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WP: Congress Nearly As Unpopular As Bush

From the DNC’s lickspittles at the Washington Post:

Report Sees Good News for Democrats in ’08 House Races

By Chris Cillizza And Shailagh Murray
Sunday, June 24, 2007; A02

President Bush has company at the bottom of the polls: The Democratic-led Congress is nearly as unpopular as he is. But look district by district, and the picture brightens for the new majority party. The first comprehensive survey of 2008 battleground House seats shows Democrats holding a distinct edge.

“With an unpopular President and an even more unpopular war, Republicans are ceding territory and opening new areas for Democrats,” reads an analysis of the numbers by Democracy Corps, an independent advisory group for Democrats led by political consultant James Carville and pollster Stan Greenberg, whose firm conducted the 70-district survey for the Corps. Greenberg is also the pollster for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and all of his congressional surveys are read closely by House campaign gurus in both parties.

Even in seats that Democrats narrowly lost in November, Greenberg found, the party holds a nine-point lead on average over GOP incumbents for the 2008 contest, suggesting that election momentum — at least at the district level — continues to shift in Democrats’ favor…

The Democracy Corps analysis included a big caveat: To capture additional districts, the Democratic Congress must show significant results, both in pressing the White House for a change of course in Iraq and in addressing domestic issues that voters care about. “These are both the best of times and challenging times for the Democrats,” the memo concluded.

Mind you, the Washington Post ran this press release from James Carville as a news item.

The Democratic-led Congress is nearly as unpopular as he is.

Er, no. The Democrat-led Congress is far more unpopular, according to all the recent polls, such as this one from Gallup:

Notice who sits at the top of this poll and who is at the bottom.

Also note that the Presidency is ranked above our one party media.

It’s no wonder when they constantly promulgate articles like this one from the Post.

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