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WP Sobs: Calamities Upend Obama’s Second Term

From the Washington Post:

From Newtown to Navy Yard, unpredictable calamities upend Obama’s second term

By David Nakamura | September 16, 2013

President Obama hoped to seize control of the news cycle Monday. Instead, events overtook him and his message again.

As reports broke of a deadly shooting rampage at the Navy Yard, three miles from the White House, the president was forced to alter his script.

Luckily, the ongoing tragedy didn’t prevent Obama from launching into a tasteless and untrue partisan political attack on the Republicans in Congress.

Over the past three weeks, his muddled response to reports of chemical weapons use in Syria has distracted the administration from looming fights with Congress over the budget and debt ceiling.

Isn’t that a ‘calamity’ of Obama’s own making?

But what the Washington Post is really furious about here is that the Syrian debacle and now the Navy Yard shooting have kept Obama from using the phony threat of a government shutdown to hammer the Republicans in the run up to the midterms. Which was the whole purpose of his speech yesterday.

This time, Obama was forced to rewrite prepared remarks at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, where he was set to talk about the five-year anniversary of the stock market collapse and frame the fiscal debates ahead…

And warn the country that the Republicans want to destroy his brilliant economic recovery.

Obama’s second term has been buffeted from the start by unpredictable calamities that have helped scuttle his priorities.

Unlike other Presidents, who have never had to face calamities and change their priorities. Like that lucky George Bush, who had smooth sailing for eight straight years.

In December, a mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., that left 26 people dead, including 20 children, prompted the newly reelected president to focus on an unsuccessful attempt to pass gun-control legislation ahead of other priorities.

In many ways, Obama has yet to recover from that early-second-term loss. Immigration reform, which was supposed to be Obama’s top domestic priority, is stalled in the Republican-controlled House…

So Newtown was an even bigger tragedy than just the loss of 26 lives. It hurt Obama’s agenda.

A budget standoff in the spring led the White House to accept mandatory, across-the-board spending cuts that have forced federal agencies to scale back programs.

Isn’t that another self-inflicted ‘calamity,’ since the ‘sequester’ was Obama’s brilliant idea?

And escalating violence in Egypt and Syria has led to renewed questions about Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East…

Aren’t those all ‘calamities’ of Obama’s own making, too?

In his remarks on the economy, which went on for more than 3,800 words, Obama said: “This country has worked too hard for too long to dig out of a crisis just to see their elected representatives here in Washington purposely cause another crisis. Let’s stop the threats. Let’s stop the political posturing.”

You first!

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One Response to “WP Sobs: Calamities Upend Obama’s Second Term”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Sitting in a puddle making mud pies whining about the mess.

    One of the best spiritual lessons I ever inhaled and made my own was “when you finally wake up, you’ll realize it’s been you pinching yourself all this time crying out how much your pain hurts. When you see that your pain will stop when you quit pinching yourself, it is a shocking moment of awareness. Quit pinching yourself and you’ll laugh yourself sane.”

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