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Wright: Media Ignored Tsunami Blacks

From the January 30, 2005 edition (pdf file) of Trinity Church’s newsletter, The Trumpet:

Tsunami Relief

Although the news media has focused primarily on Southeast Asia as the primary target of the tsunami which hit the day after Christmas 2004, East Africa and South Africa were also hit in a very bad way! In Somalia, the death toll was over 40,000 in the last news item I read. (A news item, incidentally, in an independent media and not the corporate controlled media that only focuses on what big business and its owners say it can focus on.)

The effects of the tsunami caused the loss of life and property as far south as South Africa (off the Indian ocean). Have you seen any news articles or television specials covering that part of the black world?

Even in the face of such an overwhelming human tragedy, racism still rears its ugly head. Why no coverage of Somalia? Why no pictures of the devastation there? Why just the luxury Islands of Phulet and Phi Phi? Black Africans were wiped out just as instantly as Asians in Thailand and Indonesia, but black African deaths are not newsworthy. Otherwise, we would be kept abreast of the black African deaths caused by the genocide in Darfur and Sudan.

The massacres and the genocide in Rwanda would not have happened had the media kept the images before the world; but I digress. Below is information from our denomination as to how you can help bring relief to those families who were hit by the tsunami.

Pastor Jeremiah A Wright, Jr.

According to the casualty reports as presented by Wikipedia, Mr. Wright’s information about the death toll in Somalia “surpassing 40,000” was slightly inaccurate:


Indeed, according to Wikipedia the four (black) African countries affected by the 2004 Tsunami — Somalia, Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya — had a grand total of 91 confirmed deaths.

(And don’t tell the Reverend Wright, but some of those numbers may have actually been white people!)

Granted every life is sacred. But complaining about the lack of attention paid to fewer than a hundred lost lives when we are talking numbers approaching two hundred thousand sounds like the ravings of a madman.

A racist madman.

But we were beginning to suspect something along those lines already.

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