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Working Age Are Now Majority On Food Stamps

From a cheering Associated Press:

The new face of food stamps: working-age Americans

By HOPE YEN | January 27, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a first, working-age people now make up the majority in U.S. households that rely on food stamps — a switch from a few years ago, when children and the elderly were the main recipients.

Another wonderful ‘first’ for Obama!

Some of the change is due to demographics, such as the trend toward having fewer children. But a slow economic recovery with high unemployment, stagnant wages and an increasing gulf between low-wage and high-skill jobs also plays a big role.

Today, being an ‘odd’ numbered date the AP says the economy is rotten. On ‘even’ days, it’s spectacular. But notice how the AP calls the worst economic recovery in our nation’s history "a slow economic recovery."

Also notice that the AP never once mentions that Obama removed the work requirement from food stamps. (Just like he removed the work requirement from welfare benefits.) But, of course, that had no effect whatsoever.

It suggests that government spending on the $80 billion-a-year food stamp program — twice what it cost five years ago — may not subside significantly anytime soon.

Certainly it won’t subside with the federal government doing everything it can to sign up more people.

Food stamp participation since 1980 has grown the fastest among workers with some college training, a sign that the safety net has stretched further to cover America’s former middle class, according to an analysis of government data for The Associated Press by economists at the University of Kentucky. Formally called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, or SNAP, the program now covers 1 in 7 Americans.

The findings coincide with the latest economic data showing workers’ wages and salaries growing at the lowest rate relative to corporate profits in U.S. history

The AP never rests. If Obama tells them to attack income inequality, they will find income inequality in a story about fruit flies. Still, you have to wonder why isn’t Obama to blame for all of this supposed income inequality? Especially, since it is happening under his watch.

From the August 2013 archives of the New York Times:

Income Gap Grows Wider (and Faster)

By ANNA BERNASEK | August 31, 2013

… INCOME inequality in the United States has been growing for decades, but the trend appears to have accelerated during the Obama administration. One measure of this is the relationship between median and average wages…

One way to see the acceleration in inequality is to look at the ratio of average to median annual wages. From 2001 through 2008, during the George W. Bush administration, that ratio grew at 0.28 percentage point per year.

From 2009 through 2011, the latest year for which the data is available, the ratio increased 1.14 percentage points annually, or roughly four times faster..

So why isn’t anyone blaming Obama for this terrible income inequality? How come he is allowed to play the victim here?

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