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Yahoo!: Protests Against Illegals Fueled By Paranoid Lies

A truly hilarious example of media propaganda, courtesy of Yahoo News:

Rumors swirl around migrant kids, fueling local backlash

From Ebola to MS-13, some stoke fears about unaccompanied minors

By Liz Goodwin | July 17, 2014

LAWTON, Okla — … Towns in Texas, Virginia, California, Illinois and other states have put up obstacles in the federal government’s way, saying they don’t want shelters for the children built there. Some of the locals are raising reasonable concerns about their town or city’s capability to care for the kids and whether allowing them to stay and face trial in the country will encourage more illegal immigration. But other concerns are merely dressed-up conspiracy theories and old-fashioned xenophobia.

Paranoia—especially when it comes to outsiders and foreigners—has a storied history in American politics on both the right and left, and elected officials have been exploiting that to get votes or further their own policy agendas for hundreds of years…

These rumors—that the kids carry dangerous diseases, or are secret agents for drug cartels, or will quickly be given citizenship en masse by Obama—have contributed to hostility against a vulnerable group of young people fleeing violence in their home countries.

You see? It’s just rumors that some of these kids have diseases. Or that they are drug runners for the drug cartels. Or that they will be granted amnesty. (Of course, the diseases and the violence and poverty and cartels they are fleeing are not rumors. But they will all be wiped away when these people cross our border.)

Earlier this week, an empty Army Reserve warehouse that was being considered for a children’s shelter in Maryland was spray-painted by an anonymous malcontent, “NO ILLEAGLES [sic] HERE. NO UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRATS.” …

Misspelled graffiti! What ignorance from that "malcontent." Thank goodness all of these illegal alien kids are much better at their graffiti.

There’s plenty of legitimate concerns about the flood of children from Central America showing up without parents at the southern border… But some of the most often voiced concerns about the migrant children are false, even as they’ve managed to substantially affect the political debate around their fate.

For example, one widely repeated claim is that many of the children are carrying deadly communicable diseases. Some politicians who have seized on this rumor are pushing for faster deportations of not only these children but also other immigrants who have been residing in the United States for a long time without authorization…

But [the] fears stirred up … appear to be unwarranted. Ebola does not exist in Latin America, dengue is spread by mosquito bite and not by people, and swine flu strains are now included in the common flu shot. Migrants are screened for tuberculosis, according to Human Health and Services (HHS) spokesman Kenneth Wolfe, and can be treated and quarantined if they have it. They are also given any vaccinations they haven’t received already.

You see? Drug resistant TB is not a problem. Liz Goodwin has assured us.

Border Patrol agents, most quoted anonymously, are often the source of rumors about the flood of migrant children, according to Frank Sharry, founder of the immigration advocacy group America’s Voice…

A clearly unbiased source.

[T]he conservative web site Townhall quoted an anonymous Border Patrol agent saying that some of the detained children appeared to have been involved with the El Salvadoran gang MS-13. Rep. Rich Nugent of Florida said earlier this week that “a lot” of the children are “gang members,” without citing any source for that claim. In fact, many children are fleeing Central American countries because gangs have wrested control of society, and force young boys to either join or die.

In other words, some are gang members. But they were forced to join. (By the way, Townhall is ‘conservative.’ But America’s Voice is an advocacy group.)

As to Fitch’s concern that the children could be placed with gang members in the United States while they await their immigration hearing, HHS says children will only be placed with a sponsor who passes a background check.

Oh, our sides. How do you determine if an ‘undocumented’ ‘sponsor’ who is living illegally in the US is a gang member or not?

Some see these rumors as a way to stir up fears against a vulnerable population of children—a group that normally would evoke sympathy, not terror. Painting them as tiny disease-ridden gangbangers makes it easier to support the position that they should be immediately deported en masse, instead of given a chance to argue for asylum or other legal protections at their court hearings…

“This kind of rhetoric really dehumanizes the children coming over the border,” said Marilyn Mayo, co-director of the Center on Extremism at the Anti-Defamation League [sic]. “The fear mongering has just gotten more and more intense.” …

Another unbiased authority heard from. Well, we are relieved that Yahoo has proved to us that we have nothing to worry about from all of these illegal aliens. And it must be true.

Because if illegal aliens brought diseases and gangs and drugs and violence along with them, we would see those problems in our current illegal alien population. And we have never seen one smidgen of any of those things in the Hispanic community.

