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A ‘Paper Census’ Is Not As Easy To Pad

From those defenders of the little guy and his Democrat bosses at the Washington Post:

Census Switch Worries Some

By N.C. Aizenman
Tuesday, July 8, 2008; A02

With the 2010 Census less than two years away, independent demographers and congressional overseers are worried that the Census Bureau will not be prepared to accurately record the nation’s racial and ethnic minorities, illegal immigrants and the poor — groups that historically have been undercounted.

Much of the concern stems from the bureau’s decision in April to scrap a plan to use wireless hand-held devices to collect information from people who don’t mail back their census forms. Minorities, immigrants and poor people are more likely to lack fixed addresses and to find census forms confusing or suspicious and therefore are less likely to return them by mail, experts said. Following up with home visits is crucial to ensuring that they are tallied.

During previous censuses, agency field workers conducting follow-ups recorded people’s answers using pen and paper. The hand-held devices were supposed to enable workers to relay the information to headquarters much faster, making it easier to avoid duplicate visits to a home and freeing them to go to more locations. Instead, technological problems with the devices have left the bureau little time to organize the switch back to the original system…

In other words the census "takers" are proving to be too stupid to work the machines.

Still, why is it always assumed that the poor and minorities will be undercounted? Isn’t it exactly the opposite?

Aren’t they far more likely to be home and available to the census takers during the business week than those who are gainfully employed? Or to have the time to fill out any questionnaires they might be mailed?

But of course we know that this is all about finding arguments to pad out such numbers, so that the Democrats claim more constituents and thereby increase their power.

And having a paper trail just makes their work a little trickier. (Not that anyone will ever check their numbers.)

It was ever thus.

But not always so blatant — or relentless.

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