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WP/ABC Poll: 48.56% Obama, 48.49% Romney

From the Washington Post:

WaPo-ABC tracking poll: Presidential contest as close as close can be

by Jon Cohen | November 1, 2012

The race for the White House remains steadily and extraordinarily competitive in its final days, with President Obama and Mitt Romney continuing to run neck-and-neck in the Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll.

In the latest release, 49 percent of likely voters across the country back Obama, 48 percent his Republican challenger. It’s an identical 49 to 48 percent looking across eight states identified as “tossups” by The Washington Post…

Which is not what the news media and the rest of the Obama re-election team are saying about the toss-up states.

Nationally, in 10 out of 11 releases of the tracking poll, the two presidential contenders have been separated by no more than a single percentage point. Seven times the gap between the two has been less than 1 percent, when looking at the fractional differences.

Of course, no poll, however well conducted, offers decimal-point-level precision, but the closeness is exceptional. In addition to two numerical ties across the tracking poll, on two other occasions, including this release, there was less than 10/100th of a percentage point of difference. What today rounds to 49 to 48 percent is really 48.56 for Obama and 48.49 for Romney.

Hilarious. As if they can really get into decimal points. Especially in a poll that has a margin of error of plus or minus six percentage points.

Both campaigns have focused their resources in these [swing] states, although in recent days the competitive landscape may have expanded…

That’s quite an admission to just mention in passing.

Looking across all waves of the tracking poll, swing state likely voters who said they had already voted or planned to cast early ballots break for Obama, 57 to 42 percent; those who said they would wait until Tuesday side with Romney, 54 to 43 percent…

This is not reflected in the reports from Gallup and Pew, which put Romney comfortably ahead in early voting.

But the Post also says that those who will vote on Tuesday side with Romney, 54% to 43%.

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2 Responses to “WP/ABC Poll: 48.56% Obama, 48.49% Romney”

  1. Astravogel says:

    Drudge Report has an article on the Income Tax Form for Obamacare we’ll have
    to fill out. Another reason to go vote on Tuesday! Horrid form. Heck with getting
    the U.S. out of the U.N. get what was OUR government out of our lives!!!

  2. Right of the People says:

    With their classic oversamping of Dems over Republicans that means in reality Romney is ahead 52.9988 to Obi-I-Won’s 44.0012 with the rest voting for either their favorite pet or houseplant.

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