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The WP Sobs: Abdulmutallab Was Lonely

From a tear soaked Washington Post:

In this 2001 image made available on Monday Dec. 28 2009 by teacher Mike Rimmer, Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab front left, smiling, poses with anti-war campaigner Brian Haw in front of Britain’s Parliament with a group of fellow pupils from Lome’s International School, Togo, while on a school trip to London.

In online posts apparently by Detroit suspect, religious ideals collide

By Philip Rucker and Julie Tate
Tuesday, December 29, 2009; A01

The 23-year-old Nigerian man accused of the attempted Christmas Day bombing of an American airliner apparently turned to the Internet for counseling and companionship, writing in an online forum that he was "lonely" and had "never found a true Muslim friend."

"I have no one to speak too [sic]," read a posting from January 2005, when Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was attending boarding school. "No one to consult, no one to support me and I feel depressed and lonely. I do not know what to do. And then I think this loneliness leads me to other problems."

The Washington Post reviewed 300 online postings under the name "farouk1986" (a combination of Abdulmutallab’s middle name and birth year). The postings mused openly about love and marriage, his college ambitions and angst over standardized testing, as well as his inner struggle as a devout Muslim between liberalism and extremism. In often-intimate writings, posted between 2005 and 2007, he sought friends online, through Facebook and in Islamic chat rooms: "My name is Umar but you can call me Farouk." He often invited readers to "have your say" and once wrote, "May Allah reward you for reading and reward you more for helping."

A U.S. government official said late Monday that federal intelligence officials were reviewing the online postings but had not independently confirmed their authenticity… 

Taken together, the writings demonstrate an acute awareness of Western customs and a worldliness befitting Abdulmutallab’s privileged upbringing as a wealthy Nigerian banker’s son…

Fabrizio Cavallo Marincola, 22, who studied with Abdulmutallab at University College London, said Abdulmutallab graduated in May 2008 and showed no signs of radicalization or of links to al-Qaeda. "He always did the bare minimum of work," Marincola said of his classmate, who he said was nicknamed "Biggie."

"When we were studying, he always would go off to pray," Marincola continued. "He was pretty quiet and didn’t socialize much or have a girlfriend that I knew of."

As a student at the British boarding school in Togo, Farouk1986 wrote that he was lonely because there were few other Muslims. "I’m active, I socialise with everybody around me, no conflicts, I laugh and joke but not excessively," he wrote in one posting seeking counseling from online peers. "I will describe myself as very ambitious and determined, especially in the deen. I strive to live my daily live [sic] according to the quran and sunnah to the best of my ability. I do almost everything, sports, TV, books . . . (of course trying not to cross the limits in the deen)." The deen is a religious way of life.

In his January 2005 posting about his loneliness, Farouk1986 wrote about the tension between his desires and his religious duty of "lowering the gaze" in the presence of women. "The Prophet (S) advised young men to fast if they can’t get married but it has not been helping me much and I seriously don’t want to wait for years before I get married," he wrote.

At 18, he added, he had not started searching for prospective partners because of social norms such as having "a degree, a job, a house, etc. before getting married." But, he said, "my parents I know could help me financially should I get married, even though I think they are also not going to be in favour of early marriage."

He also wrote of his "dilemma between liberalism and extremism" as a Muslim. "The Prophet (S) said religion is easy and anyone who tries to overburden themselves will find it hard and will not be able to continue," he wrote in 2005. "So anytime I relax, I deviate sometimes and then when I strive hard, I get tired of what I am doing i.e. memorising the quran, etc. How should one put the balance right?"

In December 2005, Farouk1986 wrote that his parents were visiting him in London and that he was torn about whether he could eat meat with them. "I am of the view meat not slaughtered by Muslims . . . is haram [forbidden] for consumption unless necessary," he wrote. "My parents are of the view as foreigners, we are allowed to . . . eat any meat. It occured [sic] to me I should not be eating with my parents as they use meat I consider haram. But I fear this might cause division and other complicated family problems."

He pleaded: "Please respond as quickly as possible as my tactic has been to eat outside and not at home till I get an answer."

Abdulmutallab, the youngest of 16 children and the son of the second of his father’s two wives, was raised at the family home in Kaduna, a city in Nigeria’s Muslim-dominated north. At boarding school, Farouk was easygoing and studious, earning the sobriquet "Alfa," a local term for Muslim clerics, because of his penchant for preaching Islam to colleagues, according to family members.

