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WP: Most Americans Oppose Funding Iraq War

From the boldfaced liars at the Washington Post:

A topless protester from ‘Breasts Not Bombs’ demonstrates against the funding of the war in Iraq in front of the White House, in Washington September 28, 2007.

Most in Poll Want War Funding Cut

Bush’s Approval Rating Ties All-Time Low

By Jon Cohen and Dan Balz
Tuesday, October 2, 2007; Page A01

Most Americans oppose fully funding President Bush’s $190 billion request for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a sizable majority support an expansion of a children’s health insurance bill he has promised to veto, putting Bush and many congressional Republicans on the wrong side of public opinion on upcoming foreign and domestic policy battles.

The new Washington Post-ABC News poll also shows deep dissatisfaction with the president and with Congress. Bush’s approval rating stands at 33 percent, equal to his career low in Post-ABC polls. And just 29 percent approve of the job Congress is doing, its lowest approval rating in this poll since November 1995, when Republicans controlled both the House and Senate. It also represents a 14-point drop since Democrats took control in January.

Despite discontent with Congress this year, the public rates congressional Republicans (29 percent approve) lower than congressional Democrats (38 percent approve). When the parties are pitted directly against each other, the public broadly favors Democrats on Iraq, health care, the federal budget and the economy. Only on the issue of terrorism are Republicans at parity with Democrats…

Bush and the Republicans may also be headed for a political setback from the fight over the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), even if Congress does not override Bush’s threatened veto.

More than seven in 10 in the poll support the planned $35 billion spending increase, and 25 percent are opposed. About half of all Americans “strongly” support the increased spending; 17 percent are firmly against the additional funds. Eighty-one percent of Democrats, 69 percent of independents and 61 percent of Republicans are in favor.

Democrats hold a big edge over Republicans on health-care issues. Overall, 56 percent said they trust Democrats to handle health care, and 26 percent side with the GOP.

Democrats also have a greater share of the public trust on other key issues, including Iraq (a 15-point advantage), the economy (18 points) and handling the federal budget deficit (23 points). On the campaign against terrorism, 41 percent put more faith in Democrats, 40 percent in Republicans… 

Where did they poll, at DC’s 14th Street bus station? The Jerry Springer show?

This is laughable, but deeply pathetic.

If anyone believes that the Democrats would be better on the economy, on Iraq, on the deficit, on the war against terror — they are hopelessly misinformed.

Take a bow, you “journalists.” Your endless propagandizing for your Democrat masters is having an effect. (That is, if this article itself isn’t just another media fabrication, which is highly likely.)

Even this piece shows that the propagandizing never stops.

Bush’s “all-time low” approval rating is in the sub-headline, and mentioned again several more times. Whereas the minor detail that Congress’s rating is even lower is only mentioned once, and in passing.

Yes, the public is voting with their feet, and soon most of these professional propagandists who pretend to be journalists will be unemployed or working for Ariana “Zsa Zsa” Huffington.

But they actually deserve a fate worse than that. In most countries throughout history such “well-poisoners” have been treated a little more harshly.

It’s not too farfetched to think that if there is another 9/11, our watchdog media might face some frontier justice for the endless sedition tremendous service they have provided the country.

By the way, remember that in another (far more believable) poll from Gallup, the US military had the highest approval rating:

Note that the media ranked below the Presidency — and only slightly above Congress. Why is that, do you think?

In any case, we will award this article 4 (out of a possible 5) Pinocchios:

The Post lost a point for being too blatant.

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