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WP Crows: Hillary Is Biggest Frontrunner – Ever!

From a beaming with pride Washington Post:

Hillary Clinton is the biggest frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination ever. Yes, ever.

By Chris Cillizza and Sean Sullivan | January 30, 2014

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 61-point edge over Joe Biden in new Washington Post-ABC News polling makes her the single biggest frontrunner for a Democratic presidential nomination in the history of the poll, an affirmation of the conventional wisdom that the nomination is hers for the taking.

Wasn’t that the conventional wisdom about this same time five or six years ago? And then some ‘dark horse’ came along and stole the nomination right out from under her.

In fact, when was the last time the early presumed favorite got the Democrat Party’s nomination, apart from Al Gore? It’s fairly rare in Democrat circles. (Think Ted Kennedy. Think Howard Dean.)

Clinton stands at an eye-popping 73 percent in a  hypothetical 2016 primary race with Biden, the sitting vice president, who is the only other candidate in double digits at 12 percent. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has signed a letter along with a handful of other Democratic senators urging Clinton to run, is at 8 percent. And that’s it.

Yes, but what a pathetic field. ‘Bite Me’ and ‘Fauxcahontas’ don’t even count as pigmies. How would Hillary stack up against a dynamo like Wendy Davis?

That lead is almost three times as large as the one Clinton enjoyed in Post-ABC polling in December 2006, the first time we asked the 2008 Democratic presidential primary ballot question. At that time, Clinton took 39 percent to 17 percent for then Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, 12 percent for 2004 vice presidential nominee John Edwards and 10 percent for former Vice President Al Gore. 

Speaking of Gore, he is the closest thing to a Clinton-sized frontrunner dating all the way back to early polling on the 1984 presidential race. In a March 1999 poll, in advance of the 2000 presidential race, Gore took 58 percent to 21 percent for former New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradley, a 37-point bulge…

And look how that turned out.

Still, it looks like the Washington Post is hoping that (with their and the rest of the news media’s help) Madam Hillary is just going to turn out to be ‘too big to fail.’ Just like her husband turned out to be ‘too big to jail.’

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3 Responses to “WP Crows: Hillary Is Biggest Frontrunner – Ever!”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    The further up the ladder, the bigger the target ..

  2. mr_bill says:

    I bet she’s even a bigger front-runner than Thomas Dewey.

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    Hillary, Rodham, Clinton; whatever her name is, Can Not Win. Put another way, if you run like a Republican, they’ll just vote for the real thing every time.

    So, what are we coming to, some kind of mosh pit in the middle? Count me out!

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