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WP Reveals Painted Over Rock At Perry Club

From a leaving no stone unturned in their search for a new ‘Macaca moment’ Washington Post:

At Rick Perry’s Texas hunting spot, camp’s old racially charged name lingered

By Stephanie McCrummen
Published: October 1, 2011

Paint Creek, Tex. — In the early years of his political career, Rick Perry began hosting fellow lawmakers, friends and supporters at his family’s secluded West Texas hunting camp, a place known by the name painted in block letters across a large, flat rock standing upright at its gated entrance.

“Niggerhead,” it read.

Wow. That is terrible. Remember the Washington Post’s outrage when a (former?) Ku Klux Klan Grand Cyclops and elder statesman of the Democrat Party used the ‘N-word’ on the floor of the Senate a few years back? We don’t either.

By the way, ‘niggerhead’ is a term that could refer to the flower known as Black Eyed Susans, or a large rock or rock formation, or any number of things. In fact, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, "after the Civil War it was used for a person in favor of full political equality for Negroes."

Outrageous, huh? But somehow we suspect we won’t hear much about that definition.

Ranchers who once grazed cattle on the 1,070-acre parcel on the Clear Fork of the Brazos River called it by that name well before Perry and his father, Ray, began hunting there in the early 1980s. There is no definitive account of when the rock first appeared on the property. In an earlier time, the name on the rock was often given to mountains and creeks and rock outcroppings across the country. Over the years, civil rights groups and government agencies have had some success changing those and other racially offensive names that dotted the nation’s maps.

And never mind that this was on private property. Property which the Perry family never actually owned.

But the name of this particular parcel did not change for years after it became associated with Rick Perry, first as a private citizen, then as a state official and finally as Texas governor.

Actually, Mr. Perry was a Democrat elected official at the time his family begun hunting at this club. Funny how the Post neglects to mention that.

Also, it is not clear that this was ever the official name of the parcel of land. If so, the name would have been on the lease that the Post mentions later. But apparently, it wasn’t or they would be screaming bloody murder.

Some locals still call it that. As recently as this summer, the slablike rock — lying flat, the name still faintly visible beneath a coat of white paint — remained by the gated entrance to the camp.

So it has really come to this. A rock that as recently as "last summer" (aka a year ago) was still near the gate – and a now offensive word could be seen through a coat of (white!) paint. (Which, it turns out, is not even true. As we will see at the bottom of the article.)

Though you will notice that the Washington Post could not be bothered to send a photographer or even a reporter to the scene of the crime to verify their historic scoop.

And, as we will later discover, none of these locals are willing to go on record to state that they saw the name on the rock since 1983.

When asked last week, Perry said the word on the rock is an “offensive name that has no place in the modern world.”

But how, when or whether he dealt with it when he was using the property is less clear and adds a dimension to the emerging biography of Perry, who quickly moved into the top tier of Republican presidential candidates when he entered the race in August.

Except that it is very clear, as he has subsequently said to all and sundry. The name on the rock was painted over in the early 1980’s by Perry’s father, and then the rock turned over:

In his responses to two rounds of detailed, written questions, Perry said his father first leased the property in 1983. Rick Perry said he added his own name to the lease from 1997 to 1998, when he was state agriculture commissioner, and again from 2004 to 2007, when he was governor…

“When my Dad joined the lease in 1983, he took the first opportunity he had to paint over the offensive word on the rock during the 4th of July holiday,” Perry said in his initial response. “It is my understanding that the rock was eventually turned over to further obscure what was originally written on it.”

In response to follow-up questions, Perry gave a more detailed account.

“My mother and father went to the lease and painted the rock in either 1983 or 1984,” Perry wrote. “This occurred after I paid a visit to the property with a friend and saw the rock with the offensive word. After my visit I called my folks and mentioned it to them, and they painted it over during their next visit.”

“Ever since, any time I ever saw the rock it was painted over,” Perry said.

Doesn’t this remind you of the proctological examinations that the Washington Post did of candidate Barack Obama? Such as his relations with the Reverend Wright?

But the Washington Post will stop at nothing to ferret out the truth:

Perry’s version of events differs in many respects from the recollections of seven people, interviewed by The Washington Post, who spoke in detail of their memories of seeing the rock with the name at various points during the years that Perry was associated with the property through his father, partners or his signature on a lease.

Some who had watched Perry’s political ascent recalled their reaction to the name on the rock and their worry that it could become a political liability for Perry.

In fact, they were so worried they immediately took their concerns to the Washington Post.

“I remember the first time I went through that pasture and saw that,” said Ronnie Brooks, a retired game warden who began working in the region in 1981 and who said he guided three or four turkey shoots for Rick Perry when Perry was a state legislator between 1985 and 1990. “. . . It kind of offended me, truthfully.”

Brooks, who said he holds Perry “in the highest esteem,” said that at some point after Perry began bringing lawmakers to the camp, the rock was turned over. Brooks could not recall exactly when. He said he did not know who turned the rock over.

