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Good Ways To Write Troops Serving Overseas

Several members here have asked for information regarding how to write to men and women in the military, to express their support.

As I mentioned, I have been in email contact with personnel from Centcom, and they have kindly suggested the America Supports You site as a good resource:

Letters and Messages

4 The Troops
A Million Thanks
Give 2 The Troops
Letters From Home
Marine Parents
My Soldier
Operation Dear Abby
Send a Message to Our Soldiers
Soldiers Angels
Support Our Soldiers America, Inc.
The Freedom Fund
Voices from Home Foundation

This great site provides a number of ways you can help support our troops. There are many categories.

I posted the list for Letters And Messages, since that is what people were asking about. But I encourage everyone to visit the America Supports You site and check out all the other options.

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