Go home before I find you a cell to sleep in tonight”. That kind of immature behavior will get you tased, stripped, beaten and possibly shot nowadays.

  2. tyler123A says:

    That is some scary stuff, the lady was obviously ill, was it really necessary to shoot her dead? She needed help!

  3. captstubby says:


    sorry about that.
    but in the United States,
    when human life is now nothing but a Pawn ,
    to be played what ever the Proggressive Bastards need it to be .
    some of us fall victim to the Madness.
    besides, it probably was already used as a joke by some Lib “comic”.

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