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WP Warns Top Dems About ‘Spending Problem’

From the Washington Post:

The growing debate over whether Washington has a ‘spending problem’

By Sean Sullivan and Aaron Blake | February 15, 2013

Ask any Republican about government spending, and you’re virtually assured of receiving the same reaction: It needs to be reined in — big time. Ask a Democrat, and the answer is increasingly difficult to predict.

In the past week, leading Democrats have answered the question of whether Washington has a spending problem in conflicting ways, with at least two big names offering forceful arguments that Washington doesn’t have a spending problem.

This article doesn’t even mention Harry Reid, who has led the charge with his absurd claims.

But doing so not only risks putting them at odds with the GOP, but with the majority of Americans, too.

What’s this? The Washington Post is admitting that the American public thinks we have a spending problem?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told “Fox News Sunday” last weekend that “it is almost a false argument to say that we have a spending problem,” even as she cited a budget deficit “problem” that needs to be addressed. It’s what the government is spending money on that matters, Pelosi argued, rather than total spending. “It isn’t as much a spending problem as it is a priorities — and that is what a budget is: setting priorities,” she said.

In that same interview, Ms. Pelosi also claimed that we don’t need the sequester because Congress has already cut non-defense spending by $1.7 trillion dollars. Which is also insane, since there have not been any cuts in spending under Obama, outside of the military.

In light of Pelosi’s remark, White House press secretary Jay Carney was asked the next day whether the president believes there is a spending problem, and he responded: “Of course the president believes that we have a spending problem.” The root of that problem, Carney argued, is the cost of health care, which Obama sought to address with his 2010 reform law.

This is the very claim that so gobsmacked John Boehner, when Obama told him this during their last negotiations. How can you have an adult conversation, let alone a serious debate, with people who are so deluded?

Then, on Thursday, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) said: “I want to disagree with those who say we have a spending problem.” Rather, he argued, “it’s because we have a mis-allocation of capital, a mis-allocation of wealth.”

You see? We really have a redistribution of wealth problem. Too many of the wrong people are still being allowed to keep some of what they earn.

For Democrats, sounding like Pelosi and Harkin is a politically risky proposition. Polling shows the American public clearly thinks the country has a spending problem. Nearly nine in 10 said reducing spending should be a high priority for Obama and Congress, according to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, and nearly half of Americans said it should be among the highest priorities. Similarly, more than seven in 10 Americans in a recent Pew Research Center survey said reducing the budget deficit is a top priority…

Again, this is from the Washington Post.

Which is all the more reason why Obama has to be ever more careful when he talks about spending than Pelosi or Harkin. Harkin is about to retire, and Pelosi is the leader of a House Democratic Caucus that has grown increasingly liberal as recent elections have decimated the ranks of Blue Dog Democrats.

But Obama is the president, and as such, has to answer to a much broader cross-section of Americans…

Well, he has been warned. And by his own ‘hometown’ newspaper.

Still, just pause for a minute and ponder how absurd it is that the Washington Post has to warn these top Democrats about how out of touch they are. That is quite appalling.

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One Response to “WP Warns Top Dems About ‘Spending Problem’”

  1. captstubby says:

    Nearly nine in 10 said reducing spending should be a high priority for Obama and Congress,

    so thats why they voted the same guy who caused it back into office?
    there has to be something in the water,

    this is why Sen. Marco Rubio drank bottle water
    and the Democrats are afraid the word got out.

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