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WP Pretends Bush Facing Rebuffs By G8

From the fantasists at the Washington Post:

Bush Facing Rebuffs On Key Issues at G-8

By Michael Abramowitz

Tuesday, July 8, 2008; Page A10

RUSUTSU, Japan, July 8 — President Bush has worked hard over the past few years to cultivate good relations with many world leaders, but as a summit of the Group of Eight industrialized nations got underway Monday, he was once again discovering the limitations of those efforts.

Bush is pushing here for a new round of sanctions against Zimbabwe and a strong statement from fellow G-8 leaders slamming President Robert Mugabe for his thuggish actions in the recent election — but he encountered public resistance from a friend attending the gathering, Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete.

Several G-8 leaders were also reported to be mounting last-minute opposition to a U.S. initiative to publicize their progress in meeting assistance goals for Africa. And Germany, among other U.S. allies, has been resisting Bush’s approach on climate change, according to officials and environmental advocates familiar with negotiations to develop a long-term goal to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

Things may all work out fine for the president and his agenda by the time his meetings here conclude Wednesday. But the situation underscores not only Bush’s lame-duck status but the powerful domestic considerations in each member country that complicate efforts to forge agreements on AIDS in Africa, global warming, Zimbabwe and economic issues…

Once again, rather than "reporting" on what has happened today’s "journalists" would rather speculate on what might happen.

It’s much easier to portray the event as a disaster beforehand, of course.

And never mind that all of the other members of the G8, Berlusconi, Harper, Fukuda, Sarkozy, Merkel, Brown and even Medvedev are far more conservative, pro-American and pro-Bush than their predecessors.

It’s always more fun for our watchdog media to dress up their dolls and pretend otherwise.

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