"Farouk was a devoted Muslim who took his religion seriously and was committed to his studies," said an uncle. "He was such a brilliant boy and nobody in the family had the slightest thought he could do something as insane as this."

Although Farouk hardly ever stayed in Nigeria and would visit only for holidays, family members and neighbors on Ahman Pategi Street in the rich Unguwar Sarki neighborhood in Kaduna also said he was easygoing and passionate about Islam. "He was of course a very religious, polite and studious fellow," said a cousin, "but it was unthinkable that he would do anything close to attempting to bomb a plane."

Boo hoo.

Isn’t London chock full of radical Mosques and radical Muslims. And isn’t Mr. Abdulmutallab rich?

Why should he have been lonely?

He could have easily found a girlfriend a terrorist support group.


Just in case anyone ever thought there is any original reporting thinking from our media masters, here is this update from a similarly teary-eyed Associated Press:

Web posts suggest lonely, depressed terror suspect

By Jon Gambrell, Associated Press Writer

December 29, 2009

LAGOS, Nigeria – Internet postings purportedly written by a Nigerian charged with trying to bomb a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day suggest a fervently religious and lonely young man who fantasized about becoming a Muslim holy warrior.

Throughout more than 300 posts, a user named "Farouk1986" reflects on a growing alienation from his family, his shame over sexual urges and his hopes that a "great jihad" will take place across the world.

While officials haven’t verified that the postings were written by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, details from the posts match his personal history.

For example, the username also matches the alleged bomber’s middle name and birth year. Farouk1986 says he is from Nigeria, the home nation of the man who allegedly tried to bring down the Detroit-bound flight. And the suspect’s father says Abdulmutallab broke off ties with the family.

Those posts, beginning in 2005, show a teenager looking for a new life outside his boarding school and wealthy Nigerian family.

Most of all, they paint a portrait of someone who seems lost and needs someone to hear him.

The postings seem hastily written and are replete with spelling and grammar errors. In one, on Jan 28. 2005, he wrote: "i am in a situation where i do not have a friend, i have no one to speak too, no one to consult, no one to support me and i feel depressed and lonely. i do not know what to do."

The posts were made to an Islamic bulletin board called Gawaher, which literally translates from Arabic as "gems" or "jewels," but can also be read as "essence" or "spirit." …

Farouk1986 discussed growing up and preparing to leave his British boarding school in the African nation of Togo for college, which also matches Abdulmutallab’s personal history. However, educational pursuits appear to be overtaken by a growing fascination with religion, with posts going so far as to describe his own fantasies about holy war.

"I imagine how the great jihad will take place, how the muslims will win, insha Allah and rule the whole world, and establish the greatest empire once again!!!" reads one Feb. 20, 2005, post. The words "insha Allah" are the phonetic translation of the Arabic for "God willing."

"So usually my fa(n)tasies are about islamic stuff," he continued. "The bad part of it is sometimes the fantasies are a bit worldly rather than concentrating in the hereafter."

On Jan. 28, 2005, Farouk1986 said he was writing from Yemen, and that he was learning Arabic at the Sana’a Institute of Arabic Languages. Administrators at the school said Monday that its director, Muhammad al-Anisi, has spent two days being questioned by Yemeni security officials. He remained in custody Tuesday…

On Tuesday, Nigerian Information Minister Dora Akunyili told reporters that Abdulmutallab told his parents he wanted to study sharia law only a few months ago, something his father said he couldn’t do. Abdulmutallab responded by sending a text message from an unknown cell phone number saying he never would talk to his family again, Akunyili said.

In a series of exchanges which coincide with Abdulmutallab’s final year of high school in 2005, the writer also discusses his conflict between attending his high school prom and being a good Muslim. He has exchanges with other posters about proper Islamic dress, modern movies, marriage and his desire to learn Arabic…

Still, some of Farouk1986’s writings offer a hopeful tone. He writes about expecting to get over his loneliness when he attends university classes and joins local Islamic groups. He discusses television and soccer, but at one point gets upset after another person posts a sarcastic remark about soccer loyalties.

"I had butterflies going through my stomach reading that," Farouk1986 wrote. "I acted hypocritically? May Allah forgive me for that. I’m very sorry. Now i feel all bad. Maybe its time to say bye bye to this thread. I’m sorry if i offended anyone. Please all should forgive me."

When our media masters come up with a story, they sure stick to it.

But after all, they couldn’t blame this attack on poverty or even PTSD.

So what is left but loneliness?

