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WP: Why Boehner Decided To Cave On Debt Vote

From a highly amused Washington Post:

How John Boehner decided to give up on the debt limit fight

By Robert Costa | February 11, 2014

This week’s debt-limit drama ended as it began: with House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), standing alone before his colleagues, seeking consensus but receiving only silence and stares in return. The scene happened Tuesday morning at the Capitol Hill Club, where House Republicans had gathered for a private breakfast. After listening to a handful of colleagues flatly discuss fundraising strategy for 30 minutes, Boehner stood up, walked past dozens of sleepy, coffee-sipping Republicans and tersely woke up the room with an update.

“Listen – we’re going to move forward,” Boehner said. Instead of bringing up the leadership’s plan, which would link a restoration of recently cut military benefits to a debt-ceiling extension, he would push a “clean” bill, averting default more than two weeks before the Treasury Department’s debt-limit deadline.

“We’re going to get this done,” Boehner continued, according to several people present for his remarks. No strings attached, he added….He was going to do what he thought was best for the GOP, in spite of the widespread angst.

After all, the Republican base doesn’t care about runaway spending. And they certainly don’t want the Republicans to use the only tool they have to try to curb it.

Ahead of the midterm elections, Boehner argued that now is not the time to get drawn into weeks of dramatic headlines and fiscal battles with President Obama. “We’re not going to make ourselves the story,” he said. He spoke about the need for the party to not get mired in damaging endeavors.

It’s ‘on to the next battle!’ Which they will also duck.

Boehner’s delivery was crisp; his decision was final.

The room of Republicans sat up, stunned that Boehner was abruptly shifting away from the leadership’s plan, which had been championed 12 hours earlier at a Monday night meeting in the Capitol basement.

But there were no outcries or boos. A few members whispered to each other that Boehner was right, that due to conservative opposition to any hike, he was cornered.

Sure they did. It’s always the Tea Party’s fault.

But they didn’t speak up or clap. Boehner just stood there for a moment after he finished, eyed the room, and walked toward his seat. On his way there, Boehner shook his head, then turned to the nearly mute crowd and wondered aloud why he wasn’t getting applause. “I’m getting this monkey off your back and you’re not going to even clap?” Boehner asked, scowling playfully at some tea-party favorites.

We are supposed to be outrage at Obama bypassing Congress. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is bypassing its base.

In a second, attendees snapped back and dozens of them applauded, but there were no cheers. “There was, how do I say it, a polite golf clap,” one House GOP veteran said. “But that, thank God, was the end.” …

It may well be their end, if this is their attitude to opposing the Democrats.

Ten minutes later, as he departed, Boehner started to sing a ditty. “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-a,” he said. “Plenty of sunshine coming my way.”

Members of the press and a handful of aides watching the speaker leave were bemused by his dark, singsong humor. Boehner winked and hustled out, having endured an awkward morning, but with a crisis avoided.

Goodbye, Mr. Boehner. Don’t think it hasn’t been fun. Because it hasn’t.

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8 Responses to “WP: Why Boehner Decided To Cave On Debt Vote”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Ahead of the midterm elections, Boehner argued that now is not the time to get drawn into weeks of dramatic headlines and fiscal battles with President Obama. “We’re not going to make ourselves the story,” he said. He spoke about the need for the party to not get mired in damaging endeavors.

    This——THIS is where the problem lays.

    This squish…this COWARD of a “man” who is more concerned with what the media and that idiot who sits in the president’s chair will say than to stand up and protest loudly and clearly what is WRONG with that the GOVERNMENT is doing.

    Quisling comes to mind. Colluding with the enemy of the people to further destroy whatever is left of our system.

    When Boner first spoke a few days ago about not passing legislation because D’oh-bama couldn’t be trusted to uphold the law, it actually said TWO things: Yes, it was an acknowledgement of an unlawful presidency but just under that is the UNWILLINGNESS to fight. If one has no fight in them, then they automatically LOSE. Not just once in awhile but EVERY time. (yes, I’m yelling)

    Can you imagine Boner as an offensive coordinator for an NFL team? (Well, no neither can I but just imagine….Head coach consults and says, “Well, John, what’ya think?”. And John says, “Well, we can’t trust those defensive linemen…..and it looks like we’re not gonna make it to the goal line anyhow…so….I say we go to the locker room and suck our thumbs.”

    Who knows…..maybe it was John Boeher running the offense for Denver last week.

    But-how-in-the-hell can you ever win if you don’t even show UP?

