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WP: The Dems Want To Go Over The Fiscal Cliff

From the Washington Post:

Do Democrats actually want to go over the fiscal cliff?

by Chris Cillizza | December 3, 2012

Over the last 96 hours, it’s become abundantly clear that any post-election momentum that was building for a deal to avert the fiscal cliff has abated and we are, in the words of House Speaker John Boehner, at a “stalemate”.

The more intriguing — and harder to answer — question is whether deadlock is right where Democrats want things to be and whether the President’s party has any real interest in finding common ground before Dec. 31.

Republicans have whispered for weeks now that they believe Democrats and the White House want to go over the fiscal cliff and that the President’s initial offer late last week — $1.6 trillion in revenue increases, $400 billion in entitlement cuts, $50 billion in stimulus spending and the ceding of the power to raise the debt limit to the executive branch — is blunt evidence that the White House is interested in making it appear as though they are willing to deal without actually being willing to deal…

All of which we have been saying for some days now. Almost word for word.

[T]he Democratic strategist set insists that their side isn’t interested in taking the leap — although they quickly note that if that was to happen, the party would be in position to benefit politically.

“I don’t believe the Dems want to go over the fiscal cliff — don’t believe it at all,” said Democratic strategist Paul Begala. “But they are prepared for it, and are in a better position than the Republicans should it occur.” …

In a poll conducted by the Washington Post and Pew just after the election a majority (53 percent) said that Republicans in Congress would be to blame if the fiscal cliff was breached while just 29 percent said President Obama would bear the blunt of the blame. A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll conducted in the middle of last month showed similar data; 45 percent said congressional Republicans would be to blame for a fiscal cliff failure while 34 percent would blame President Obama

In other words, the polls show that Republicans would be blamed. So what do the Democrats have to worry about?

This article goes on to cite two more Republican strategists about the dangers of going off the cliff. But there are no Democrats cited. So they don’t seem to be especially concerned.

And the article ends:

While polling today suggests that Democrats win if the country goes off the cliff, who knows what the next month might do to public opinion or, more importantly, how a massive drop in the stock market or predictions of recession might impact the political blame game. And, if there’s one thing politicians — in both parties — hate more than anything, it’s an uncertain outcome with (potentially) disastrous impact on them…

In other words, while all of the polls say Democrats will win if the country goes over the fiscal cliff, Cillizza is worried that they might get some of the blame if the country goes into another recession.

But when has the last time that Democrats were blamed for any of the problems facing the country? Not since the early 1960s. And it won’t happen again any time soon. Not with the news media of today.

No, the Democrats have nothing to worry about when it comes to going over the fiscal cliff. There is no downside for them.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, December 4th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

3 Responses to “WP: The Dems Want To Go Over The Fiscal Cliff”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Steve is right, of course.

    This is what they want

    Either destroy the productive capacity of the Nation (or) cripple Congress so no budget can be arrived at … Emergency Spending means more graft, corruption and theft.

  2. mr_bill says:

    I’m coming around to the point that perhaps widespread misery, chaos, failure, and suffering is just what this country needs to remind it that liberal utopia only exists in theoretical discussions over bong hits at college Young Democrat get-togethers. How many times do you tell a child that something is hot before you let them touch it and find out for themselves? How many times do you have to explain to a liberal that their entire outlook is wrong before you let them do it and find out how disastrous it really is?

    • mr_bill says:

      I would add that tax increases are coming, period. If Boehner (Captain Cave Man, emphasis on Cave) folds and accepts a deal from nerobama, we all get higher taxes. If Congress stalls past the deadline, we all get higher taxes. The short-sighted, easy folding RINOs in our party put us all in this no-win position with their lack of any thought to strategy or tactics. The rest of this is an argument over whether the chaise lounge will get more sun on the port or starboard side of the Titanic. Oh, and don’t forget all the looming new taxes in obamacare. You might want to go ahead and take that vacation cruise now, while you can still afford it.

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