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WP: Palin Drove Hillary Backers To Obama

From the professional propagandist Dana Milbank at the DNC’s house organ, the Washington Post:

An Unwitting Assist From the Hockey Mom

By Dana Milbank
Tuesday, October 14, 2008; A03

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 13 The Hillary voter has come home.

It wasn’t primarily the work of Hillary Clinton, though by her count she has made more than 50 public appearances for Barack Obama. Nor was it the work of Obama, who has kept Clinton and her advisers at arm’s length. No, the one who put the Hillary Clinton voters in Obama’s column was John McCain — with his choice of a running mate.

“Palin — God forbid! Where did they find her?” Evelyn Fruman exclaimed Monday before a Clinton speech at a Jewish community center here.

“God forbid!” Gail Silverberg chimed in. “Hockey moms and lipstick on a pig and six-packs? I don’t want that stuff.”

Nearby, Rina Jampolsky was wearing a “Hillary Sent Me” button next to a pin saying “Barack Obama” in Hebrew. “I thought I wouldn’t vote at all when Hillary left the race,” she said. “But as soon as McCain selected Sarah Palin, my decision was made.”

They were the quintessential Hillary supporters waiting for their heroine at the hall in northeast Philly: virtually all white, mostly women, and mostly old. Of the minority who weren’t Jewish, most were Catholic. In the local state Senate district, primary voters went for Clinton over Obama by 3 to 1.

But something has happened in recent weeks among the Clinton faithful. Fear of the right-wing Palin, coupled with the economic collapse, has caused them to quietly swallow their Obama misgivings. “It’s amazing,” said Brendan Doyle, who has been knocking on doors here for the Democratic candidate for state Senate. “The last four weeks I’ve seen a big turn.”

The new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds the same thing. Fully 81 percent of Democrats and like-minded independents who favored Clinton said they now back Obama. If Obama gets the 90 percent of Democrats who tell the pollsters they support him, he will do better than any other Democratic candidate in nearly 40 years…

If you go back through the archives you will find that the largest number of Hillary supporters who claimed they would now vote for McCain has always hovered around 20%.

That was true before the Palin pick and it has been true since then.

But nice try, Mr. Milbank.

Hopefully there will be a little extra in your weekly paycheck from your masters at the Obama camp.

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7 Responses to “WP: Palin Drove Hillary Backers To Obama”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Well maybe afer Comrade HObama dropped his “Spread the wealth” speech the Blue Haired women will fold their money back into their purses and RUN back to the RIGHTSIDE of the beauty shop. I’m not believing for 1 minute that the polls have it right.

  2. 1sttofight says:

    Dana Milbanks is on his fourth set of autographed Obama Official Kneepads.

  3. U NO HOO says:

    I am always impressed by the liberal Democratic Jewish voters’ faith in G*d. They trust that G*d will not allow the real Messiah (not Obama) to be aborted.

  4. JerseyGrrrl says:

    ‘a pin saying “Barack Obama” in Hebrew.’ Now is that irony or what?

    Or would that be a paradox?

  5. Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

    If this was true then why aren’t they televising every Sarah Palin speech word for word on the nightly news and on CNN and CNN2? The Bull Shiite and the pictures just dont seem to match do they?! LMAO

  6. BillK says:

    Lipstick, it’s because they want the general public to see how “stupid” and “trailer trashy” she really is – reinforcing the elite’s mantra that she’s too stupid to be VP and it would be downright dangerous to be a “heartbeat away” from the Presidency.

    I mean, if she can’t even get through a speech without mistaking supporters for protesters, how could she possibly be fit for national office? (/sarcasm for those who can’t tell.)

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