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WP Cheers: Obama Reemerges As Fundraiser In Chief

From an elated Washington Post:

Obama reemerges as fundraiser in chief

By Juliet Eilperin | May 22, 2014

CHICAGO — As President Obama hopscotched from one fundraiser to another here Thursday night, his role in the Democratic Party is clear: He has reemerged as fundraiser in chief.

Whew. We were worried for a moment that the VA scandal might put a damper on his fundraising. But we should have known better.

After all, Obama’s other scandals or policy failures have never kept him from fundraising or playing golf. He has his priorities.

By the end of June, the president will have headlined 30 fundraisers for his party’s four major campaign committees this year, according to the White House, and he has committed to appear at events for House and Senate super PACs to help counter the money conservative groups are funneling into midterm-election campaigns.

Just as important, he is now sharing the data his presidential campaign collected on supporters nationwide — lists that congressional and gubernatorial campaign committees are using to recruit volunteers and identify persuadable voters in more than a dozen battleground states.

Including data from NSA and the Obama-Care exchanges, no doubt.

The president is less in demand when it comes to side-by-side appearances with candidates: Several vulnerable senators in conservative-leaning states have yet to invite him to appear with them…

And yet the news media tell us that Obama is beloved is by the entire nation. Maybe they only poll fat cat Democrat donors.

“The president is focused on what he can do to help Democrats in this midterm cycle,” White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters earlier this week…

But he just told us he was going to be focused on the VA scandal. And before that, income inequality. And before that, jobs. And before that, Benghazi. And before that, the economy. And before that…

This month, the president has appeared at a fundraiser every couple of days….

Yep, that is what he calls ‘Presidentin’.’

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3 Responses to “WP Cheers: Obama Reemerges As Fundraiser In Chief”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Well, he damn sure ain’t no Commander in Chief. Might as well be something ..

  2. canary says:

    Ah, Bahamas: Sun, Sand and the NSA Recording Your Cell Phone Calls

    By Lee Ferran – May 20 2104

    The Foreign Ministry of the Bahamas is “demanding an explanation” from the U.S. after it was reported the National Security Agency has been vacuuming up the audio of “virtually every cell phone conversation” in the Bahamas – a mass surveillance method that goes beyond the NSA’s more common metadata collection – in a secret operation unknown to the local government.

    According to a report by The Intercept Monday, the shadowy American agency used the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s relationship with the government of the Bahamas to secretly “open a backdoor to the country’s cellular telephone network,

    enabling it to covertly record and store the ‘full-take audio’ of every mobile call made to, from and within the Bahamas – and to replay those calls for up to a month.”

    “The news that there is spying and the collecting of audio of mobile phones of Bahamanians by agencies of another country is clearly startling,” Mitchell said in a statement provided to ABC News. “The facts must be determined. Otherwise, the behavior described would be clearly illegal and on the face of it an abuse of powers. It would also represent a great moral failing on the part of its perpetrators, in addition to illegality which challenges the founding principles of the rule of law.”

    “Special Interest Aliens” have been defined previously by the government has people from countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea among a host of others.

    But other documents point to another possible reason the nation – generally not considered a national security threat to the U.S. – had been chosen for SOMALGET: It’s a guinea pig.

    The Bahamas operation is also a “test bed for system deployments, capabilities, and improvements” to SOMALGET,

    The Intercept reported, allegedly quoting NSA documents. SOMALGET is reportedly in use in another country, but The Intercept declined to identify that nation, citing “specific, credible concerns that doing so could lead to increased violence.”

    In a statement to ABC News, the NSA did not dispute the Intercept report, but said, “The fact that the U.S. government works with other nations, under specific and regulated conditions, mutually strengthens the security of all.”

    READ: The NSA’s Rules for Accidentally Spying on You

    The State Department notes that Americans make up a “majority of the 5-6 million tourists visiting the Bahamas each year.”

    READ: ‘We Kill People Based on Metadata,’ Ex-NSA Chief Says

    May 20, 2014http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2014/05/ah-bahamas-sun-sand-and-the-nsa-recording-your-cell-calls/

    … as President Obama put it, “No one is listening to your phone calls.”

  3. yadayada says:

    the NSA said, “The fact that the U.S. government works with other nations… mutually strengthens the security of all.”

    Foreign Ministry of the Bahamas is “demanding an explanation” from the U.S. after … a secret operation unknown to the local government.

    it depends on what your definition of “with” is

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