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WP Poll: Few Blame Economy On Obama

Another contrived poll pretending to be news from Mr. Obama’s claque at the Washington Post:

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Blame for Downturn Not Fixed on Obama

6 in 10 Back His Handling of Economy

By Jon Cohen and Dan Balz
Tuesday, March 31, 2009; A01

The number of Americans who believe that the nation is headed in the right direction has roughly tripled since Barack Obama’s election, and the public overwhelmingly blames the excesses of the financial industry, rather than the new president, for turmoil in the economy, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

At this early stage in his presidency, Obama continues to benefit from a broadly held perception that others should bear the bulk of responsibility for the severe economic problems that confront his administration. Americans see plenty of offenders, but only about a quarter blame the president and his team for an economy that’s in the ditch

The percentage of Americans in the new poll who said the country is on the right track still stands at just 42 percent, but that is the highest percentage saying so in five years and marks a sharp turnabout from last fall, when as many as nine in 10 said the country was heading in the wrong direction. Fifty-seven percent now consider the nation as moving on the wrong track.

Overall perceptions about the country parallel a rapid increase in the percentage of Americans who say the economy is improving. For the first time since late 2004, the gap between the numbers saying the economy is getting better and those saying it’s getting worse is in the single digits (27 percent to 36 percent).

Two-thirds of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling the country’s top job, and six in 10 give him good marks on issue No. 1, the flagging economy. Those figures are little changed from last month. But he receives lower marks for dealing with the federal budget deficit after submitting a plan that would see continued huge deficits over the next decade. Fifty-two percent back Obama on his approach to the deficit, with the public split about evenly over whether belt-tightening or big increases in spending should be used to try to improve the economy.

There is now a pronounced divergence between Democratic and Republican perceptions of the economy, a bigger partisan divide than the one that occurred 16 years ago after Bill Clinton took office. In early 1993, people in both parties were about equally likely to see the economy as improving, but now the number of Republicans who say it is souring is more than double that of Democrats.

A sharp rise in optimism has occurred among Democrats, who are about three times as likely to approve of the country’s course as they were just before Obama’s inauguration. Independents, too, are more optimistic, with twice as many feeling positive as in mid-January. Among Republicans, there has not been significant movement in either direction…

Overall, almost two in three Americans, 64 percent, said they have confidence that Obama’s economic policies will improve the economy, but that number has dropped since he took office and began to implement his ideas. Before his inauguration, 72 percent were confident that his economic agenda would lead to a recovery. Now, after two months of vigorous debate about his stimulus package and ambitious budget blueprint, confidence has decreased by 13 points among independents and by a similar amount among Republicans.

At the same time, 62 percent see Obama as a "new-style," fiscally responsible Democrat; fewer, about a third, label him an "old-style" Democrat oriented toward taxing and spending. Fifty-seven percent of independents consider Obama part of a new breed, the same percentage that said so of Clinton at the start of his first term…

This is an article we have seen before, but we will see countless times more in the future.

But if any of this is true, it is a testament to the power of propaganda and our one party media.

For here we have a President personally worked for ACORN and fought “redlining” and pushed legislation forcing banks to give more loans to “poor” minorities.

Moreover, he heads a party that has made such loans a major policy goal for decades.

And yet somehow neither the poll nor the article even admit that these actions on the part of Mr. Obama and the Democrats were even a factor in the current economic meltdown.

There is simply no hint of these “community reinvestment” loans and their consequence anywhere in the poll questions.

Instead we have thoughtful questions like this:

You see, it was those greedy bankers and Wall Street hot shots who caused it all.

They insisted on tricking people into bad loans, just like Mr. Obama says.

And we are treated to newspeak, such as:

At the same time, 62 percent see Obama as a "new-style," fiscally responsible Democrat.

If Mr. Obama is “fiscally responsible” than yes, that is certainly a “new-style” meaning of the term.

But the media has been rewriting a lot of our language to defend Mr. Obama and the Democrats over the years.

And speaking of propaganda, as usual, the WP and ABC oversampled 12% more Democrats than Republicans – just to make things fair.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, March 31st, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

17 Responses to “WP Poll: Few Blame Economy On Obama”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    As long as “softball” questioning continues, we will see the numbers stay the same. I really wish they would question some of the 48% (62 million) voters that didn’t vote for the Stalinist in drag. Or maybe make the question more on point as to where the nation is headed and are the policies of the regime hurting this nation. This would be a good start…..but I’m not betting on this happening as long as the MSM is in the socialists tank and protecting the Coward in Chief!!

  2. proreason says:

    It is no longer the Washington Post.

    Now it is theWashington Pravda.