Note that nothing that Mr. Brooks said contradicts Gov. Perry’s claims. Lest we forget, Mr. Perry said the rock was painted over in 1983 and "eventually turned over."

Another local who visited the property with Perry and the legislators in those years recalled seeing the rock with the name clearly visible.

“I thought, ‘This is going to embarrass Rick some day,’ ” said this person, who did not want to be named, fearing negative consequences from speaking on the subject

Apparently, the Post couldn’t even make up find an anonymous source to contradict Mr. Perry.

This story is based on interviews with more than two dozen people, including residents, hunters, ranchers, government officials and others who live in Haskell County, where Perry’s boyhood home of Paint Creek is found; in neighboring Throckmorton County, where the hunting camp is located; and elsewhere in Texas.

There were so many people who wanted to talk about this rock, the Washington Post lost count.

Most of those interviewed requested anonymity because they fear being ostracized or other repercussions in their small community. Some are supporters of Perry, whose parents still live in Paint Creek.

Others, both Democrats and Republicans, are not. Several spoke matter-of-factly about the hunting camp and its name and wondered why it held any outside interest.

And yet none of this group said what the Washington Post wanted to be said.

Of those interviewed, the seven who said they saw the rock said the block-lettered name was clearly visible at different points in the 1980s and 1990s. One, a former worker on the ranch, believes he saw it as recently as 2008

And out of these more than twenty-four people who came forward to reveal this hate crime, the Post could not find one person to go on record to make these claims.

By the way, note how even the Post doesn’t claim that the word was not painted over. They just say the word was visible.

The rock remained by the gate, the name brushed with a thin coat of white paint. The paint was slightly faded, according to the person who saw it recently.

“That’s something that sticks in my memory,” this person said. “It was kind of a sloppy job. It wasn’t doing what it was intended to do.”

Of course, the folks at the Washington Post are experts at whitewashing. So we can see how this would offend them.

As recently as this summer, the rock was still there, according to photographs viewed by The Washington Post.

In the photos, it was to the left of the gate. It was laid down flat. The exposed face was brushed clean of dirt. White paint, dried drippings visible, covered a word across the surface. An N and two G’s were faintly visible

Show us the photo!

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, October 3rd, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

12 Responses to “WP Reveals Painted Over Rock At Perry Club”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Negro Bill Canyon (Nigger Bill)

    http://www.utahredrocks.com/hike_negro_bill.htm http://g.co/maps/mwbdv

    But it’s okay for the mountain bike, Polar Fleece, I’m So Diversity Boulder Subaru and Latte crowd to exult in Negro Bill Canyon where they play to their heart’s content (often on federal loans for college), trashing the place, demanding paved parking lots, handrails,, proper toilets and modern daily trash pickup.

    These liberal farkwads are clueless that mountain bikes contain metal, which has to be mined by evil mining companies (often titanium); that Polar Fleece is made of Polyethylene terephthalate – which ain’t natural, dude …. that energy bars are made in factories and come wrapped in aluminum lined plastic wrap (http://www.wendmag.com/greenery/2009/03/the-energy-bar-wrapper-dilemma/); that paved parking lots are a by-product of the evil petroleum conglomerates and that even handicap handrails are created out of durable man made materials which means, they’re not natural.

    But hey, Rick Perry’s family painting over an offending rock, why that’s something we should rise up in high dudgeon over. Run that Texan right out of town. Yessir. I am culturally sensitive I am.

  2. Tater Salad says:

    Here is the proof with pictures! Barack Obama is and has been “aligned” with the Black Panther Party all the time. Will the MSM, along with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson report this to the public? Here is the reason why Eric Holder did NOT follow up on the prosecution of the New Black Panther Party members during the Philadelphia voting intimidation fiasco during the Presidents 2008 election. As we all say, “the proof is in the pudding” and here is the proof! This is a “White-Hate” organization, through and through!


  3. kennyg7 says:

    It looks like the smear merchants have finally left Alaska! Speaking of smear merchants, it’s the only real jobs stimulated by the O .

  4. Melly says:

    Perry couldn’t see the rock b/c it was blocked by the smoke and cinders from the flaming cross LOL….sorry couldn’t resist. They are not going to be able to whitewash this one….there I go again…sorry. But, seriously, how many times has he past that rock? He was admired at first by so many because he “stuck to his guns.” Why doesn’t he stick to his rock? Hypocrisy I say!!!

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    Were’s PJ O’Rourke when you really need him?

  6. Petronius says:

    There are 1,641 people, 756 coyotes, and 912 square miles in Throckmorton County, Texas, and every inch of desert has its story to tell.

    The rock may date back to the Paleozoic era at the latest, perhaps first stumbled upon by a wandering conquistador, driven off course in his search for water, only to be rediscovered after some centuries by a wizened prospector, stopping to rest his burro for the night, and then by a lone pioneer family, their wagon wheel broken, scalped and left for dead by a marauding band of Comanche.

