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Wright On Cindy Sheehan, Joe Wilson, Et Al

From the three year anniversary edition of 9/11 (September 11, 2005) of Trinity’s Trumpet newsletter (pdf file): 

Why Bush Ducked Cindy Sheehan!

While I had time to reflect during the last week of August, I wondered if the month would end without George Bush having had the common decency to meet with Cindy Sheehan and answer the basic question she was asking. All of the media attention that kept being given to “Camp Casey” kept the public’s attention away from what the real issues were. The real issues had nothing to do with what the media was talking about.

The media kept focusing in on the hundreds and thousands of persons who joined in with Cindy Sheehan in trying to find out what “noble cause” her son, Casey, died for. Cindy’s protest outside of George Bush’s Crawford, Texas, home mushroomed into a demonstration of hundreds of thousands as more than 1,627 solidarity vigils were held throughout the country.

The demonstrations and the solidarity vigils were not the real issues, however. The real issues were as follows: Why didn’t George Bush simply sit down with Cindy Sheehan and answer her questions? Cindy said her main question was and still is, “What noble cause did my son die for?”

Mr. Bush could not answer that question, however, because there is no answer that would not cause even more embarrassment than the public attention which she drew. There was no noble cause that Cindy’s son died fighting for. Mr. Bush knows that. Mr. Bush also knows what the real goals of the war in Iraq were. Those goals were laid out in Paul Wolfowitz’s study draft, Pentagon Defense Planning Guide, in 1992.

Those goals were also played out in the neoconservative manifest of “The Project For A New American Century: Rebuilding American Defenses” in September 2000.

Long before 9/11/01, the “neocons” in this country proclaimed that the United States should exercise its role as the world’s only superpower by insuring access to the massive Middle East petroleum reserves. To accomplish that goal, the “neocons” said that the United States would need to invade Iraq and establish permanent military bases there! If Mr. Bush were to sit down and talk with Cindy Sheehan he would have to say to her that her son died to further that agenda. Her son died to help spread United States hegemony throughout the Middle East. George Bush could not possibly do that, however, without facing immediate impeachment.

Instead of telling the truth, what Mr. Bush has done was to justify the war in Iraq by first saying that it was to find and destroy weapons of mass destruction and avoid seeing a “mushroom cloud” in the sky over America (a big crock!).

In spite of the weapons inspectors’ warnings that Iraq had no such weapons, Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, Mr. Rumsfield, Mr. Bolton, Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice lied about chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Mr. Bush even used the “smoking gun” claim in his State of the Union Address (I should say “Siege of the Nation Address”).

Mr. Bush stated publicly that Iraq sought to purchase uranium from Niger. That was also a lie (another crock!) because people like Ambassador Joe Wilson who had traveled to Niger to investigate that allegation had reported back to Vice President Cheney that it never happened.

To pay Mr. Wilson back for his betrayal of the neocon agenda, somebody in the Bush club “outed” Mr. Wilson’s wife as a covert CIA operative, thereby putting her life and his in mortal danger.

The National Security Council did not think Iraq was a threat to international peace. The United Nations Security Council held firm – in spite of Mr. Bush’s badgering and threats. They refused to sanction the war in Iraq.

Mr. Bush cannot say to Cindy Sheehan that he thumbed his nose at the United Nations and invaded anyhow! His “coalition forces” took over another people’s country. They combed Iraq looking for those weapons of mass destruction; but they were nowhere to be found – just as the weapons inspectors said! Faced with the need to explain to the American public why over 1800 of our youth are dead in Iraq, Mr. Bush changed the subject from looking for weapons of mass destruction to “saving the Iraqis from Saddam’s torture chambers.”

The pictures coming out of AbuGhraib Prison, however, showed images of United States military personnel torturing Iraqis. Mr. Bush had to stop talking about Saddam Hussein’s torture then.

To further try to justify his illegal war based on a pack of lies where the Downing Street Memos stated that the so-called “evidence” was being fixed, shaped, cooked or tampered with “to fit the policy,” Mr. Bush then said we were “bringing democracy to the Iraqi people.” The facts say something other than that, however.

The August 15th deadline for Iraqis to agree on a new constitution came and went. The infighting between the Shia, the Sunnis and the Kurds over federalism caused the Bush Administration to finally admit that, “We will have some form of Islamic Republic.” What happened to the “democratic” Iraq he talked about?

Mr. Bush cannot tell Cindy Sheehan that 1100 Iraqi civilians were brought into the Baghdad morgue in the month of July. The medical journal, The Lancet, concluded in October of last year that at least 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died in the first 18 months of Bush’s invasion of Iraq. Mr. Bush can’t talk to Cindy Sheehan. He couldn’t talk to her in August because she would have demanded that we withdraw from Iraq now.

Do you want to know why Mr. Bush has no intention of pulling out of Iraq any time soon? It is because the United States is building the largest CIA station in the world in Baghdad. It is also because Halliburton (Mr. Cheney’s company) is busily constructing 1400 US military bases in Iraq. As stated above, those plans were laid out in 1992 and in 2000 (long before 9/11/01).

There is no noble cause for Cindy Sheehan’s son to have died. There is only greed, there is only a grab for money and for oil and there is only “business as usual” on the agenda.

This is an unsigned “editorial,” but it appears on the Pastor’s Page and does not seem to have been lifted from another source without credit. (As Mr. Wright is sometimes wont to do.)

It is almost certainly from the Reverend Doctor’s learned hand. Indeed, it bears all of this signature tropes.

Can you even count the number of blatant and dangerous lies in this single screed? Isn’t there something in the Ten Commandments about bearing false witness?

But that seems to be Mr. Wright’s goal in practically every page of the Trumpet and many (if not most) of his so-called sermons.

It would seem that Mr. Wright and his ilk (Ms. Sheehan, Mr. Plame, et al) intend to corrupt the public language to such an extent that there is no chance for reasoned debate.

He is a well-poisoner.

But of course the $64,000 question is how much of Mr. Obama’s mind has he poisoned?

Unfortunately, one suspects Mr. Wright’s “spiritual protégé” believes every word of this disgusting screed.

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