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, July 17th, 2014. Comments are currently closed.

5 Responses to “Yahoo!: Protests Against Illegals Fueled By Paranoid Lies”

  1. mr_bill says:

    I’ve had it with being called a paranoid xenophobe racist blah blah blah because I expect people to follow the same laws I follow. This discussion isn’t about whether illegal alien intruders have communicable 3rd world diseases (they do) or whether they’re working for violent drug cartels (they are). We’re constantly assaulted with sob stories of how poverty, disease, and drug violence are the national pastimes in the native countries of these intruders. But when we express the smallest degree of apprehension about importing wholesale drug cartels, 3rd world diseases, and unskilled, un-educated illegal aliens, we’re immediately accused of being “paranoid.” But I digress. The discussion is whether one should be allowed to break the law and profit from it. The US has the most generous immigration laws of any nation in the world. We also have a legal process for coming here and becoming a legal resident or citizen, just like every other civilized nation in the world. My ancestors followed the law to come here and I work with people who came here legally. They also did something illegal immigrants are unwilling to do: they learned English, assimilated into American culture, and worked very hard to support themselves. They were poor (by absolute measures, not the modern standard of only having one car and not having a new 96″ 4kUHDTV), but they weren’t a burden to their new nation like these gimme gimmes streaming across the border. They’re only coming here for a handout. They didn’t come here in such large numbers before the nerobama regime started advertising “free” stuff for breaking the law.

    I invite Ms. Goodwin to prove to us that she’s not all the things she’s accusing Conservatives of being. Ms. Goodwin, put your money where your ill-informed big mouth is: go spend a night walking around the streets of Laredo, without an escort or a surgical mask. Take an un-guided tour of a detention facility and stay with the inmates for a few days. I’ll bet hard cash you’ll never do it. You’re too afraid of catching some terrible disease or being assaulted by the very people you want to send to my community. It’s okay to have those fears, because they’re reasonable and likely outcomes. What isn’t okay is for you to accuse others of being paranoid bigots, when you have the exact same reasonable concerns.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      Bravo!!! (standing and applauding)

    • yadayada says:

      also standing and applauding

    • canary says:

      Mr. Bill, I have the papers of some of my immigrant relatives and the hoops and swearing under oath of taking no financial from any government and it lists every level from town, city, state, federal, and some are the medical documentations and hoops before they could go to and upon arrival at Ellis Island.

      And the swearing under oath of children going to school til the age of 16.

      I have the documentation on my dad’s side, escaping Germany on a 6 month treck just to join the American Revolution because freedom is why they escaped Germany.

      I have so much documentation and none of it’s from ancestory.com or DNA testing.

      Think Progress are idiots and think the World Bank are doctors.

      How can the liberals say most of the children have already been vaccinated when they don’t even have identification to tell their age or who their parents are?

      And what about all the confirmed plagues you can’t get vaccinated for.

      Epidemic of Scabies and head Lice, which means head to toe repeated treatments, yet alone contanimated bedding and toys.

      And confirmed HIV and sexual transmitted disease which is only the tip of the iceberg.
      Maybe some sores and lesions by sight, but for the foremost invisable.

      Look how illegals from Mexico brought the swine flu into our country and automatically added to flu shots instead of separate.

      Think Progress idiots

      “According to the World Bank, many of these unaccompanied children have already been vaccinated.”

      Is the World Bank

      The vaccination rate in the United States hovers at 92 percent, but comparatively, 99 percent of Mexican children are vaccinated as are 93 percent of kids coming from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

      The real reason Obama won’t meet with illegal children is because he doesn’t want scabies he can get from just a handshake, or one little lice jumping on his head.

    • canary says:

      I missed my point that my great-grandfather was needed to help the US build and grow.

      It took 8 years before his wife and daughter were allowed to come to the US. That is a long separation.

      It would not have been productive for the US to allow his wife and daughter to come to America before he knew the language and could without a doubt show he could support them.

      My eyesight is really bad lately, and I’d have to dig through papers to see when my Great-grandfather
      to find see if my Great-Grandfather was sworn in as a US citizenship.

      And then on my father’s side were peasant slaves that escaped Germany and trekked 6 months to get to America only for the father and 3 sons only to sign up and serve for the Revolution. They adopted another son and named hm Christian.

      Obama considers himself, his mother and father as being more of immigrants who never lacked or did hard labor.
      And then there’s his gang banging friends and many years of drug use and hating America.

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