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, December 29th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

22 Responses to “The WP Sobs: Abdulmutallab Was Lonely”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Poor lil Abu …….. come over here and hold this “Silhouette Target” protest poster in front of you. All your sorrows will disappear shortly and you can leave your loneliness behind you.

    • sheehanjihad says:

      Awwww! Here ya go little “undiebomber boy”……this is a new kind of phone you can call girls on! Noooooo, it’s not Motorola….or Nokia….it’s Mr. Mossberg! The new 590 A1 with that hard to get 3” magnum slug app!! Just talk into the “microphone” and you will see at least 72 girls real real soon who cant wait for you and your roasted weenie to show up! That’s it farook….hold the real long phone….now say Allah!

  2. VMAN says:

    MSNBC is following the WPs lead as I am sure the other bleeding heart libtards are doing.

  3. proreason says:

    If the world survives these guys, in a hundred years we will find out that all of the “religious passion” was because they weren’t able to get sex and were driven crazy because, unlike just a few decades ago they can’t escape, and can’t resist the constant sexual bombardment of modern communications.

    They are filled with rage at themselves for not being able to resist thier own natures, which the Mullahs utilize for their own devices by redirecting the rage at “evil” western cultures.

    Meanwhile, the Mullahs cavort into their 60’s and 70’s with the teenage girls that the nutters can’t get to, on penalty of death.

    • jobeth says:

      Pro, you forgot all the guilt that women play in this.

      Women are responsible for allowing these uncontrolled idiots to see an ankle exposed from under their burka. Women are the root of all their troubles.

      Surely they can’t be held responsible for controlling themselves. No…it’s the women and all the little girls who tempt them….Shame on them.


    • proreason says:

      Jobeth, my post is actually a rare serious one.

      And I don’t think women are involved in the problem, except as innocent bystanders.

      The problem is a combination of a Medieval ethic about sex (i.e., the one that was in place around the world prior to birth control that made it very difficult for men to have sex outside of marriage because of the risk of pregnancy), exacerbated by the Muslim world’s approach of hiding the women in burlap bags…..meeting the modern world of TV-induced hyper-sexuality head-on.

      The west has adapted by essentially removing all taboos on sex. Nowadays, 13 year old children have more sex than 23 year olds had 60 years ago. There are dozens of protection mechanisms, and even if a young girl has a baby, there isn’t much of a stigma attached to it. And even if the boys aren’t having sex that young, masturabation is hardly frowned on. Indeed, it’s encouraged by everything they see on the internet.

      But young Muslim men are in a much different situation than western boys. They can’t have sex with young Muslim girls, and they are made to feel ashamed of their urges. Not thinking about sex can kinda sorta work if you can manage to get into your mid-20’s without ever seeing a patch of bare skin. But nowadays, even Muslim boys can’t escape seeing half naked women on TV, and in every magazine and newspaper. Even with censorship, considering the internet and bootleg TV, 24×7 exposure to sexual and semi-sexual images is unavoidable. That combination of factors would put tremendous pressure on any young man, and my opinion is that it is more likely to account for the intense rage we see all the time than religious fervor. Having been a young male with a mother who was raised in a convent, and numerous relatives who were prists and nuns, I know that religious fervor doesn’t have a fraction of the motivating force that sex has.

    • jobeth says:

      Pro, Actually I was being serious as well…altho sarcastically.

      I understand your point that muslim males are denied normal urges that tend to convert into anger. They don’t have a corner on that market.

      As a conservative Baptist, I have seen some that see sin under every leaf and layer guilt over both males and females. The difference is we also expect our males to accept responsibility for their own urges for the most part,even with all the over expose bodies on TV, internet etc But I get your point that with a taboo, comes greater intensity of those urges. .

      I did argue with a family member sometime ago when he said “if a woman wears a bikini she is just asking for it, because a man can’t control himself”. Nonsense. She is stupid…He is criminal.

      My point was more to the fact that muslim men have been taught that women are responsible for tempting them so therefore bare all the responsibility for causing them to sin.

      Just look at what happens if a female is raped. SHE is banished from respectability at best and a victim of honor killing at worse, She must find at least 2 witnesses to vouch for her to get justice and even then is viewed as damaged goods. We know her chances of ever getting those witnesses. It almost never happens.

      Muslim men are taught women are “less than” and “unclean” (menses) and temping them to do evil. Even though it is they that are having the unclean thoughts.

      So I think women do play into all this in that muslim men are taught they bare no responsibility for their thoughts and actions…its the women that are to blame for it all. They tempt the males. Even though she may not even know it. With this mindset they have not had to develop boundaries for their behaviors and thoughts, And as you say become angry people.

