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WP/ABC Poll: For 1st Time Romney Leads Obama

From ABC News:

Romney Hits the 50 Percent Mark, With a Clear Edge on the Economy

By Gary Langer | Thu October 25, 2012

Mitt Romney has seized further advantage on economic issues at the core of the 2012 campaign, taking him to 50 percent support among likely voters vs. 47 percent for Barack Obama – Romney’s highest vote-preference result of the contest to date.

On Monday this same tracking poll had Obama at 49 percent, and Romney at 48.

And, for the record, this poll oversampled Democrats among likely voters by 4%. (Dem/Rep/Ind = 34/30/31%.)

The difference between the two candidates is within the margin of sampling error in the latest ABC News/Washington Post daily tracking poll, and their individual support levels have not significantly changed…

Have you ever noticed that whenever a mainstream media poll shows Romney ahead, they are always careful to point out that the lead is within their margin of error?

This poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, finds that likely voters now pick Romney over Obama in trust to handle the economy by 52-43 percent – the first time either candidate has held a clear lead over the other on this central issue.

Equally important, Romney has erased Obama’s customary advantage on which candidate better understands the economic problems of average Americans. Today, 48 percent pick Obama, 46 percent Romney – essentially a dead heat. Yesterday and today mark the first time in the campaign that Obama hasn’t had at least a marginally significant lead on economic empathy

By the way, Independents now side with Romney in record highs on both the economy (61 to 34 percent) and on understanding people’s problems (52 to 42 percent).

Romney is more competitive in another area, as well – international affairs. Even though likely voters by 2-1 picked Obama as the winner of Monday’s debate on foreign policy, comfort with Romney on the issue nonetheless has progressed. He runs essentially evenly with Obama in trust to handle international affairs, 48-47 percent, Obama-Romney; they were about this close on Monday, but it was +7 for Obama in mid-October and +8 in early September

In other results, Obama has a 49 percent job approval rating among likely voters – it’s been 49 or 50 percent steadily since mid-October – but more “strongly” disapprove than strongly approve, 41 percent vs. 30 percent – an intensity gap that may work against him.

And we also have this from Pew, via NewsMax:

Pew: GOP Enthusiasm for Presidential Race at All-Time High

By Todd Beamon | Wednesday, 24 Oct 2012

Republicans are growing more positive about the presidential campaign, posting the highest showing so far this year in the latest poll by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

The findings represent a huge change from just after the party conventions in September, when Democratic enthusiasm was stronger, Pew said.

In the latest poll – of 1,005 people conducted Oct. 18-21 – Pew found that 73 percent of Republicans said the campaign is interesting, up 23 points since early September…

That means an increase of 23% in Republican enthusiasm in less than one month.

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