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WP Admits ‘Immigration Reform’ Will Hurt The GOP

From the Washington Post:

Why immigration reform isn’t the answer to Republicans’ demographic woes

By Peyton Craighill | April 26, 2014

… So, how can the GOP start winning larger shares of non-white voters? Reforming the immigration system might not be the answer. Why not? Because reforming the nation’s immigration laws could very well create a whole bunch of new Democrats, including in some key swing states.

Apparently, this is news to the Washington Post.

Let’s break it down…

If many of the Hispanic non-citizens across the country became voting eligible citizens through immigration reform, some of those states become much more interesting politically. Take Texas, where only 22 percent of voters were Hispanic, but they make up 37 percent of the total population of the state. The pattern is similar in Arizona, where 17 percent of voters were Hispanic but they accounted for 29 percent of the total population…

If the Republicans lose Texas, they will never win the White House again.

The takeaway? Hispanic citizens’ lower turnout and registration rates have so far limited their political impact. But if the significant share of Hispanic non-citizens gain a path to citizenship and actually start voting, the electoral map could change much more quickly than what the slowing changing demographics of the country suggest.

And that would be a bad thing for Republicans.

No kidding. Of course, any person who has been sitting up and taking notice for the last ten years already knows that. But it is still nice to hear it acknowledged by the WP. Even if they snuck out their admission on a Saturday morning.

The WP and the rest of our media guardians usually pretend just the opposite.

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One Response to “WP Admits ‘Immigration Reform’ Will Hurt The GOP”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    In other words, obeying the Law will hurt Democats

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