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WP: Filibuster Change Will Help Obama Agenda

From a cheering Washington Post:

Senate’s filibuster rule change should help Obama achieve key second-term priorities

By Zachary A. Goldfarb | November 21, 2013

The Senate vote Thursday to lower the barriers for presidential nominations should make it easier for President Obama to accomplish key second-term priorities, including tougher measures on climate change and financial regulation, that have faced intense opposition from Republicans in Congress.

What a coincidence! But surely they only changed this 200 year old rule because it was ‘unfair.’

The move to allow a simple majority vote on most executive and judicial nominees also sets the stage for Obama to appoint new top officials to the Federal Reserve and other key agencies — probably leading to more aggressive action to stimulate the economy and housing market.

In other words, this will make it easier for Obama to able to stack places that regulate industries to punish his enemies and reward his friends. For instance, he will make sure the National Labor Relations Board rewards his union cronies. And Fannie and Freddie give mortgages to his constituents. And the Federal Reserve continues to reward his Wall Street donors.

And it frees Obama to make changes to his Cabinet without the threat of long delays in the Senate before the confirmation of nominees.

So he won’t have to put up with any more complaints about him selecting outright Communists, like Van Jones. Or incompetents, like… the rest of his nominees.

The most immediate effect will be felt at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Widely regarded as second only to the Supreme Court in influence, it plays a central role in upholding or knocking down federal regulations…

Because regulations are drafted and issued in DC, they end up before the court if they are challenged. So here come even more outrageous regulations.

The court is likely to help decide whether Obama can enact new Environmental Protection Agency regulations limiting greenhouse-gas emissions by power plants — a key element of his second-term plan to combat climate change — as well as a variety of other rules affecting the environment and the financial industry

The most contentious issue likely to face the appeals court are climate regulations being pursued by the EPA. The agency has already announced tough new rules limiting greenhouse-gas emissions by new power plants using its authority under the Clean Air Act and is pursuing new — and far more controversial — rules for existing power plants as well.

The measures represent Obama’s most ambitious effort to combat climate change in his second term — coal-fired power plants are a key source of carbon emissions — at a time when such proposals have no chance of passage in Congress.

Which are all part of his tireless efforts to help the economy.

The court is expected to hear a series of other legal challenges as well, including lawsuits related to elements of the Affordable Care Act, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and new air-quality standards.

In recent years, the D.C. Circuit has been hostile to a provision of Obama’s health-care law that required insurance plans to provide contraceptive coverage and to several regulations under the Dodd-Frank Act overhauling the financial industry. It also blocked new rules to limit interstate air pollution and challenged the president’s authority to name recess appointees in the first term…

So they must be punished. Destroyed.

What’s more, Obama is all but assured to see the confirmation of his nominee to lead the FHFA, a little-known but important agency that oversees Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and much of the nation’s housing market.

The administration has been pushing FHFA to offer credit to more borrowers as well as to refinance mortgages at low rates. The current leadership has resisted those entreaties, citing taxpayer-protection concerns…

Because the housing meltdown taught them nothing. Social justice must be served. More poor people must be hoodwinked into bad mortgages.

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2 Responses to “WP: Filibuster Change Will Help Obama Agenda”

  1. Petronius says:

    Darn right he’ll get his agenda.

    Nerobama intends to stack the courts with rubber stamps. He can then use the rulemaking function of the administrative agencies, supported by the courts, to usurp the legislative powers of Congress and circumvent the will of the American voters.

    The agencies will use rulemaking proceedings to adopt new regulations that implement his agenda. Say, for example, fairness doctrine at FCC. Once the new regulations are adopted and published in the Code of Federal Regulations, they become “the Law of the Land.” Then his rubber stamps at the DC Circuit can be relied upon to protect the new regulations against legal challenges.

    One of his judicial nominees apparently asserts that the civil rights laws require the Roman Catholic Church to have female priests. Another nominee reportedly believes US gun makers are strictly liable for injuries caused by the guns they have manufactured, including injuries caused by the intervening acts of criminals. So we are talking hard core radicals here.

    There is still the possibility of appeals from the DC Circuit to the No-Good Nine. But Nerobama can always lean on Chief Justice John “yellow streak” Roberts to get the results he wants.

    So we’re poised on the brink of a fundamental transformation. Where the rule of law is just a distant memory. Think banana republic. Or Venezuela.

  2. canary says:

    And to think Democrats and Obama disliked filibusters and called them insane just the other day.

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