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WP/ABC Poll: Romney And Obama Tied At 49%

From the Washington Post:

WaPo-ABC track: All tied up at 49 percent

by Jon Cohen, Peyton M. Craighill and Scott Clement | Mon October 29, 2012

After days of small ticks up and down, the Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll starts its second week with a tied contest: 49 percent of likely voters support President Obama and exactly the same number back Republican Mitt Romney

In this polls they oversampled Democrats by 7%. (Dem/Rep/Ind = 35/28/34%.)

In fact, the WP/ABC has gone from oversampling Democrats by 4% last week to oversampling them 7% today. At this rate, they will be oversampling Democrats by 12% come election day.

For the record, Gallup and Rasmussen are projecting Republicans to turn out November 6th at a 1 or 2% higher rate than Democrats.

By 2 to 1, more independents say they are not as well off as they were when Obama became president than say they are now in better shape financially (36 to 18 percent)…

Which is pretty significant, given the importance attached to Independents.

The current contest appears to be just as knotted up across eight hotly contested swing states in interviewing over the past 11 days. In aggregated data across the national tracking poll with likely voters in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin, it is a nearly identical 49 percent for Obama and 48 percent for Romney…

In other words, the swing state polls are just like the national polls. Which is good news for Romney.

At the national level, the race has been tightly competitive from the outset in Post-ABC polling of likely voters, with both Obama and Romney almost always hovering within a narrow band of 47 and 50 percent support.

The two presidential candidates are also nearly tied in the new tracking poll on the question of which one voters trust to handle the economy — 49 percent say Romney, 47 percent Obama…

Which is more good news, since it is only recently that Romney has scored over Obama on handling the economy.

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7 Responses to “WP/ABC Poll: Romney And Obama Tied At 49%”

  1. River0 says:

    This is really ideal. We need and want delusional Demonicrats to experience total rejection, massive failure, and defeat.

    If they think they’re winning – up until the last minute – the shock from the collapse of their immoral, malicious, and bankrupt ideas will have greatest impact.

    Whoever loses this election will be in the wilderness for a very long time. I predict a decisive Romney victory.

    However, if Demonicrat corruption causes this to be another close election, as it was in 2000, our nation will be torn apart.

    • JohnMG says:

      I have this ache inside and there is only one thing that will salve my soul at this juncture. I want Romney to win a crushing victory and put an end to this four-year nightmare called Barack Obama.

      I want Obama gone–never to be heard from again. I want him defeated at the polls so convincingly that the public’s scorn of him is irrefutable. I wish never to hear his voice again, and if I was never to see him or his visage again before passing from this life it would make for a pleasant conclusion.

      But I save my greatest scorn for the whole of the media. Their complicity in this debacle is far worse than one liar plying his stock-in-trade. They have damaged this country far in excess of what one very accomplished liar could hope to achieve. They have multiplied Obama’s offenses by running interference for him. May they disappear into the fog of insignificance.

      To Obama and his minions in the media I would apply this adage: Some people are born great…..some people achieve greatness…..and some people just grate on your nerves!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Sadly, the media will only turn the volume up to 11 and add more amplifiers as well. They will be embittered little twits whose twinkies got wet. So they will have a tantrum.

      Obama will as well, but not the way you think. Like the vile reptile he is, he will slink away to Hawaii and quietly hire people to do things to set up conspiracies to take down his detractors. Rush will be a favorite target. Not sure exactly how he’ll do it but given the F&F and now Benghazi “orchestrations” he will no doubt think himself quite clever until the money trail leads right back to him or one of his cronies.

      Like organized crime, this guy operates under aliases, hidden meanings, secret rooms and code. I’m being facetious, of course but he has a network of lackies more than willing to do jihad for him and he’s gonna step in it bigtime. Like many narcissists, he believes he is untouchable. He believes he is smarter and more clever than anyone else, not realizing that it’s him that has dogsh*t on his shoe and he’s the one tracking it all over the house, all the while wondering what that smell is.

      We have all known people like him. He is not clever. He isn’t even particularly bright. Sure, he’s crafty to a point. But not the way some excellent thriller writer is clever. He is merely mortal, with mortal failings and weaknesses which will ultimately undo him. He will ultimately self-destruct.

      It’s very possible we may see him in 2030 in a rubber room with a crayon writing “Kill Rush” and “Bush did it” on the walls.

      Or, it’s also likely that he will resurface every so many years and take credit for something that has nothing to do with him. Clinton does that now. Carter, not so much. Carter is like a dandelion that keeps popping up in the lawn every year.

      Of course, when Obama is un-elected, the media will sing their chorus of racist America. And once again the conservatives may feel obligated to go on the defensive. For me, I say, “Fine…call me a racist. It’s not true, but you seem to be the ones all wrapped around the axle about it, not me”.

      But the media will squeal and squeal after November 6th and they won’t shut up, ever. That will do them in, of course because what few Americans who still watch them will also shut them out. They will wonder where their mojo went but it’ll be a case of “We’re just not that into you anymore”.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    I believe those poll numbers mean Romney is ahead by 11 points

  3. artboyusa says:

    Well, I voted a couple of weeks ago and it was kind of a strange feeling because for the first time in years I was voting for someone, not just voting against his opponent (I was always a lot more anti-Gore and anti-Kerry than I was ever pro-Bush). I was very anti-Romney during the primaries but he’s impressed me since. It took courage to go and face that NAACP crowd, it took brains and skill and self-control to take down Obama during the debates.Romney ‘s grown over the last few months, he’s got better, he’s learned from his mistakes (unlike a certain Indo-Kenyan-Hawaiian-Chicagoan I could mention) and I think he’ll do an excellent job as our president. And he’s a decent, honest, goodhearted man (unlike a certain Indo-Kenyan-Hawaiian-Chicagoan I could mention). I’m proud I voted for Romney and proud to have done a little bit toward saving our country. See you at the Victory Party!

  4. River0 says:

    Very well said, JohnMG. But your last sentence, “…grate on your nerves” doesn’t seem quite strong enough to me, with all due respect. I would say, “Some people harbor the spirit of the Anti-Christ, a profound and evil emptiness of heart.”

  5. Right of the People says:

    Obi-I-Won is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. During the debates by the halfway point I took to muting the sound when he was blathering, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

    When he loses by a landslide of Reaganesque proportions the left’s little heads will explode and there will be screams of racism and cheating from the lame stream media and I’ll just sit back and laugh.

    I can see him years from now writing his fifth or maybe sixth autobiography but this time without a ghostwriter. It will be entitled: Uh h and be at the third grade reading level with lots of pretty pictures.

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