    Indeed, the provenance of this ancient “n—–head” rock might serve as the basis for a masterpiece of literature, if one only had time to pursue it properly, and a Mark Twain, Bret Harte, or Louis L’Amour to develop the story fully, giving it the careful treatment it so richly deserves.

    But somehow I doubt whether the Washington Post’s editors have the imagination for great art. Still, such a magnificent fuss over a painted-out word on the bottom of a rock in a desolate corner of the North Texas outback –– certainly that is the essence of great comedy.

  7. retire05 says:

    Rick Perry being the Governor of my state, I started reading the articles written about him about a month before he threw his hat in the right. On the Washington Compost, article after article (they seemed slightly fixated on Perry) were attempts at negative hit pieces. It seemed rather strange to me at the time since the Compost was not going after ALL the GOP candidates with such fervor.

    Then Perry’s grades from Texas A & M were leaked to the Huffington Post. Now this article about a rock that is who knows how old, with a word on it that is who knows how old or how long it was there, but NO PHOTOGRAPH, although the Compost claims to have “seen” the photographs of the rock.

    The left wing media has been digging around in Paint Creek, Texas for weeks, although they could never be bothered to interview the Palestinian drug dealer that Obama roomed with while at Columbia. And here’s the real mystery; why would the Compost do a story about a former Perry deer lease that was not even in the same county where Perry lived? Who told the Compost that Perry was ever on that lease? Who tipped them off to the rock? Why would the Compost talk to people in Throckmorton County when Perry lived in Haskell County? Did the story come from people in Throckmorton County the Compost would have no reason to talk to in the first place, or has the Compost hired private detectives to dig up these stories?

    Now, you are going to tell me that the Compost, who claims to have seen photos of the rock, do not have those photos in order to show us the horrible, racist N and two Gs still remaining? I smell a big, fat rat and it ain’t Rick Perry.

    Then, today, it hit me. I read a few weeks ago an article about how the Obama campaign is co-ordinating with some in the press to help Obama get re-elected, through daily phone calls and conferences. The Compost was one of the papers mentioned.

    Now, none of this surprises me. But what does surprise me is how Herman Cain reacted to the story. Mr. Cain was my first choice, before Perry got in the race, so I bumped him down to #2. But Cain threw down the race card yesterday, on more than one show, and then tried to walk back his statements today instead of saying that he did not have all the information when he made statements. But you can’t put that egg back in the shell once it’s broken.

    Cain is now off my list, completely. If he can’t wait until the entire facts of a story comes out, and instead trys to use a story rife with “anonymous” sources to bash an opponent, sorry, Mr. Cain, we get enough of that from the Democrats. We don’t need it from our own.

    • proreason says:

      Cain had a loose lip long before this story. Maybe a candidate can get away with spouting on topics he doesn’t know anything about when he is at 3%, but when he begins to shoot up in the polls, people will start paying attention to what he actually says, instead of what they imagine he thinks.

      His 9 9 9 plan is a fantasy as well. How is anyone going to sell a plan that raises taxes on the entire lower middle class, including a very high percentage of retirees, while lowering taxes dramatically on everybody in the upper brackets. Even if it made sense economicially, which it doesn’t, it couldn’t attract 25% of the country to vote for him. And beyond that, making taxes the centerpiece of an economic recovery plan is dumb. The problem is out of control government spending, not taxes.

      Cain may drift on in the teens for a while longer, but he isn’t going to wear well. Rush was also surprised today that Cain jumped on the Perry-is-a-racist bandwagon.

    • retire05 says:

      proreason, you’re right. And Cain, if he even looks like he is going to take the position of front runner will find out two things:

      a) the press is a fickel mistress and b) they will go after him with a vengence he cannot now possibly imagine. Cain will see his friends from grade school interviewed, stories about him will be twisted to mean something they are not, if he ever had an argument with a little girl in school the headline will read “Herman Cain Bullied Girls As A Young Man.”

      9-9-9? Does Herman Cain think that states are going to give up the only source they have of revenue that stays in the states, sales tax? Or does he think that we will be willing to pay 15-19% in sales tax?

      What did Rush say today?

    • proreason says:

      Rush’s comments on Cain.


      I don’t think Rush has said much about 9 9 9. If I’m right, that is damnation by no praise. I could be wrong, but my hunch is that Rush isn’t impressed with 9 9 9 or overly impressed with Cain himself, even though Cain is clearly conservative and a good self promoter.

      Another curious thing that I heard about Cain today is that he is spending October on his book tour more than on campaigning. It sounds so far-fetched that I’m wondering if it isn’t a rumor thrown out there to discredit him.

    • GetBackJack says:

      I have a simple and fool-proof method picking who I vote for. Whomever the MSM hates and slanders the hardest. That’s the candidate they fear the most, which is good enough for me.

  8. proreason says:

    “Whomever the MSM hates and slanders the hardest.”

    Since Sarah hasn’t decided to run yet, that would be Perry.

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