  3. caligirl9 says:

    The kool-aid still tastes good to too many people.
    It will sour. Even though kool-aid is little more than water, sugar, and artificial flavors and colorings. Wow, sort of like … TCO, but some of us know there isn’t any sugar there!
    Especially when they realize just how high their taxes can go, just how much TOTUS can take away from those of us trying to be productive.

    • annabetsy says:

      The problem is too many kool-aide drinkers haven’t been hit yet with the stomach pains that signify their impending death.
      They are still convinced the warning labels were put on it by conspirators on the “right”.

  4. The Redneck says:

    and the public overwhelmingly blames the excesses of the financial industry, rather than the new president, for turmoil in the economy

    Perfect example of a loaded question. Nobody’s claiming Obama is responsible for the current turmoil in the economy (although his actions will certainly cause future turmoil in the economy). The question is whether the excesses of the financial industry or government actions such as the CRA and the corruption in Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac are responsible for our current economic turmoil. By giving two options that ignore the actual culprit–like a lineup where only one guy out of the six looks anything like the culprit and the other five are midgets–WP tries to whitewash our government’s part in the latest crash

  5. wardmama4 says:

    Maybe if the msm (I know, but I can dream) printed out how many Congresscritters have oh say – committed a crime – or had an ethics charge lodge against them – or been investigated and then printed Congressional pay scale, how long (isn’t it two terms?!) to qualify for retirement, their retirement (sure aren’t relying on SS to get them through their golden years), how many homes all of them own (it isn’t just McAmnesty that has so many that he/she can’t remember them all) and where (for example Edwards) they ‘put’ their incomes so that they are basically tax free.

    The vapid stupidity and insanity to rise up the idiots against the very institutions that have made America great, make America run and keep food, healthcare and the best way of life available to every single citizen – for a bunch of lying, corrupt, money-grubbing moroons – is beyond me.

    Yes, indeed they deserve to get what they voted for – but what about the other 231,000,000 who did not vote for The One ™ – this isn’t mob rule – or majority rule – this a select and relatively small group forcing their will upon the greatest country in the world.

    • proreason says:

      You have a great idea there for a website, mama.

      Click on the Congresscriminals name, and get the history with references, and case #’s.

  6. Right of the People says:

    Of course you realize this poll was taken at a DC welfare office. What do you want to bet the Moron’s ratings will never drop below 60% as long as the MSM is doing the polling?

  7. annabetsy says:

    He’s too big to fail.
    Civilizations have been known to worship anything from bugs & dead statues to rocks. Why not a straw man? I had hoped for better from Americans; but I blame poor education.

  8. TwilightZoned says:

    “A sharp rise in optimism has occurred among Democrats, who are about three times as likely to approve of the country’s course as they were just before Obama’s inauguration.”

    40% of the population is already on the government dole and the vast majority of these are dems. Since these worthless pieces of whammy are the ones who will make out like bandits, O would appear to be a “new-style,” fiscally responsible Democrat. If they actually paid taxes, they would be the ones screaming the loudest against it.

  9. crosspatch says:

    You need to oversample Democrats by 9% just to reflect current electorate divisions. Democrats and Republicans are not evenly split in the population. The split in February was 33.6% Republican, 40.8% Democrat, and 25.6 “other”. If you are only sampling Democrats and Republicans, leaving out “others”, you need to get 9% more Democrats than Republicans in order for your poll to reflect the voting public.

    A 12% split doesn’t seem out of line if they did random calling and that was how the callers identified their party affiliation and the calls were made in urban areas. That probably accurately reflects the actual population in those areas. So at most the poll would be skewed 3% which is probably in the margin of error.

    • proreason says:

      These polls are pure bullshit.

      The only valid poll would be to call x thousand random people of voting age, and the X is well-understood, since it can be derived from probability theory. I don’t know the number, but it’s a helluva lot bigger than 1,000.

      Every “factor” they introduce is just another way for them to manipulate the results.

      They have so many factors, they can get any stinking result they want. Dem/Rep split. Likely voters. Registered Voters. Different types of telephone. Racial split. Gender splits. Age splits.

      And then the manipulation of the questions…..ohmygod…..it’s stomach turning.

      The only reason the good pollsters can get reasonably close in large elections is that the poll request is very simple….will you vote for Joe or for Mary?

      EVERYTHING else is propaganda…pure propaganda.

      Why any rational person would pay any attention whatsoever is astonishing.

      (The internal polls are more uesful because they aren’t run for propaganda purposes. But the public never sees thoses.)

  10. VMAN says:

    Nobody axed my opinion

    • catie says:

      Me neither VMAN and I am a subscriber (well on Sundays only for the coupons as the rest goes straight to the trash). It’s ridiculous how many more demorats they polled. However, in the District and the rich who are predominately liberal who inhabit NOVA are more than likely on their speed dial. They’re not going to call the riff raff from PWC also known as “Deliverance” to those who live from Fairfax north.

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