      I liken them to spoiled rotten kids. Have you ever seen a spoiled rotten kid that was truly happy? They are almost always angry little people. What about the kids that have boundaries taught to them? Much more content and happy.

      In the end we agree for the most part. I just think their views of women and their not dealing with responsibility for their own behavior are also in the mix.

  4. proreason says:

    Pants-on-fire boy was put on the Brit’s watch list last May and the US was informed. According to an anonymous State Dept employee:

    “”I’m not saying that this kind of screw up might not have happened in the Bush Administration,” the State source says, referring to the Christmas Day snafu. “I’m just saying that a number of us were encouraged to have a different mindset about such intel and such individuals, and today, we are encouraged not to have that same mindset.”


  5. U NO HOO says:

    Has anyone mentioned that apparently the Patriot Act didn’t impinge on the Christmas Day (attempted) bomber’s rights to screw up.

  6. BigOil says:

    Abdul may have been shy around women in the past – but I doubt the weenie roast will improve his chances of finding a date.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      WOW! Tuff crowd .. I luv it. Weenie roast – lol, lol ..

      Say .. I wonder if we could get Bawnie Fwank to get a set of these panties?!?

  7. Chuckk says:

    Sounds like another repressed homosexual Muslim turning to terrorism.

  8. wirenut says:

    I beg to differ,with respect to all. I believe this all stems from a “taught” belief that all is hopeless. That you are not in control of your own destiny. You do not have a voice in your own affairs. Control is the key. Make women,western culture or an airplane a fixture of hate,and that is what the hopeless will destroy.
    Freedom breeds achievement, as accomplishment breeds success. If the oppressed buy into their tyrant’s rants we must kill their tyrants. Period! As far as the sex thing goes. A women in a “tater-sack” is about as appealing as a
    sack of taters in fishnet stockings. Haw!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      In reality, wn, you are very close, I believe. However, we all know that youth are impressionable. The need for approval, acceptance and understanding are at their absolute highest from the teen years to about 30, actually. It varies from person to person. And, in the very young, the needs are similar but different in that they need a lot of guidance. Teens do too, but it’s a different form of guidance.

      Given that this kid was already despondent and feeling abandoned, he was “ripe for the picking” to put it bluntly and a fire just waiting for the match to set it alight. Happens to kids all the time. Many posters here have pointed out key factors in the psychology of it all, making me believe that we as a people still have our fingers on the pulse of how best to raise kids.

      What this kid did was no different than any other kid who gets involved with a gang. The psychology is “in-your-face” obvious but the liberals want to politicize it, call it a “disease” and make sure that NOBODY is held accountable except the people who make so many damn rules.

      When I was a substitute teacher, having not been anywhere near a high school in 20 years, I noticed immediately how the word “discipline” had been confused with the word “cruelty’ to the point that the principal and staff teachers considered them synonyms. It frustrated and angered me. It also helped me decide that I wanted none of it.

      What they had done was to effectively remove the responsibility from being an adult and showing that actions have consequences, as well as not requiring the student who messed up to pay any kind of restitution for wrongdoing. They would go to in-school suspension and waste away the hours. No lecture, no staying after school as punishment, nothing.

      And parents were complicit in all this except the rarity where the kid would be grounded at home or have to do extra chores. But that was the exception, not the rule.

      So, with the 23 year old killer wanna-be, I’m sure there were many missed opportunities to guide him, teach and show him how to earn respect. Life is tough enough, especially as a young person, and made worse when they don’t get the guidance and discipline needed to make good decisions. It’s all very sad and now this messed up 23 year old is facing very serious consequences that will determine the rest of his life. That is, if the uber-left administration has any hangers left at all.

      I’m sure though, and I’ll bet money on this, that they will manipulate it such that he will get counseling, be afforded the opportunity to “explore” his religion, be monitored in a minimalistic fashion and will someday, disappear and then show up sometime later involved in yet another incident. You can almost paint this picture while blindfolded.

    • proreason says:

      Sure is tough to get a mad-on big enough to blow yourself up because you don’t feel in control of your own destiny.

      And where are the people who feel like they masters of their fate, anyway?.

      But lots of teenagers, even in the US commit suicide. I wonder what percentage of suicide victims are getting laid when they decide to end their own life. Uuuh, just a guess….0%?

      Children under 13 almost never kill themselves.

