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WP Blames Flight Delays On Sequestration (Lies)

From the Washington Post:

Ports, airports beginning to feel impact of automatic spending cuts

By Lori Aratani | March 5, 2013

The nation’s crowded transportation system is already feeling the effect of billions of dollars in automatic federal budget cuts, with long waits at some international airports and signs that cargo may begin stacking up on seaport docks because inspectors are working fewer hours.

So Janet Napolitano gets caught lying about passenger delays at domestic flights, and our obliging news media immediately moves the goal posts to cargo flights at international airports.

Up to 40 percent of the customs booths at airports in New York and Miami were unmanned over the weekend because of cutbacks in overtime for customs officials, resulting in waits of up to three hours for international passengers, Customs and Border Protection officials said.

In Long Beach, Calif., the nation’s second-busiest cargo port, customs officials are working 90 minutes less per shift, which could lead to longer processing times for containers…

By law no federal worker can be ‘furloughed’ any sooner than 30 days after being notified of such a possibility. And the notices have just gone out. So if any "customs officials are working 90 minutes less per shift," it has nothing to do with sequestration.

The slowdowns are among the first tangible effects of the automatic budget cuts known as the sequester, which began to take effect Friday and will carve $86 billion from domestic and defense programs over the next seven months…

This is simply a lie.

“Under sequestration, U.S. Customs and Border Protection will not be able to maintain its required staffing levels at our ports of entry,” the agency said in a statement Tuesday, adding: “In the coming weeks we will see additional impacts as the CBP hiring freeze and furloughs take place. . . . Itineraries should be adjusted to account for unexpected delays.” …

In other words, the sequester freezes and furloughs have not begun. So this entire article is based on a blatant lie.

Even if waits are not as lengthy as feared, travel industry representatives worry that chronic delays could still have a serious impact.

“We’re a perception-related business,” said Geoff Freeman, president of the U.S. Travel Association. “If it’s the perception, it becomes the reality and travelers may go and spend their money somewhere else.”

Which is to say that the struggling American airline business might be destroyed because of the Obama administration and its media minions’ fear mongering about the sequester.

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3 Responses to “WP Blames Flight Delays On Sequestration (Lies)”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I blame sequestration for all the lies

  2. bousquem25 says:

    They should be cutting all the extraneous staff positions like diversity trainer or other make goverment pork jobs. Leave the front line people alone and start cutting all the extra management positions or make managment fill in time working the front lines instead of going to conferences where they waste goverment money in a meeting to make themselves feel better and demand more money.

  3. wirenut says:

    Yet, thousands of criminal illegal aliens must go free, and my U.P.S. package will be denied entry? I’ve got you’re
    “diversity” right here. What caliber do you choose? Right-on, Bousquem!

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