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WP: Most Approve Syria Deal They Doubt Will Work

From an unquestioning Washington Post:

Poll: Americans strongly back diplomatic solution on Syria but give Obama low marks

By Dan Balz and Peyton M. Craighill | September 17, 2013

Americans overwhelmingly support the diplomatic agreement between the United States and Russia to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons, despite having deep doubts about the Syrian regime’s compliance and giving low marks overall for how President Obama is handling the situation, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Americans "overwhelmingly support" a diplomatic agreement that they deeply doubt will work?

The president faced strong public opposition when he initially argued for military strikes against the Syrian regime in retaliation for its alleged use of chemical weapons. That opposition is largely unchanged in the new survey, with 61 percent saying that they are against such strikes.

We would love to see how they came up with only "61% of people being against attacking Syria. That is absurdly low. It’s probably more like 90% opposition.

But if Syria balks at the terms of the agreement, Obama could face reduced resistance to the use of military power to enforce the pact. Asked whether they would favor a congressional resolution authorizing force if the deal does not yield results, 44 percent say they would support it and 48 percent say they would not…

Again, the opposition percentage seems way too low.

Obama drew more positive than negative reactions for last week’s nationally televised speech on Syria, with nearly half the country (47 percent) saying that he made a persuasive case for military action and about a third finding him unpersuasive

And yet we were just told a few paragraphs ago that the opposition to an attack on Syria "is largely unchanged" since earlier polls.

Still, just 36 percent say they approve of his handling of the Syria situation, while 53 percent disapprove…

What a bunch of schizoids.

Obama’s overall approval rating shows the country evenly divided, with 47 percent positive and 47 percent negative. That split represents a small but steady deterioration in his approval numbers since he was sworn in for a second term in January. His approval rating on international affairs is also 47 percent…

In the poll, 45 percent say U.S. vital interests are at stake in the Syrian conflict, while 48 percent say they are not. Around the time the United States invaded Iraq, about two-thirds said vital U.S. interests were involved…

Could any of these 45% name one US interest that is involved in Syria’s civil war. The best thing would be if both sides lost.

More broadly, the Post-ABC survey asked whether Obama’s handling of the Syria situation has put the United States in a stronger or weaker position in the world. On that question, 46 percent say it has not made much difference. Among those who think it has made a difference, more say it has weakened than say it has strengthened the U.S. position — 32 percent to 17 percent.

Despite Obama’s relatively weak ratings on his handling of the situation in Syria, he holds a clear advantage over Republicans in Congress in regard to whom people trust more on the issue, by 42 percent to 34 percent.

For Allah’s sake, why?

Fifty-four percent of Americans consider Obama a strong leader, compared with 61 percent a week before his second inauguration.

54% percent consider Obama to be a strong leader? That is just unreal after all we have seen happening in the Middle East since January. You really can’t wake up people who are only pretending to be asleep.

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2 Responses to “WP: Most Approve Syria Deal They Doubt Will Work”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Well, there you have it.

    The same media outlet that claims Obama has the lowest approval numbers of any President ever also claims the same Americans polled believe in a plan they say can’t work because Obama is a strong leader.

    Holy crap. I’d be dizzy if this wasn’t so nakedly stupid. It’s like watching a rat trying cross a Mobius Strp.

    (h/t Jeff Bezos. way to go, dude)

  2. Mithrandir says:

    “The best thing would be if both sides lost.” HA, that’s just what I was thinking! A double knock out.

    Can you imagine a question in the 80s, “Do you or do you not, support the U.S. getting involved in the Iran vs. Iraq war?”–for god’s sake why!?

    People support the solution that they KNOW won’t work because WE DON’T WANT TO GET INVOLVED! The trap has a way out, we are free and clear! No doubt (for political distraction purposes) Obama will find a way to continuously drag us back into this mess. Go sneaking into the trap to see if there any morsels of food left. Be on the look out for the following excuses:
    ~Russians didn’t do some technicality properly.
    ~Assad lied about something.
    ~The accounting / monitoring is not going along as planned.
    ~Rebels (al qaida) report some new info that enters into Obama’s “calculus” as if he’s smart enough to understand calculus. It’s 2nd grade math really.
    ~It’s going too slow, so there will be more threats.
    ~Assad can’t be trusted, we have attack.
    ~This war has gone on too long, we can’t wait for the world to act.
    ~Our credibility is on the line. (as if we need to prove anything to the world. We already did, it’s called WW2)
    ~We need to keep our commitments to the world. (nope. 191 other countries can get off their duffs too)

    The democrats are professional politicians. If they don’t have a crisis to ramp up, they will invent one, like Occupy Wall Street. It’s just too easy for them.

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