    We have just crossed over into—-The Twilight Zone.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Don’t try a better Comment. Rusty wins this one.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:


      These words, so often spoken in our “new society” brought to us by one so very famous as Lyndon Banes Johnson who inherited the presidency of this once great nation and who brought to us the opening of the floodgates of our national bank account to give to the unproductive, spenders of our gold and which resulted in the very tempestuous relationship which we, the people now have with our government.

      As it has come to pass, we are now in a phase of our relationship that has come to irreconcilable differences and, as is the case with so many marital relationships, money problems are the root and key to the issue(s) at hand. Our governing bodies, the executive, legislative and legal cannot seem to control the spending, wanting to “be liked” by all the people, all of the time, have raised our debt to an uncontrollable level, using illegal and outside sources to finance it; in effect, going to “the mob” (China) for ready cash to buy even more frivolous things, to finance more unemployment and more debt, has thus resulted in the final conclusion that I have to now utter:


      I want to be separated, complete and whole from my government. From an entity that has neither compassion nor will-power to allow me to function in my day-to-day activities without demanding more and more money from the wages which I earn just to survive and live out my days in peace.

      Every time I turn around, they want more. And every time I give them more, I find they have spent it on welfare whores and “other prostitutes” (this “green program” and that, government boondoggles and flat out pyramid schemes) with no hope of ANY return on the money wasted. There appears no indication that the other entity in this relationship, heretofore known as “government” has any intention of stopping (or even curbing) this behavior in any way.

      Thus, again, I must sue for divorce from said government. Much the same way that Mssrs Madison, Washington, & Jefferson et al did so in the summer of our Lord, 1776 in order to preserve the rights and freedoms given to us by same. Rights that this government has no intention of protecting any longer, as is their charter and their responsibility as written and guided by The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights, written and agreed to by the people’s representatives in 1787 and 1791, respectively.

      It is therefore the conclusion of this citizen, this individual, this entity of personal freedom that all relationships between myself and said government, legal or otherwise be DISSOLVED.

      Naturally, like any divorce, the proceedings will most likely be messy and there might even be bloodshed. But I will fight you at every turn, every point you, the government try to bring up on the simple grounds that you, the GOVERNMENT have not lived up to your part of the agreement as laid forth by said documents. It is as simple as that. Yet, over the past 227 years, but more specifically over the past 46 to 55 years, you, the government, have usurped and manipulated the rule of law to suit not the people of this nation, but yourselves either as individual representatives or as a collective body.

      Most recently, you, the government, have taken over 1/6 of the economy of this nation for your own purposes, resulting in chaos for those people and usurping their rights to their own money and property. AND~~~~that the people’s elected officials, KNOWING FULL WELL that this activity was passed into law under nefarious and illegal means, allowed its emplacement and activity WITHOUT PROTEST in spite of the people’s EXTREME DISAGREEMENT with the law.

      Therefore, you are in extreme violation of the laws of this nation and thus, are no longer the active representation of WE THE PEOPLE due to your illegal and unauthorized activity.

      I, me, the individual, can see no reconciliation.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Boehner as a head coach won’t even have an offense. He would have a punter, and a defense. He would tell them to keep backing up and stand firm at the goal line, then call in and say, “You know what, they are probably going to score anyway, so just let ’em, don’t worry, we will get the ball back.”

  2. mr_bill says:

    10 years ago (when US debt was about $4 trillion), if anybody had proposed raising the debt limit to 17 trillion dollars, they’d have been laughed out of DC. Even during nerobama’s first term, it would have been labeled ludicrous to suggest such an increase. But here we are. It’s this creeping incrementalism that has brought us to where we are. “We can’t make the story about us before this election” or “this one is a small increase, we’ll fight the next one” are the exact reasons why we’re at this point. If you don’t make a stand somewhere, what’s the point of believing in anything at all? Go sit on the bench and watch, let somebody who cares step in and work on the problem.

    “Listen – we’re going to move forward. “We’re going to get this done.” Only a greasy slimeball career politician can make it sound like surrender is some sort of accomplishment to strive towards. Nevil Chamberlain would blush at such blatant capitulation. At the next election, let’s help retire the Speaker so he can go home and sell some used cars.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I doubt he could sell any; He’d be too afraid of the customers.

    • canary says:

      “Listen – we’re going to move forward.” The liberal’s slogan is enough to stun a Republican crowd.

      When will they get tired of the Washington Post’s self-anointed Republican spy Robert Costa. He probably stuck an eye sized button camera on Boehner when they hugged before the meeting.

  3. BillK says:

    So why bother voting for any GOP candidate if the leadership is just going to do the Democrats’ bidding anyway?

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