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WP: The Sequester Hits Baseball’s Opening Day!

From the Washington Post:

Sequester hits baseball Opening Day festivities

By Josh Hicks | April 1, 2013

Baseballs weren’t the only thing taking a hit Monday when America’s pastime restarted with Opening Day. The sequester robbed several teams of the military flyovers they had scheduled for their first home games.

The Air Force halted plans for a Monday flyover at Target Field in Minneapolis, where the Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers kicked off the season..

The Marine Corps called off a flyover for the San Diego Padres’ home opener on Saturday, and the Air Force canceled support for Saturday’s opening night for the Los Angeles Angels, according to Defense Department spokeswoman Jennifer Elzea.

The cuts that took effect March 1 require the Defense Department to trim $41 million from its budget. The Pentagon decided to cease all air shows — including the flyovers that traditionally take place during service-academy graduation ceremonies — as part of its plan to absorb the cuts.

That means the Navy Blue Angels and the Air Force Thunderbirds will sit mostly idle for the remainder of the fiscal year, with the exception of limited training activities, according to Defense officials…

Clearly the Washington Post is devastated about these terrible losses to our national pastime, due to the evil Republican’s senseless sequester cuts.

And never mind that, just three months ago, we noted that the same Washington Post had a blistering op-ed attacking the ‘militarization’ of our sporting events, such as the Super Bowl.

From the Washington Post:

When we cheer for our team, do we have to cheer for America, too?

By Tricia Jenkins | January 31, 2013

The customary flyover by fighter jets may be absent from this weekend’s Super Bowl; after all, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans is covered. But a military color guard will be on the field during the pregame ceremonies. CBS will cut to shots of troops watching the game overseas. Veterans will be recognized on the stadium’s video boards. And flag imagery will abound, as will stirring renditions of the national anthem and, most likely, “America the Beautiful.”

Sports games — some of the only events that lead Americans to set their differences aside and sit down and watch together — have become stages for large-scale patriotic theater. This is no accident; many of the militaristic rituals we see in stadiums and arenas across the country were deliberately designed to promote unity during times of crisis. But they’ve stuck around far longer than needed, making sports feel less like pastimes than pep rallies for our military or a particular war

Sure, it’s a thrill for fans in the stadium. But such vaudeville quiets political dissent…

This militarized pageantry seems here to stay — sports franchises benefit too much from the cheap thrills and public relations opportunities it affords. The military covers the costs of flyovers and paratroopers by logging those events as training exercises, and it hopes the theatrics will result in recruitment boosts…

So how come the Washington Post isn’t cheering that now baseball fans will finally be free to engage in political dissent?

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2 Responses to “WP: The Sequester Hits Baseball’s Opening Day!”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Well, I for one have never been comfortable conflating our military presence with our national past times.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Did anyone propose a flyover of Air Force 1 with Dinglebarry performing
    a short bus window kiss?

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