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WSJ Lists Newt’s Pre-1994 Bi-Partisan Sins

From Wall Street Journal:

Gingrich, Before the Revolution

Republican Presidential Candidate Built a Record of Bipartisanship Pre-1994

December 15, 2011

Newt Gingrich built a reputation for playing partisan hardball during his quest to bring Republicans a House majority. But before the 1994 Republican Revolution, the future House speaker teamed with some of the most prominent Democrats of his time to build a legislative record that carried a bipartisan cast.

Before the 1994 Republican Revolution, Newt Gingrich teamed with Democratics [sic] to back the Endangered Species Act and American Heritage Trust Act.

He teamed with Democrats to back amendments to the Endangered Species Act. He co-sponsored then-Rep. Patricia Schroeder’s Violence Against Women Act, which toughened laws against domestic violence, and he pushed for Rep. Morris Udall’s plan to spend $1 billion a year on federal land acquisitions.

Mr. Gingrich joined Rep. Charles Rangel to press for the Low Income Housing Credit Act over the objections of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Jack Kemp, a Republican. And he was one of only a handful of GOP co-sponsors for a water quality bill in 1987 that was vetoed by President Ronald Reagan as a "budget buster."

Mr. Gingrich’s record was, in part, a sign of the times: Bipartisanship was common, and Republicans—seemingly stuck in a permanent minority—had to team with Democrats to pass anything. Gingrich aides and allies say his record also points to areas where he strived for compromise, especially on the environment—positions that could help him appeal to independents should he win the GOP nomination for president

"Newt has always been improperly described as more or less a conservative ideologue, and that’s never been the case," said Vin Weber, who served with Mr. Gingrich in the House but is a senior adviser to GOP candidate Mitt Romney [sic]. "He’s certainly a right of center guy, but to pin him down ideologically is more difficult than the current campaign would have you believe."

Still, it is somewhat telling that Vin Webber, who was one of Gingrich’s closest allies in his salad days, is now working for Romney.

In 1993, Mr. Gingrich backed an extension of the Endangered Species Act, written by then-Rep. Gerry Studds of Massachusetts. It would have protected species that may become endangered in the future and offered private landowners incentives to help preserve species

In 1989, Mr. Gingrich backed the American Heritage Trust Act, sponsored by Mr. Udall, which would have slowly built up a $30 billion trust whose interest would be used for federal land acquisition. Republicans that May stormed out of a committee session to draft the bill after their amendments were rejected en masse.

That same year, Mr. Gingrich signed on to the Stratospheric Ozone Protection Act, joining Sen. Al Gore on an effort to control ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons. President George H.W. Bush would later mock Mr. Gore as "Ozone Man."

What is really ironic is that the Democrat media complex news media will use this history of ‘reaching across the aisle’ against Mr. Gingrich. Even though they claim to be huge fans of bipartisanship

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4 Responses to “WSJ Lists Newt’s Pre-1994 Bi-Partisan Sins”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    What’s also noteworthy is that the WSJ neglects to inform the reader, assumedly of the “conservative persuasion” that the legislation Gingrich agreed to, albeit not popular with conservatives, was probably due to agreements for other, more meaningful legislation on matters of greater importance. I have not the talent to go over his voting record to discern what that legislation might have been, but I’m pretty sure Newt had to make deals, as is indicated in the article.

    Mr. Gingrich’s record was, in part, a sign of the times: Bipartisanship was common, and Republicans—seemingly stuck in a permanent minority—had to team with Democrats to pass anything.

    Yes, in order to get a cookie for afters, he had to “eat his peas”. Yes, the ozone legislation was pure BS. I’m also sure it helped an otherwise struggling company or two that had friends in high places to find their financial feet by banning CFC’s, which by the way, was a scam on the order of AGW…but which gives AGW proponents hope because they were so successful at single-handedly almost ruining the HVAC industry.

    Newt has warts. Romney has warts. Reagan had ’em. Every president in the history of this nation had ’em. Jefferson, Washington….ALL OF THEM.

    But compared to affirmative-action boy, ANY of the current republican candidates are a far better choice than him. His Marixsm is now completely out of the closet and yet, the media, democrat under-the-bridge trolls that they are, fail to note it so they are therefore complicit in the desire to make this nation a communist utopia. Sadly, they think that history began 5 minutes ago or that the reason communism didn’t work is because the wrong people were doing it.

    One thing is certain. Romeny, Gingrich, Bachmann, Paul, Huntsman, etc are NOT Marxist/socialist/communists.

    So, WSJ…take your “Gingrich Report” and stuff it up your a–!

  2. canary says:

    Mitt better rush to tell the country of his global environmental regulations as Governor, because now Newt has a chance for Democrat’s votes. Where were they when California crops died to protect an overpopulated infestation of tiny minnows.

    Human’s are at the top of the food chain. We are suppose to kill bugs to keep them from eating our homes, otherwise we will be living in Tee Pees and transiting. OM. WSO will run the world.

    Massachusetts Tea Party scrubbed Mitt’s Agenda 21 support from their web site after he announced running.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I heard Newt was on board with A-21 too but backed out with the Environut agenda imploding. Newt’s been much more conceding on the AGW issue than Mitt even though Mitt is the one with the extensive policy record while Newt was more in the activist role.

      This all misses the point though. Mitt can make effective adds rippping the on the couch with Pelosi boondoggle and remain credible in the process. It just goes to show that you don’t win anything in politics playing defense, as much as I and others respect the Newt campaign for not stooping to that level where he’ll intentionally and hypocritically distort the record of others

    • canary says:

      yes you sum it up. I have listened to Newt and can’t recall his take on Libya, while Perry who didn’t have a teleprompter and came up off hand with only ridding us of the Dept of Education & the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Both have got to go, and Republican’s past involvement shouldn’t be an issue.
      It’s the now and the future. And Mitt’s joke about not going so far as the GM Volt scares me.

      Speaking of GMC (aka GM) new song on their truck commercials.
      They are using the 12 Days of Christmas tune
      with their own lyrics claiming they are making the EPA happy with more of a reality of 17/21 mpg on their trucks. This does not help the EPA’s aim of 43 mpg average of all autos.

      The EPA moved the deadline up on this regulation and GM whom we are paying out of our pockets has
      not come up with a better mpg on their trucks nor brought the smaller trucks that got poor mileage.
      And since non of the auto-makers have, I think it’s intentional and if the EPA generation continues
      people buying now may see huge taxes and end up with Hummers. It’s scary.

      Mitt was a major supporter of Obama’s massive transient high speed trains and “ride bicycles” (his volt exception really hit a nerve. Where does he stand now as it’s an Obama failure here focusing on Chicago and Michigan, and not doing well in China presently.

      It is the 21st Century and I think all candidates should get a list of questions and answer them. As once again Ron Paul brags of his fund raising as if that makes the winner.

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