      “For children under age 15, about 1-2 out of every 100,000 children will commit suicide. For those 15-19, about 11 out of 100,000 will commit suicide.” http://www.klis.com/chandler/pamphlet/dep/Suicide.htm And you can bet that of that 1-2, .999 to 1.999 are 13 to 15.

      But maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with puberty and sexuality. Yeh, it’s probably just kids tuning in to being powerless.

      (PS: I’m not letting the Mullahs and grown-up haters off the hook. All I’m saying is that Muslim kids are particularaly vulnerable because of that religion’s archaic approach to sexuality, which makes it easy to expoit them and twist their natural anger and frustration into hatred of other religions and western culture.)

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Pro, yes but…..

      as you know, there are so many ways to screw up a kid. There are plenty of them around. So many in fact that in 20 years, the problems we have now are going to be ten times worse because their kids will be out free to wreak havoc on society. About 1955, the reigns of child rearing were gradually slipped from the parents. Thank you, Dr Spock. Yet another set of “good intentions” resulting in the validation of the “laws of unintended consequences”.

      Imagine, it’s 1941. And, the youth are as they are today. The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. There would be the initial rush of enlistment, but that would taper off quickly and then all but stop. The vast majority of kids would have no desire nor see the need to become something bigger than themselves. And the outcome of the war would be very different.

      Heck, even during WWII, labor unions often hamstrung the greater need. Not that their arguments weren’t legitimate but they held the people’s feet to the fire often enough. But by today’s standards, nobody would work longer hours without huge compensation.

      As an amateur in most everything, but being able to observe and then learn, the current “generation gap” is the worst ever. It’s been bolstered by propaganda TV where kids are the smart ones and adults are made to look stupid all the time. Compare that with Ozzy and Harriet, Father Knows Best, etc. of the 1950’s. A reflection of society or an influence to same?

      I’m not sure either way.

      The kid’s “mad” as you refer to is the result of cultivating that anger and steering it by using his own intellect against him. It’s behavior modification and psychologists use it to help young people channel their frustrations into something positive. As a former “angry young teen” I had to learn proper outlets for my frustrations and steer them toward something positive, instead of making trouble. Yes, I always lost when I chose “trouble”. By 16 I was on the right track and realized that things come at their own pace but that I had to be patient and let the world turn, for I was certainly not going to turn it.

      When active duty, I was frequently recognized by my superiors for helping new troops acclimate to military life. People who might otherwise have been drummed out for disciplinary reasons. I won a few, lost a few but was glad to be able to help. Sometimes, all a kid needs is a friend. Once that’s satisfied, they then feel more confident to try things on their own.

      This kid who wanted to blow himself and the airplane up has been screwed up. Yes, he made choices and has to answer for that. That’s the upshot of the whole thing. He’s a criminal and a terrorist. But lurking behind the shadows, as we all know are the real masters of evil. The people who recruit, indoctrinate and warp these people’s minds using their sexual frustration, insecurity, hormones going into the red, etc. They know how to do it very very well. Been going on for centuries.

      Hopefully, we can figure out a way to stop those people as well as stop the perpetrators of the actual events. Otherwise it’s just cockroaches in the kitchen. You may get one or two, but you have to find where they’re coming from and get rid of the ones laying eggs. A daunting task to say the least. But the Obama administration is not up to the task, as it’s not up to any task of any size. The healthcare debacle tells me they cannot assess anything correctly, do not plan or do not care about consequences of any kind and are just generally very selfish while using manipulation tactics to keep naysayers silent and shaming them into same.

      Pathetic. This will result in having to be very heavy-handed in the future with foreign governments, which will increase our national security but will further destroy our likability by many nations. Unfortunate, but necessary. However we were able to undo most of the Carter damage and will most likely be able to undo the Obama damage, though we will be digging out of a deeper hole than ever before. It will definitely be a test of this nation’s resiliency.

  9. wirenut says:

    Rusty, I value your posts, as well as others here, for the info I can glean.Your 8:17 pm post is a B.Obama testimonial.
    Think about it? The boy/child never had the “American Experience”. No chores, No Father, No paper route, No BB-gun, No bicycle, No 9th grade dance, No Father, No Homecomeing, No Prom. I could go on and on.
    This puppet is Not an American. If not by birth, than by experience.

    Pro, meet me at the frig. I drink we need to think about it.

  10. wirenut says:

    It’s only vanishing because we allow it to, and nobody taught me how to throw like a girl either.
    I had a Dad, and an American Experience. Screw barry.

  11. U NO HOO says:

    Bobby Vinton was lonely but he didn’t try to kill people, he wrote a song.

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