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World Powers To Give Palestine $5.6 Billion

From the ever generous (with other people’s money) AFP:

World powers gather in Paris to bankroll Palestinian state

Monday, December 17

PARIS (AFP) – – Major powers and key donors meet in Paris Monday for a conference aimed at raising billions of dollars to help the emergence of a viable Palestinian state and give political impetus to the newly-relaunched peace process with Israel.

Ninety international delegations are expected at the one-day Conference of Donors for a Palestinian State, the biggest of its kind since 1996, which aims to shore up the process jumpstarted in the US city of Annapolis last month.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas is seeking 5.6 billion dollars (3.85 billion euros) spread over 2008 to 2010 for an ambitious development plan to underwrite a promised state and tackle economic hardship in the Palestinian territories.

The United States is ready to pledge more than 500 million dollars, officials in Washington said…

Abbas has said he is confident Paris will clinch the necessary aid — 70 percent in budget support and 30 percent for development projects — sending a powerful signal of backing for the peace process.

“It is urgent to stabilise the Palestinian economy and implement measures on the ground that will improve the daily lives of Palestinians,” said Sarkozy’s spokesman David Martinon.

The Palestinian development plan has been drawn up by the West Bank-based government of the economist Salam Fayyad, whom Abbas appointed prime minister when the Hamas radical Islamist group seized armed control of the Gaza Strip.

In an interview with AFP, Fayyad said his government had undertaken important economic reforms which should reassure donors that their money will not be wasted

There must be a clinical name for this kind of insanity.

It would interesting to hear how much has been given to the Palestinians in the seventy odd years since the establishment of Israel.

But of course we never will. Just as we will never hear where it all has gone.

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