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World Map Shows Where Immigrants Are From

From Worldmapper:

International Immigrants

The territory size shows the number of international immigrants that live there.

Three percent of the world population in 2000 were born in a territory different to where they now live: one hundred and seventy-four million people have moved to a new territory. The United States receives the highest number of international immigrants (people born in another territory and no longer resident there), however Andorra has highest proportion of immigrants living within its borders. Four out of every five people in Andorra are international immigrants. In the Philippines and Guyana, territories experiencing some of the lowest immigration, only one person in every 500 is an international immigrant.

And where they are coming from:

Net Emigration

Territory size shows the relative quantity of net emigration in all territories (emigration less immigration).

Over half of the territories in the world are currently experiencing net emigration. More people are leaving them than are coming to them. Territories with net emigration generally are poorer than those with net immigration. Mexico is the country with the highest net emigration, with a net loss of 8.8 million people in 2000. Mexico is in North America, the region whose territories have the largest net immigration. The United State’s high immigration rate is linked to Mexican emigration. Were the United States and Mexico combined to be one territory then this movement of people would not be recorded as immigration nor emigration.

Very telling, I’m afraid.

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